The Cost of Vaping & 5 Ways to Save Money

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Published on Aug 10, 2022
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Whilst we do not promote smoking or vaping in any way here at Hey Discount it is always important to find ways to save money if this is something you are going to do. 

Vaping is less expensive than smoking and can, and only, should be used as a way of trying to quit smoking. There are tons of online and physical stores that you can visit to check out what is on offer, like Vape Dinner Lady – where you can also pick up some great bargains! 

If you are looking for a way to kick the habit of smoking then vaping could be the way for you as it still gives you the feeling of smoking whilst not filling your lungs with tobacco. There are also different strengths of nicotine so you can decrease the amount to kick the craving. 

So if you're looking at how to save money on vaping, read on to find out more.

1) Try a New Flavour First

If you are new to vaping and have been a smoker for a long time, you may want to start with a tobacco-flavoured vape which you could pick up at stores online such as Vape Superstore. If you jump straight to a flavour you may feel like you don't satisfy your craving and you could therefore fall back into smoking.  

This obviously wouldn’t be very cost-effective if you have invested in all the gear for vaping. Once you feel that you are making progress with your vape there is an abundance of different flavours around such as menthol, vanilla, custard, strawberry, bubblegum, blueberry even cucumber etc.  You won’t be stuck for choice and may even discover flavours you never knew existed! 

All the flavours you can possibly think of, have already been made into liquid vapes. You can choose from hundreds of flavours from stores like Vapoholic at bargain prices. 

Take a look online before you settle on a flavour and if you have had the same flavour for a while, why not branch out and experiment with a few new ones so you don’t get bored and go back to smoking?  

2) Always Shop Around

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When you have found a flavour that you like, shop around and see if you can get it anywhere cheaper. There are hundreds of offers and deals available online, most providers also offer discounts on your first purchase so it is worth having a look online at stores like VapeMate and seeing if you can find yourself a good deal

Bulk buying may also save you some money if you don’t mind having the same flavour for a while. Sign up for e-newsletters and follow your favourite brands on social media to be the first to know about offers and giveaways.  

Watch out for new brands that pop up as they will offer discounts and incentives to get their brand noticed. You could save a lot of money just by doing the above and as there are so many brands available these days you may not need to pay full price for your e-liquids again!

Check out a new brand like Relx you will be sure to pick up some special discounted products to help build up your collection.

3) Limit Your Usage

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If you have switched to vaping to kick the habit of smoking and are now finding yourself ‘chain vaping’ then you may need to reassess whether you have the right strength of nicotine. If it is too low then you are not satisfying the craving and are then using your vape far too often which will obviously result in you having to replenish your e-liquid more often. Check out different brands like eCig Store as some brands offer refills in different sizes so you can stock up and make sure you don’t run out of your favourites.  

If you are finding yourself sitting at your desk vaping, or constantly have it in your hand and are essentially using it like it is an inhaler...something isn’t working right for you. 

There are now options available where you can purchase a liquid that you can add in your own nicotine so you can make it the strength that works for you. This may be more cost-effective if you want to be able to control the strength of your vape yourself. 

You can find different strengths of nicotine at stores like Beevaper that may help you to quench your needs. It is recommended that you slowly ween yourself off nicotine, but in the first instance, you may need a higher usage to ensure you don’t go back to cigarettes.  

4) Switch to a Lower Wattage

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You will have seen some vapers puffing out giant clouds, this is because they are using a high-wattage vape. It also means that they are using a lot more liquid which will be costing them! 

Whilst they may enjoy creating big puffs of clouds around them, they are wasting a lot of liquid. If you don’t want to waste liquid or money, then switching to a lower-wattage vape is definitely advisable.  You can pick up various different types of vapes with different wattages that can help you to reduce your wastage. Check out SMOKO who have an excellent selection of vapes.

If you are a fan of menthol flavours these actually tend to work better in a lower wattage vape as these have a cooler temperature which in turn compliments the menthol sensation. If you prefer a stronger hit of flavour then higher wattage vapes may be better for you but don’t forget it will come at a cost!

5) Don’t Use Disposable Vapes

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The most cost-effective method of vaping has to be by way of refillable pods/devices. Whilst some people favour disposable e-cigarettes as they are easily portable, require no maintenance etc. they are more expensive than refillable devices.   

If you are looking to save money whilst still satisfying your cravings, then refillable vapes from online stores such as myCigara would suit your needs better. Not only are disposables bad for the environment as more often than not they are not disposed of/recycled correctly, but one disposable typically lasts a smoker one day, and at around £5/£6 each, that is a hefty amount to be spending – it may actually cost more than smoking! 

There are so many options around for refillable vapes that you would be silly not to at least give it a go if you are looking for a way to break your smoking habit. So before you go and spend a fortune on cigarettes or disposable vapes that just won’t last you, take a look at No1 Ejuice where you can pick up an abundance of flavoured vapes and refillable products to get you on your way to kicking your smoking habit!


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