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Fit-Fluencers - Social Media's Most Successful Fitness Gurus

Published on Dec 01, 2022
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Since the coronavirus pandemic, business for fitness influencers has been booming, with more people than ever before turning to social media for free workouts and fitness tips. Many influencers have become so successful, they’ve even branched out into other industries, launching their own activewear collections and ranges of nutritional supplements.  

But which fitness influencers are the most successful? 

At Hey Discount we have looked at their average earnings across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to find out! We’ve also looked at their past and current follower numbers to see which influencers have the fastest-growing audiences. 

Pamela Reif                

Influencer score: 8.99/10

Pamela Reif can be crowned the most successful fitness influencer, taking the top spot in our ranking, and scoring nearly nine out of 10. Reif ranks highly across the board, taking second place for both YouTube subscribers and earnings on the platform. She also has the largest social following and the highest average earnings per post.  

Justine Becattini            

Influencer score: 8.61/10

Up next is Justine Becattini. The French fitness influencer takes second place thanks to her high number of TikTok followers, taking second place for the factor. She also ranks in the top three for earnings per post on TikTok too. 

Cassey Ho               

Influencer score: 8.55/10

Rounding out the top three is Cassey Ho, better known online as Blogilates scoring 8.55 out of ten. She takes third place thanks to her following on both TikTok and Youtube, ranking third for both factors. Ho also earns the most per Youtube video and has the second-highest average earnings per post.  

 Pamela Reif                          

Average earnings per post: £22,142

Pamela Reif can be crowned the most successful fitness influencer with the social media star earning an average of £22,142 per post. The 26-year-old quickly built up a following on Instagram posting about her health and fitness routine in 2012 before starting a YouTube channel with her workout videos regularly clocking up to 45 million views.   

Cassey Ho                             

Average earnings per post: £21,896

Taking second place is Cassey Ho, a veteran influencer who started her career on YouTube in 2009 posting pilates videos. Since then, she’s built a business empire selling her brand of activewear and fitness accessories while earning an average of £21,896 per post.   

Kayla Itsines                        

Average earnings per post: £14,720

Up next is Kayla Itsines with the Australian personal trainer earning an average of over £14,500 per post. Itsines began her rise to internet superstardom with a series of before and after photos of her clients’ weight loss on Instagram, and after receiving widespread attention from women outside her home city of Adelaide decided to publish a series of e-books which kickstarted her business empire.

Demi Bagby                          

TikTok earnings per post: £10,907

Boasting over 14 million views on the platform, Demi Bagby is the highest-earning TikTok fitness influencer, earning an estimated £10,907 per post. Following an incident that left her paralyzed for three months, she discovered CrossFit and began posting her fitness workouts and challenges, quickly amassing a huge following of 14.4M! 

Roland Pollard                     

TikTok earnings per post: £4,772 

Up next is Roland Pollard. The ex-cheerleader skyrocketed to TikTok stardom during the pandemic thanks to videos of him and his daughter performing impressive cheerleading stunts. Thanks to his army of  6.4 million followers, Pollard earns an estimated £4,772 per post on the platform.

Justine Becattini                 

TikTok earnings per post: £3,334

Better known online as Juju Fitcats, Justine Becattini began her career on YouTube in 2017, and quickly expanded her reach to other platforms. As well as being a social media star and raking in an estimated £3,334 per TikTok post, Becattini has also published two cookbooks and regularly competes in CrossFit competitions. 

Kayla Itsines                        

Instagram earnings per post: £38,241

Taking first place is Kayla Itsines, earning a whopping £38,241 per post on Instagram. Since writing her smash-hit ebooks teaching women workouts and nutrition, the personal trainer and author has launched her own app, which she sold last year for a reported £233 million.  

