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6 Benefits of Ordering Your Home Furniture Online

6 Benefits of Ordering Your Home Furniture Online
Published on Sep 30, 2022
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For some people choosing new furniture for your home can be one of the most exciting purchases you will ever need to make, and for others – it’s just an extra chore!


We’ve all been there, traipsing around store after store trying to find the perfect new unit for your hallway or 3-piece suite for your living room. 


Ordering any type of furniture for your home can be a lengthy process. It’s important that you want to get it right and choose something that will be well-loved within your home. 


A lot of people like to go furniture shopping in-store, and it can definitely have its benefits. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a feel for how big a product is until you see it in the flesh, or the quality of it. However, there are undoubtedly some huge benefits to sitting at home and ordering your furniture online from unique furniture stores like  Cox and Cox instead. Find out more:

1) Hassle-Free Delivery

two young delivery men carrying a sofa into an empty room

One of the biggest cons of shopping for your furniture in store has to be trying to get it back home! If you order from online stores such as Oak Furniture Land – you get door-to-door delivery! 


You’ve spent hours looking around stores and eventually find your perfect new suite, get to the till and then realise: how on earth am I going to get this home? Even if you or someone you know has a van you can borrow, you still have to consider how 1) you’re going to get it in the van, and 2) how you’re going to get it out the other side. 


Depending on what type of furniture you buy, it will more often than not require more than one person to handle it. When you order online, you can usually choose convenient delivery options either to your front door or even to a room of your choice! 


Although this will of course come at an extra cost, it will save you a huge amount of hassle and you will still be saving in fuel and the possibility of having to hire a van for a couple of hours. Although you may spend a couple of hours browsing all the amazing furniture deals available online from bargain furniture stores like Aosam!

2) More Opportunities for Discounts

a man shopping online on his laptop

The internet is an absolute goldmine for discount opportunities, so take advantage of it!


It’s very rare that you’ll pop into a store and find something discounted higher than it would be online or that you’ll have an in-store discount you’ll be able to use when you get to checkout. 


You can find a discount code for almost anywhere online even places such as Noa and Nani who do some awesome furniture that could save you a huge amount of money on your next furniture purchase. All you have to do is head to the furniture page on our website or even have a Google, and you’ll more than likely be able to find either money off or free delivery off your purchase at a huge array of furniture stores.

3) Easier to Browse Stores & Compare

a woman looking at the price tag of a sofa instore

As we’ve mentioned before, it can be a huge hassle driving between furniture stores trying to compare different items and their cost.


You’ll generally only find a couple of furniture stores within close proximity to each other, and other than that, you’re in for a lot of travelling. By browsing online at furniture stores such as Furniture Village, you can open up various tabs on your browser and easily see products right next to each other!


You could also benefit from using price comparison sites, where you can search for a product and then find all the different retailers that sell it online and how much for. 

4) Loads More Options

a man and woman sat on a rug looking at a laptop and holding a credit card

It goes without saying that there are far more opportunities to find different furniture options when looking online rather than in-person. 


Not only will you be able to browse more stores such as Barker and Stonehouse who have amazing furniture but may not be local to you, than just those in your local area, but you’ll also be able to see far more products from each store than you would be able to in-store.


Stores can obviously only hold a certain amount of stock in their showroom at any one time. But by visiting their website instead, you’re able to see what other products they have available as ‘online only’ products for delivery. 


Don’t just look at the more well-known brands, we know they do great quality furniture but there are other smaller brands online which offer equally as great style and quality such as Furniture123. Never stop browsing!

5) Envisage it Within Your Home

a man holding a tablet that shows an image of a sofa with paint options

As we touched on at the beginning, there are definitely benefits to seeing products up close in-store and seeing how big or small they look.


However, trying to then picture them within your home is another story! If you’re sitting at your laptop in the kitchen, then with just a tape measure (and a creative imagination) you should be able to picture your new dining table in situ much more easily. You’ll also find more choices online rather than in-store, just take a look at all the options at Roseland Furniture Store, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

6) Saves A lot of Time

two young children laid on a matress smiling

Last but certainly not least, ordering anything online saves you so much time! And especially furniture.


There aren’t a lot of things more stressful than trekking between furniture stores with your children testing out every sofa or bed they see! This can be extremely time-consuming (and not to mention tiresome)! 


Ordering furniture from the comfort of your own home from online stores such as Graham and Green is not only much more convenient, but it will save you a heck of a lot of time that you can spend doing something else with the family. 

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