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10 Gift for A Photographer in the Making

10 Gift for A Photographer in the Making
Published on Aug 04, 2022
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If you happen to have a budding photographer in your friends or family circle then they will know first hand that it can be an extremely expensive hobby or profession to get into! 

The kit a beginner photographer will require to get started is pretty substantial. With elements that some of us may have never even considered a photographer would need! 

In light of this, any photographer will value a gift that contributes to their passion. Follow our guide to see our top 10 gift ideas for the photographer in your life. 

A New Camera

Starting off with a gift that would be at the top of any photographer's wish list, is a new camera from Canon, for example! This sort of gift is also most probably at the top of the price bracket when it comes to gifts for a photographer, so it’s important to consider this when searching for a camera to buy them. 


Their skill level will probably determine what sort of camera to buy them, so this is the sort of gift we advise discussing with the receiver before making the purchase. They may be after an upgrade on their current camera, or if they really are just starting out, and use their mobile as their camera, a beginner's camera, that’s relatively easy to use, would be a great place to start. 

Camera Case & Bag

A camera is most definitely precious cargo and needs to be protected whilst travelling. This makes a camera case, and even a matching bag, a super thoughtful gift for the photographer in your life. 


Cameras tend to come with a few accessories such as flash attachments and lenses, and a place to store all of these things together with the camera is a great way to keep belongings safe and easy to transport. 


If your friendly snapper already owns a large camera bag, it may be worth considering a swing bag from Amazon. These are handy bags that can store a camera and a couple of lenses, making it easy to swing over your shoulder if they are only taking a small selection of accessories for a shoot.

A Range of Lenses

Lenses, lenses, lenses! The number of lenses on the market that can be added to a camera is pretty extensive. Most regular point-and-shoot cameras probably won’t have the option of swapping out the lens, however, something like a DSLR is likely to have a variety of lenses available from stores like Camera World to be changed out. 


Different lenses allow for different perspectives to be gained from the camera, so a selection of lenses is useful for a photographer looking to extend their portfolio. Not all lenses fit all cameras, so be sure to check that you are purchasing the correct brand and size for the camera. 

Photography Lessons

Photography lessons are a fantastic gift idea for someone who is just starting out in the world of photography. Photography lessons from Buy A Gift will help anyone to build their confidence with their camera.  


A few lessons would be ideal to teach someone how to get the most out of the camera that they own, and also how to capture a variety of shots. If you know someone who has been photographing for a while but is looking to branch out into different areas of photography, a lesson or two with a photographer who specialises in certain types of photography would be a really thoughtful idea. 

Phone Accessories

If the person you’re looking to buy a gift for doesn’t yet own a camera, they most likely use their phone to take their pictures. There are so many accessories out there to help a phone photographer up their game! 


Gifts such as an attachable ring light from Wowcher can increase the quality of the lighting when taking a shot, or even a fish eye lens to broaden the types of pictures they can take, would be a great idea to help someone interested in photography see just how far they could take their hobby if they end up in a position to purchase a real camera.

A USB Memory Stick

Any photographer knows, that it can be hard to part with the shots you have taken. Especially when someone is first starting out, they are most probably taking lots and lots of pictures, and a camera can only hold so many.


A USB memory stick from Idealo would be a thoughtful gift to allow the budding photographer to transfer all their recent images over, without fear of losing them.

Cleaner for Lenses

If you’re looking for stocking fillers, lens cleaner would be a great gift for a photographer. Although most cameras come with a lens cover for when it's not in use, there is always the risk of sticky fingers wiped across the lens, or even a spot of rain spoiling the shot. 


A lens cleaner from eBay would be a handy thing to keep in their camera bag, to make sure the elements don’t ruin any shots when out and about! It’s also advisable to keep the lenses of cameras clean, to prevent any build-up affecting the longevity of the lens.

A Travel Tripod

Tripods can be a pretty bulky piece of kit, but they are certainly a necessary accessory for a photographer.


This, however, can be pretty annoying when you’re either just nipping out to take some snaps, or you’re travelling but still want their equipment. A travel tripod from a store like Jessops will allow them to travel light, but still get the professional shots they’re after!

Photo Editing Software

Good photography and photo editing software go hand in hand. Editing your images doesn’t mean what has been shot isn’t good enough, photo editing software allows a photographer to elevate the images they’ve captured. 

This software allows them to edit the lighting in their pictures, or even brush out an unwanted photobomber. The basics of editing photos can be pretty easy, but if you’re looking for something to go alongside this gift, a few lessons in the editing software sure wouldn’t go a miss! 

A Photo Printer

Nowadays, most photos stay on our phones or are kept as digital albums. For someone just starting out in photography, seeing their images printed out can bring a real sense of achievement, and pride in their work. 


Showing someone the photos you’ve taken on your laptop is fine, but something tangible to show off their work is a great way to showcase their photography journey. A photo printer from a store such as eBuyer makes this so much easier than having to go to a store to upload the photos to print and will encourage them to print them at home to cherish. 

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