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5 Personal Care & Beauty Treatments To Try at Home

Published on Sep 28, 2022
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Everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin and to take some time out of their busy lives to focus on themselves!

No matter who you are or what time of the year it is, you should always make time for yourself and invest in the personal and beauty care treatments that make you feel good. You deserve it!

But we know that these can come at a cost. So grab your fluffiest dressing gown and slippers, and check out these 5 personal care and beauty activities you can easily try yourself at home! 

1) A Hydrating Facial

Everyone loves a good moisturising facial, and these can actually be one of the easiest treatments to try at home. Check out the range of home facial treatments from Boots.

Sure, it won’t be quite like actually going to a masseuse for a facial, but there are loads of products on the market these days at an exceptionally low cost so you can still enjoy them at home. 

Buy yourself a good face scrub to exfoliate with from online stores such as Space NK, then apply a face mask and sit back and relax! There are so many different face masks available, all in different scents and colours and all of which can be suited to different types of skin. So whether you have dry or oily skin, there will be a face mask for you.

2) Massage

Similarly to the above, a massage is something you’d probably be more likely to head to a masseuse for rather than trying your own at home!

However, there are some massaging tools that mean you can enjoy all of the benefits of a real massage at home. You can pick up some beautifully scented body oils and lotions from Molton Brown. This could just be to help you unwind at night or to keep any niggling aches and pains at bay in between visiting your physio or masseuse. 

There are foot baths that act like a jacuzzi to massage your feet. Or if it’s your leg, arm or another body part – then try a massage gun out that can be extremely efficient in relieving any muscular tension.  

Check out CurrentBody who regularly have offers on massagers. For a soothing back massage, you could also try a massage seat cushion so you and your friends can sit back and relax on the sofa with a movie on – all whilst enjoying a nice back rub!

3) Hair Removal

Ok, so this one is slightly more important throughout the warmer months, but hair removal is always something you will probably want to keep on top of! Check out Mylee who have some great offers on all things hair removal!

This one isn’t quite as relaxing as the others we’ve mentioned so far, but we’re sorry to say it girls, it really is a must from time to time. 

You can have a go at shaving or waxing your legs, underarms and bikini area – just be careful with waxing if you haven’t done it before and make sure you have a mirror handy! Or for any other type of hair removal, grab your favourite pair of tweezers from Face The Future and have a go at taming your eyebrows, just make sure you don’t get carried away with them!

4) Get Your Tan On

Whether it’s the beginning of summer and you need a little help before you hit the pool, or you’re in the midst of winter and your skin is crying out for a bit of sun – whack yourself some fake tan on!

Fake tan comes in a variety of different forms depending on what you’re after. You can get gradual tan that can be used daily as a moisturiser or gradual tan drops that you can add to your existing favourite moisturiser and can provide a lovely natural look. Just take a look at one of our favs, Skinny Tan where you can get your hands on lotions, oils, tan drops and so much more.

Or for something a little more instant and generally more intense, you may want to go for a tanning mouse or mist that can be easily applied with a tanning glove. Just be sure to exfoliate beforehand and remove any dead skin and old existing tan. 

5) Mani & Pedi

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to give your fingers and toenails the little bit of TLC they deserve! Take a trip to The Body Shop to find all kinds of scrubs and lotions for your feet to spruce them up

This one is a great idea for a pamper night with your friends and can be super fun and easy to do. All you need is a towel to protect the carpet, and then take it in turn painting each other’s fingers and toenails. Whether you decide to go bright or opt for a natural French, a manicure or pedicure is always a good idea.

Don’t forget to look after those cuticles too with a drop of cuticle oil, and moisturise your hands and feet after with moisturisers and creams from stores like Liz Earle for the ultimate pamper.


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