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Over 95% of UK shoppers have used an online discount codes at least once when shopping online, Discount sites are no secret, however 13 million Americans are currently missing out on savings via discount codes because they couldn’t find a valid offer.

The perception of discount sites has been heavily affected by brands that still provide expired deals or discount code that simply don’t work.

Hey Discount was created as a more transparent way for online shoppers to use discount codes. Simply we provide access to both exclusive discount codes & the latest deals making it clear to the shopper exactly what they are accessing.

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Our Story

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Hey Discount was originally acquired by a small group of friends, who due to their busy lifestyles do most of their shopping online. Like much of the general public the group had discussed their growing frustration with accessing discount codes that had either expired or just don’t work. With more than 10 years’ experience in affiliate marketing they saw an opportunity to change the way in which discount sites connect shoppers with their partners.

With a head office in Sheffield (UK), the team has expanded with team members based around different parts of the globe. With modern technology we are able to connect easier than ever before & at Hey Discount we believe in working with people with the right skill set rather than a convenient location.

Our Work Life Balance Ethos

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Increased working hours & high pressure working environments are having a damaging effect on the populations well-being. We believe in contributing towards a more healthy work-life balance for all our team.

How we do this:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices
  • Promote a culture of working smart
  • Encourage activities which promote good mental health
  • Ensure roles are manageable within the time frame for which they are contracted
  • Using modern technology to streamline tasks & remove staff members from repetitive manual processes