Michelle Lewin                    

Instagram earnings per post: £37,801

Up next is the Venezuelan fitness model and bodybuilder Michelle Lewin. Growing up in extreme poverty, Lewin first saw the inside of a gym at the age of 17 and discovered her niche in bodybuilding and fitness modelling. Since then she has built an army of nearly 15 million fans on Instagram, earning an estimated £37,801 per post.  

Jen Selter                             

Instagram earnings per post: £33,887

Jen Selter takes third place for Instagram earnings, raking in over £33,000 per post! She

has racked up over 13.5 million followers on her personal account since starting her career on the platform in 2012 and also branched out into business, even creating her own line of protein bars.

Raul Diaz                              

YouTube earnings per video: £314,636

Taking the top spot for YouTube earnings is Raul Diaz. The cheerleading coach hailing from Dallas, Texas first blew up on TikTok posting comedy skits and stunts from his cheerleading gym before starting a YouTube channel which currently has over 2 million subscribers. He earns a whopping £314,636 per video.    

Cassey Ho                             

YouTube earnings per video: £151,491

Cassey Ho takes second place for YouTube earnings, raking in more than £151,000 per video. She first came to the attention of the fitness world with her YouTube videos choreographing classical pilates moves to top 40 hits and today has an audience of 7.49 million subscribers. 

Jesse James West               

YouTube earnings per video: £88,585

Up next is Jesse James West, with the 22-year-old YouTube star gaining popularity by posting his workout routines on the platform, amassing a current audience of nearly 2 million subscribers. He earns an estimated £88,585 per video and rakes in the cash from his own fitness clothing and accessory lines too! 

The Fitness Influencers With The Biggest Social Following

Pamela Reif                          

Total Followers: 18,945,600

Pamela Reif has the highest total follower count, reaching nearly 19 million across the three platforms we looked at. The 26-year-old quickly built up a following on Instagram posting about her health and fitness routine before starting a YouTube channel with her workout videos regularly clocking up to 45 million views.   

Demi Bagby                          

Total Followers: 17,512,000

Taking second place is TikTok sensation Demi Bagby, with more than 14 million followers on the platform alone. The 21-year-old CrossFit athlete posts content on sports ranging from golf and surfing to skateboarding and gymnastics to her army of more than 17.5 million fans across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.    

Jen Selter                            

Total Followers: 15,954,300

Taking third place is Jen Selter with a combined total of more than 15.9 million followers. Selter began her career on Instagram after seeking encouragement from the platform for her own fitness journey but she quickly found a niche inspiring others to achieve their own goals by providing fitness routines and nutritional advice.   


The Fitness Influencers Growing In Popularity The Most

Steve Prince                                    

9507% Increase 2019-2022

Taking the top spot as the fastest-growing fitness influencer on Instagram is Steve Prince. The social media star skyrocketed to fame on TikTok in 2019 before establishing his presence on other platforms, increasing his Instagram following by more than 9500% over the last two years.  

Heather Robertson                        

2717% Increase 2019-2022

Up next is Heather Robertson, the internationally recognised health and wellness coach, fitness model and influencer. Over the last two years, her Instagram following has increased by more than 2700% thanks to her laid-back approach which aims to switch your mindset to seeing healthy living and exercise as a reward, not a burden.     

Jesse James West                           

2498% Increase 2019-2022

Taking third place as the fastest-growing fitness influencer is Jesse James West, skyrocketing his follower count by over 2300% since 2019. The 21-year-old from New Jersey blew up on TikTok in 2020 which catapulted him into the world of fitness influencing and he currently has an audience of nearly three million followers. 


Beginning with list articles of the top fitness influencers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, we collected their estimated earnings per post on each platform before taking an average across all three. We also looked at the increase in Instagram followers between 2019 and 2022 according to SocialBlade

Instagram earnings: the amount earned per post according to InfluencerMarketingHub.

TikTok earnings: the amount earned per post according to InfluencerMarketingHub.

Average Earning per YouTube video: the annual earning of each YouTube channel divided by the average number of videos published each year according to SocialBlade.  


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