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Published on Dec 07, 2023
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When designing the perfect interior for your home, or any other building, purchasing the best materials and pieces of furniture is vitally important. From sofas, tables and rugs, to wallpaper, paint and light features. There is a multitude of materials and products you can purchase to create your perfect interior. 

But where is the best place to purchase these homeware and interior items? By studying the popularity of some of the leading homeware brands and retailers, the most popular amongst customers has been revealed. The online interest across social media and searches for over 60 of the best known and relevant homeware brands was analysed by Hey Discount to create an overall score out of ten for each one. 

Top homeware and interior stores

1 - Ikea, overall homeware shop score of 9.18/10:

Swedish furniture giant Ikea was the joint most popular homeware shop. Despite being based in the Netherlands these days, Ikea is known for its simple Scandinavian styled flat-pack furniture. Ikea’s scores were more erratic. For instance, ‘#ikea’ has the most posts on Instagram (over 13 million), however, the Ikea Instagram page only has 1.1 million followers (the 14th most). 

1 - Zara Home, overall homeware shop score of 9.18/10:

The other joint highest-ranked homeware brand is Zara Home, a particular favourite of Instagram users. There are 7.4 million people following this brand's account, which is the highest on the list by almost 2 million. It also had over 800,000 posts on the picture-sharing site. On the other hand, it failed to rank in the top ten for the number of Twitter followers.

3 - Next, overall homeware shop score of 8.94/10:

British retail giant Next is the third-best performing homeware store with an overall score of 8.94. They are incredibly consistent as Next ranks in the top ten for every category other than google searches. 

Top scoring homeware companies for every category

Instagram Followers

1 - Zara Home, 7.4 million Instagram followers:

2 - H&M Home, 5.7 million Instagram followers:

3 - Anthropologie, 4.4 million Instagram followers:

Zara Home was the most followed homeware brand on Instagram, the 7.4 million followers are almost 10 times the average amount of 797,189. H&M Home placed second with 5.7 million followers, and Anthropologie was third with 4.4 million. 

Instagram Posts 

1 - Ikea, 13.04 million Instagram posts:

2 - Next, 5.61 million Instagram posts:

3 - Muji, 1.78 million Instagram posts:

By far the most posts on Instagram about a homeware brand were related to Ikea, there were over 13 million posts, over 7 million more than the second-highest. This was Next with 5.61 million followers, then there was another big drop to the 1.78 million posts about Muji.

Twitter Followers

1 - H&M Home, 8 million Twitter followers:

2 - Urban Outfitters Home, 923 thousand Twitter followers:

3 - Muki, 763 thousand Twitter followers:

There is a gigantic gap between first place and the rest when it comes to the number of Twitter followers, H&M Home had almost 7 million more than second-placed Urban Outfitters Home. However, it must be taken into account that H&M Home does not have its own specific Twitter page, it is incorporated into the large page for the whole brand.

Facebook Likes

1 - Ikea, 31.53 million Facebook likes:

2 - Wayfair, 7.9 million Facebook likes:

3 - Primark Homeware, 6.60 million Facebook likes:

Ikea also rules the rankings when it comes to the number of likes on Facebook, it is the only brand on the list to have an eight-figure total and surpassed its next nearest competitor by well over 20 million. Wayfair and Primark Home came in second and third places respectively, and the average number of likes was 1.2 million. 

Annual Google Searches

1 - Ikea, 732 million annual Google searches:

2 - Wayfair, 105 million annual Google searches:

3 - Maisons du Monde, 64 million annual Google searches

Yet another win for Ikea, there were almost three-quarters of a billion searches for the furniture giant on Google in the last year. Wayfair was the only other to have over 100 million searches, and Maisons du Monde ranked third with 64 million searches. 


  • A list of around 120 brands was compiled from various articles, this was whittled down throughout the data collection process as many didn’t have complete data. This left us with a final total of 69 ranking companies. 
  • Instagram followers were found on the Instagram page of each company.
  • Number of posts was found by searching the hashtag for each brand on Instagram.
  • Number of Twitter followers was found on the Twitter page for each brand (for some instances where a brand had separate pages for different countries, we took the one with the most followers). 
  • Facebook likes were found on the Facebook page for each brand. 
  • Google Keyword planner was used to find the total number of searches across the globe for each brand in the last year. 
  • Finally, each brand was given a normalised score out of ten for each factor, before an average of each of these scores was taken.

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