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Gaming Gifts: The Top 10 Best Gifts For Gamers

Gaming Gifts: The Top 10 Best Gifts For Gamers
Published on Jul 29, 2022
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Do you have a gamer in your life who has a birthday coming up and you are feeling absolutely clueless about what to get them?! 

Someone who is gaming mad is more than likely to have every new release on pre-order, so finding them a gift may result in thinking outside the box! 

Our guide will hopefully help you find the perfect gifts for gamers - no matter what your budget.

1) A Gaming Chair

Gamers tend to spend a lot of time sitting in the same position, so comfort really is key when it comes to gaming. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck into a game but you just can’t get comfy, it can become quite distracting and affect your performance. 


For this reason, we think a gaming chair is an ideal gift for gamers. For a unique or branded gaming chair take a look at ShopTo where you can pick up something really special.  There are plenty of gaming chairs on the market, which are targeted at the different types of games people can play, so be sure to do your research on what is best suited to the gaming-mad person in your life. There are also some cool extras that come with gaming chairs, for example, drinks holders and built-in audio, that can really take the experience during a game to the next level. 

2) Headset

When it comes to gaming, it's not all about the visuals. The audio quality is also an important part of an immersive experience. By gifting the gamer in your life a headpiece you can be sure you will be giving them something they will truly appreciate, and will use every time they switch on their monitor! You can find some exceptional headsets online at places such as Turtle Beach for a bargain.


If they play online against other players, they’ll also need a microphone, which can come built into their headset. 

3) Gaming Gift Card

If your gamer already has all the latest tech, it can be difficult to know what you can purchase that they don’t already have! 


If all else fails and you are completely at a loss for a suitable gift, a gaming gift card could be the perfect option! It will allow them to pick out something they really want. Whether that’s a new game, new software or an accessory to complete their gaming setup!


Gaming Gift Cards are easy to find online and can be sent as egift cards. So if this is a last-minute gift, you can make sure it’s received almost instantly! You can pick up gaming gift cards at places such as G2A. 

4) Video Game Soundtracks

If you know a gamer who is also into music, a copy of their favourite game's soundtrack may be a great gift option. If they happen to own a record player, a vinyl copy would be appreciated by any vinyl collector and is something they can treasure. 


Alternatively, a CD copy would also be a great option, as they can keep it in their car and listen to it when they’re out and about. Or even better, you can now get soundtracks which can be downloaded from online stores such as Gamivo so they can plug and play on the go! Don’t underestimate a video game soundtrack, they are designed to enhance the player's experience and be memorable. It's definitely something they will enjoy, that they may not have even considered themselves.

5) Clothing

Clothing can always be a safe bet when it comes to gifting, so why not opt for something that matches their interests? You can start by searching for ‘gaming clothing’ of ‘gaming gear’ and you will be met with a variety of options, from funny to something a little more understated. Astro has some great gaming gear options if you are looking for something a bit different as a gift. 


If you know the person in your life loves a particular game, you may even be able to find specific merch created for the game they play! These sorts of gifts are practical, but at the same time thoughtful, and can be worn time and time again. 

6) Collectables

There is wide variety of collectables on the market for a gamer, so something they can either add to their collection, or even start their collection with is a great idea for a gift. Funkopops are a popular choice for collectables, they are licensed vinyl figurines, and there is a huge variety on offer. Have a browse online for some memorable collectables from places like Go2Games where you can pick up something special as a gift. 


They look great on display, so could be a great option for someone who has their own gaming room! You could opt to go for a collectable that is from the game they currently play, but if that’s not on offer, you can’t go wrong with something from a game they played in their childhood, as we all love a gift that sparks a bit of nostalgia and takes us back to an earlier time in our life!

7) A Phone Case

Everyone can appreciate a good phone case to help keep their phone safe when the inevitable happens and it hits the floor! 

Choosing a novelty phone case that has the logo of their favourite game or console will go down a hit. You may even know a person who spends a lot of their time on their phone, playing games, and for these sorts of gamers, a phone case with a built-in battery could also be a practical gift to help them game on the go.

8) Coffee Mug

Whether it's morning or night, you’ll most likely find a gamer drinking coffee! Whether it’s to wake them up after a long night of gaming or keep them going in the early hours, a caffeine hit could be a great gift for gamers.


So, why not buy them a novelty mug to enjoy their brew in? There’s a huge offering out there to choose from, from cups that can keep your drink warm if your hands may be busy for extended periods of time, to the downright silly, moulds of Super Mario’s face, that will brighten anyone’s day! At 365Games you can pick up an extra special mug, or an extra silly mug… depending on who you’re buying for!

9) Cushions

We’ve already mentioned how comfort is key when it comes to gaming, and if a gaming chair is a little out of your budget, or you’re just after a stocking filler, a cushion is a practical yet cool gift! 


You could opt for one that’s slightly decorative that may be in the shape of something related to the game they play, or you could even go super practical and purchase a supportive pillow they can keep on their bed if they don’t have the space for a gaming chair. If you want to pick something a little special you could look at Razor UK which has some unique and game-orientated cushions.

10) Display or Storage Cabinet

If you’re not too sure of which collectables the gamer in your life already owns, but you know that it's something they definitely have an interest in, a practical gift for a collector could be a display cabinet to keep them in. 

Collectables are precious and sometimes expensive purchases, and if there are pets or children in the home, a cabinet may be necessary to keep them safe! The cabinet will give the collector a dedicated place to store their figures, whilst keeping them free from dust and dirt that they may collect.

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