10 Reasons To Start Buying Meal Delivery Kits

10 Reasons To Start Buying Meal Delivery Kits
Published on Mar 05, 2022
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So, you’ve had a long day at work, there’s laundry piled up (when isn’t there?!) and the kids need their supper. You open your fridge in search of some inspiration... sometimes that inspiration is pretty hard to find! 


For any busy parent or person with a demanding job, meal delivery kits can be an absolute lifesaver. Imagine, looking through a catalogue of scrumptious recipes, picking your favourites and having all the ingredients conveniently delivered to your door. Sounds like heaven, right?


And the good news is, there are so many great companies that offer meal delivery kits! Especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, these businesses have become more popular than ever. 


And the even better news is that we even have some pretty amazing discount codes available for them all! Still need convincing? Check out our 10 reasons to start buying meal delivery kits.

They’ll Save You Bags of Time….

Young woman searching through a cardboard box of food

In a world where we feel like we have little to no spare time because of work, children, family, household chores and other commitments, sometimes the idea of cooking something healthy seems like a chore in itself.


Meal delivery kits from online providers such as Simply Cook can take some of that burden away with measured ingredients ready and waiting just to be put together.


With many meal options which only take a matter of minutes to put together, there really are no excuses and you’re guaranteed to find something for even the busiest person!

….And They’ll Save You Money, too!

We all have the best intentions of budgeting for food each month. And then we get into the office and spend a small fortune on take-out when we could have brought our own, right?  We’re all guilty of this! 


Most of us don’t have endless money, but why do we sometimes forget this when it comes to buying food? Maybe it’s habit or routine, maybe it’s boredom or feeling a little unmotivated….maybe it’s a combination of all 4! 


Meal delivery kits such as Hello Fresh are really affordable and most of them even offer discount codes with discounts off your first few boxes. It’ll also mean you stop wasting money on food that you don’t need.

You’ll Have Less Food Waste

Ok, so how many times do you go to your refrigerator or pantry and throw out food that’s out of date because you either forgot it was there or bought too much? Be honest! 


At least once a month we all do this. Throwing out rotten veg, eggs and all sorts of other things we find. But the great thing with meal kits such as Gousto is that you only ever have enough in the meal kit for that particular meal, which means no more sneaky rotting broccoli in the back of the refrigerator! 


You will save so much money by only buying the food that you actually need. Plus, it will be hugely beneficial for the environment if we can send less food waste to landfills each year.

Better Variety to Your Meals

A range of different plated food

You’d think that by walking around a supermarket you wouldn’t be short of inspiration and meal ideas. But for some of us (especially those of us with little cooking experience), we always struggle to find something new!


We stick to the same meals and same ingredients, not really venturing into broadening our palate. The joy of meal delivery kits from Mindful Chef is that the thinking is all done for you. 


We’ve all eaten out and at some point thought ‘wow, I’d love to make that at home’ but in reality, you’d have absolutely no clue where to start. With meal kits, the world of food is your oyster (literally)!

You Don’t Have to Think!

After a hectic day at work, the last thing you want to do when you get home is to have to use your brain! You simply want to rest, without having to start digging out an old cookbook and measuring ingredients and doing food prep. 


With meal kits such as Feastbox,  your recipe and prep is already done for you! All you need to do to plan for your week ahead and spend 10 minutes online picking new and exciting meals for the week.


You’ll then get them delivered to your door, all prepped and measured and ready to go. So all you need to do is pop it in the cooker, sit back relax and let your mind have a rest from your hectic day! What could be better? Ok, pour a glass of wine too, obvs.

They Can Cater to Your Dietary Needs

A chopping board covered with healthy food: salmon, nuts, oil and avocado

So many of us have food intolerances and dietary requirements that are often extremely difficult to cater for, especially whilst still trying to make meals varied and tasty!


Meal delivery kits from The Good Prep can cater to your dietary requirements. There’s so much choice and variety that caters for all gluten, wheat, dairy intolerances etc. as well as providing an abundance of choice for vegetarians and vegans alike. 


You’ll never have to stand in a supermarket again reading through the back of labels at the small print worrying whether what you have in your hand could cause you to feel unwell.

Helps With Portion Sizes

Ok, let’s all be honest and admit that on a Friday night after a long week at work you make your favourite pasta dish, sit down and eat it. When in reality, it could have probably catered for a small family. And if this isn’t you, then please share your willpower with the rest of us! 


We all know that you can eat your favourite dish even when dieting. But it’s all about moderation and portion sizes which is something a lot of us don’t always get right. 


But the good news is that your meal delivery kits like LoDough are already measured out at the perfect portion size so you can still enjoy your favourite meal without feeling way too full after (or guilty)!

They Contribute to a Balanced Diet

The majority of us know, or have heard, exactly what constitutes a ‘balanced diet’. But in reality, how many of us ensure we are getting our 5 portions of fruit and veg a day? And if you’re not a qualified nutritionist, who really knows about our salt and sugar intake? 


We try our very best. But it can at times feel like you’re losing a battle. And who has the time to read and measure every tiny ingredient to make sure they aren’t having too much salt in a day? 


One of the major bonuses with meal kits from online stores such as Planty is that someone has already done the hard work for you and every meal will list all of its nutritional information - so you can be exactly sure of what you’re eating. 

You Don’t Even Have to Leave the House


There’s not a lot worse than wandering aimlessly around your local supermarket. Add in maybe one or two bored, frustrated children and there really is absolutely nothing worse than food shopping! 

No more fighting with the kids in the middle of the store while they fill your trolley with cookies and other junk food (they may take hours to clean up their toy box but they can fill up a shopping cart quicker than a pro athlete!)


Some people do enjoy food shopping, but in reality, for most of us it’s a time-consuming chore and there are other more productive things we feel we could be doing. 


Why wouldn’t you want to sit in the comfort of your own home and order your favourite meals directly to your door? With so much choice, just a couple of clicks away!


And there we have it! Convinced now? Yup, we thought so! 


For any more money-saving tips or guides, be sure to check out our other articles on our website.

Charlotte Marshall

Charlotte Marshall

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