10 Must-Have Home Gym Essentials

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Published on Apr 07, 2022
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Have home workouts through lockdown got you longing for the perfect home gym? No waiting around in a gym for machines to be free, and no de-icing your car at 6am to hit the gym before work…

Throughout the pandemic, many of us had to resort to working out at home when all the gyms were closed, and a lot of us actually found that it certainly has its benefits. 

If having to go to the gym is feeling like a burden for you, or if you don't want to keep paying any costly monthly subscriptions, then you may be thinking about how you can make your own gym at home. 

With a quick scan of the internet, you can find absolutely tonnes of equipment to purchase. And if you need inspiration for your home workouts you could try FIIT at home! But with disposable cash probably not endless, it’s important to think about what you actually really need to begin with.

1) Kettlebells

3 different sized black kettlebells on wooden flooring

If you want to buy any type of free weights for your home gym, then kettlebells are the one! Check out UK Sport Imports for all your home gym equipment.

They are affordable, super versatile and can be incorporated into so many different exercises for a wide range of lower body and core workouts. 

If you buy just 1 or 2 different weights, then you can use them for squats, swings, lunges, or even for ab workouts. 

2) Resistance Bands

a young woman squatting with resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great, low-cost option to make your workout more difficult without having to purchase large stationary machines. Check out Sweatband who have a range of resistance bands to help get you on your way to a better workout.

They can be used to intensify lower body workouts by placing them just above your knees when doing squats, hip thrusts, lunges etc.

3) Dumbbells

a man adjusting the weight of his dumbbells

A couple of sets of dumbbells are one of the most important (and low-cost) additions to any home gym. 

Dumbbells are the best type of free weights to train your arms and shoulders, and so you’ll more than likely want them to be lighter than your kettlebells. You can also keep the costs down by buying additional weights to add to your dumbbells, rather than having to buy a full set in a whole range of different sizes. And don’t forget to pick up some lifting gloves from Gymshark so you can work out comfortably.

4) Foam Floor Mats

black foam floor mat tiles

Interlocking foam mats are an essential addition to any home gym, and can cost you a lot less than replacing any damaged flooring would! Check out Sport and Leisure UK where you can pick up floor mats at discount prices to protect your flooring!

They’re an important way to create a cushioned floor to protect your concrete or tiled floor from heavy weights. And they can create a soft flooring to make any core workouts much more comfortable. 

5) Medicine Ball

a man doing an abs workout with a medicine ball

Medicine balls are sometimes forgotten in a gym. But utilised properly, they can be a very versatile addition to your home workout. And they’re relatively cheap, too! Just take a look at Mirafit where you can pick up a medicine or slam ball at a bargain price.

They’re a great way to improve your core strength, balance, and work those abs. Just be really careful when you first use them, as their rubber outer layer combined with a spongey flooring could mean that they bounce higher than you may expect!

6) Skipping Rope

a woman skipping at home

If you’re sick and tired of running and endless HIIT circuits, now is the time to get back to your youth and take up skipping again!

Skipping is a brilliant cardio workout that can be really fun, and you can burn lots of calories in the process. You could work it into a full cardio workout or simply add it into a warmup. 

So if you’re looking to create your home gym, then skipping ropes are a super affordable essential item. Just make sure you clear some space and watch out for the light bulb!

7) Exercise Bench

a woman sat next to an exercise bench

A bench makes for a more comfortable and safe way to perform exercises such as chest press, dumbbell rows, hip thrusts, and much more. You can pick an exercise bench and other gym equipment at stores like Best Gym Equipment.

A bench makes a more comfortable and safe way to perform exercises such as chest press, dumbbell rows, hip thrusts, and much more. 

8) Treadmill

a man jogging on a treadmill at home

Want to get your steps in, but don’t want to head out into the rain?

A treadmill from an online store like Home Fitness Code can be a great way to not only complete your cardio and burn those calories but even just to get those all-important steps in!

9) Foam Roller

a man laid on his side using a foam roller

Recovery is just as important for your body as exercising is!

A foam roller is a very affordable piece of equipment that can be used to soothe any sore and aching muscles. 

10) A Barbell

a muscular man lifting a barbell

Last but not least, a barbell is an extremely important and versatile piece of equipment for any type of weight training.

They can be used for deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, rowing, and lots more. They may cost a little bit more money at the outset, but you’re guaranteed to get a lot of use out of one and it will last you a very long time.

And there you have it! No excuses now (unfortunately). Now that you know exactly what you need, it's time to smash that home gym! 

We do recommend that you make sure you have the right clothing for your home gym to make sure your workouts are safe and comfortable, check out The Sports Edit to get all the clothing gear you need. 

For any more help and advice guides, take a look at our other articles on our website. 


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