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15 Super Fun Easter Activities That All the Family Can Enjoy

A family of four enjoying Easter decoration activities around a table
Published on Mar 18, 2022
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The Easter holidays are just around the corner and will be here before you know it! So it’s time to start thinking about all the cool Easter activities and crafts that you can do with your kids. 

Whilst an Easter egg scavenger hunt and indulging in endless amounts of chocolate eggs are probably number one and number two on your list, there are so many other activities that you can do to mix it up this Easter holiday and make it enjoyable for both you and your children. 

We’ve put together 15 amazing ideas, and we can guarantee there are at least a few that will appeal to you and your children. So sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered!

1) An Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

All kids love to investigate, so why not mix up the traditional Easter egg hunt from simply looking in the grass for chocolate eggs, to making cards with crafty bits and pieces from Craft Stash and include clues within them as to where they can locate their next egg?

For example, simple clues such as “The Easter Bunny says go and look where we keep the mail“, or “It’s time to hop to it! I am on something you sit on” will really get your kids excited. It will make them work together and they’ll know that there’s a reward when they find each clue. 

You can set up the scavenger hunt in the house and in the garden. The kids will be super excited and feel like they’ve achieved something when they find the final prize.

A pile of chocolate cream egg brownies2) Bake Cream Egg Brownies

This one is for you, parents! Who doesn’t love a brownie or a cream egg? 

If you’re looking for a rich chocolatey treat (besides your kids' Easter eggs) why not look online for a quick and easy recipe to make your own cream egg brownies? The kids will absolutely love this scrumptious Easter treat especially if you use their favourite Cadburys treats too!

3) Bake Easter Shaped Cookies

Whilst we're talking sweet stuff, why not try baking some Easter-shaped cookies?

The kids will love getting their hands in the mix and making lots of bunnies, carrots, eggs and flower-shaped cookie delights! If your kids are budding bakers this will absolutely make their day. If you’re in a rush and want a simple solution you could order a cookie mix and have it the next day when ordering with Amazon

A family of four sat around a tablet4) Easter Quiz

If you’re looking for a really interactive activity and one which will get the kids' minds working, why not put together a little quiz?

You could even make this interactive and get all the family involved, no matter their location by setting up Zoom or Skype. You can set up teams to include all ages and pick your own topics to cater for all those ages such as school topics, family TV shows and celebrities etc.

5) Egg & Spoon Race

You can't beat a good old-fashioned egg and spoon race, what could be more appropriate at Easter time?!

All you need are spoons and either some plastic eggs from Light in the Box, hard-boiled eggs, or chocolate eggs and somewhere to run to for your finish line! It’s a simple but fun activity that both kids and adults can do together.

Four children enjoying a sack race6) Bunny Hop Sack Races

If your kids like a little competition and need to expend a little bit of energy, an ‘Easter Bunny hop race’ could be great fun. 

All you need is a burlap sack, or if you don’t have one of these to hand, maybe use an old pillowcase or an old duvet cover. To get them into the bunny spirit you could deck out the sack with a little bunny tail!

7) Design Your Own Easter Bonnet

Kids love to get crafty so Easter is the perfect time to get all the craft supplies out or order some online from Craft Company, get the kids set up on the dining table and let their imagination go wild. 

This is a great activity for kids of all ages and if you're on a budget, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. You’d be surprised at all the crafty items you could probably find inside the home and outside in the garden. Once the kids are done, you could have a little Easter bonnet parade!

Colourful Easter decorated eggs8) Get Crafty With Easter Decorations

Another great crafty idea if the weather isn’t great outside is to get the kids to make Easter decorations for the house or for their room. 

It can be a really inexpensive way of entertaining the children and you can probably find a lot of items in the home that can be used to craft up some Easter art. If you need some paints or stickers then take a look at stores like The Works where you can pick up an array of craft items. 

What about some Easter Bunnies made out of toilet roll tubes, paint on her face, stick on some whiskers and pop on some bunny ears? Or, how about some hanging Easter eggs? Simply cut out some Easter egg shapes, let the kids decorate them, pop a hole near the top and then string them up. Beautiful homemade art!

9) Jelly Bean Games

You could fill a jar with jelly beans from a store like Sweetzy and it won’t cost a fortune, ask your child to try and work out how many jelly beans there are in the jar. Then let them get them out and count them all up. 

Not only is it a fun game but it’s a learning game! You could even do the flavour guessing game, it’s said that there are over 50 different flavours of jelly beans, so why not put your child’s tastebuds to the test - it’s bound to give you all a giggle.

A young blindfolded girl pinning a tail on a donkey10) Pin the Tail On the Bunny

Donkey, who? It’s Easter time but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do your own variation of pin the tail on the donkey! 

It’s quick and easy to do, all you need is a giant bunny drawing on the wall, a piece of material for a blindfold and most importantly the bunny's tail. You can make the bunny tail out of cotton buds which you can grab from Superdrug for an extra special fluffy bunny tail!

11) Read Easter Books

After some of the more energetic activities, why not gather up the kids and curl up with a good book. We have some amazing discount code deals available, too, from book companies such as Waterstones

This is a perfect activity, especially as we can’t always control the weather. So if it’s a rainy Easter day, this is a lovely activity that you can enjoy with your kids.

A family of 3 with grandparents enjoying a meal12) Invite the Family for An Easter Meal

Easter doesn’t just have to be about chocolate and children, you could also invite the grandparents round and have an Easter meal for all the family.

Easter is filled with traditions, and that extends to the dinner table. Check online for some traditional Easter meals and get the whole family involved and sit down together for this Easter holiday.

13) Plant Flowers in the Backyard

Spring is well underway (most of the time) and the Easter holiday is the perfect time to get your kids in the garden and get planting those seeds you ordered from Seed Pantry. 

Kids love getting their hands in the mud and dirt so put their little hands to good use and get them involved in a little planting project!  Or if it’s a rainy day you could do some planting indoors. What about egg succulents? All you need are some eggshells, a bit of soil and some succulents. You could even let the kids paint the eggshells!

A family of 5 playing bingo14) Have a Game of Easter Bingo

Did someone say bingo? A game of bingo can be enjoyable for all ages and it’s something that you can do as a family and it’s easy to prepare!

All you need for your pre-preparation is some different coloured plastic Easter eggs, switch up the tops and bottoms to give you an egg with a yellow top and a red bottom, for example. Then make your bingo cards by ensuring you have all your different coloured plastic eggs on the cards, but mix them up, the first one to get five in a row wins! It’s that simple!

15) Make a Den in the Garden

All kids love to make dens and hiding places so another great idea would be to have your very own mini staycation at home. All you need (if the weather permits) is your trusty tent and a few sleeping bags from Camping World. 

Get the kids set up outside in the tent, you can play games in there, tell stories and just have a real giggle together. If it’s a rainy day, set the tent up in the lounge, push the furniture to the sides, get some cushions and covers and enjoy your mini fort!

Hopefully, we’ve given you some amazing ideas to ensure that you and all the family have a fun-filled Easter break!


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