Affordable Watches: How To Make the Most Out of Your Investment

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Published on Sep 12, 2022
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A nice watch can be a smart investment that will not only provide a function but could also look pretty great on too!

The price of watches varies wildly, depending on the quality, the type of metal and even the size of the watch face. The brand that you choose can also impact the price tag, so these are all important things to consider when looking to make a purchase. 

We’ve developed a list of money-saving tips, to help you get the best price for your new time-keeper. 

1) Choose One That Will Hold Its Value

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When looking to part with some money in exchange for a new watch, it’s important to consider all factors. A watch is a purchase that has the ability to retain its value, or even increase in its value over time. So you may be thinking, wow, that price tag is steep! 

However, the reason for this is that if later down the line you look to sell it on, maybe it will hold its value, and allow you to make your money back. There are plenty of watches out there that depreciate vastly the minute you take them out of the shop. If you’re looking for an investment piece, choose one that won’t follow this pattern. We recommend taking a look at well-known brand stores such as Beaverbrooks, where you can pick up a luxury brand investment like Tag Heur.

The reputation of the brand will impact its value, alongside the availability, demand and exclusivity of the watch. By doing your research, or asking a trusted dealer for some advice, you can make a savvy purchase on a nice watch, and make your money back. 

2) Buy One With Interchangeable Straps

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Some people who enjoy wearing a watch will have a small collection that allows them to match it with the outfit and choice of hardware they are going for that day. However, this can turn out to be quite costly, and if you’re only just starting out in the world of watches, you may not want to invest in too many pieces straight away. This is where interchangeable straps come in! 

To save yourself from splurging on multiple watches, buying a watch that allows you to change the strap gives you the ability to tailor it to any outfit or occasion. Not all watches will be able to swap the strap out, so make sure you’re buying one that can, and one that offers a variety of straps that you like. Take a look at places like Radley where you can find an abundance of different style watches and straps to suit every occasion. You can choose from different types and shades of leather, or even a sports strap if you’re hoping to wear your watch all through the day!

3) Don’t Always Go for the Big Names

You may have heard of many names of brands of watches, and think that they are the best brand to go for. Although the age-old brands, that are known for their high calibre quality, usually do trump other cheaper brands, that doesn’t mean you have to go for one of them. 

If you’re trying to make a purchase on a budget, there are many brands out there that offer good quality watches at a much lower price point like Watch Shop. It’s also sensible to opt for one of these brands if you’re exploring different watch styles, as you can save your money to invest when you find the piece that is perfect for you, and that you know will get the wear that it deserves. 

If you are looking for a watch with a classic design but that holds a bit of sparkle take a look at Swarovski, you don’t need to break the bank and buy a Rolex!

4) Look Out for Deals & Sales

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The price tag on a watch may be the thing that is putting you off purchasing, and you may not be willing to part with so much money. If this is the case, searching for a deal or discount may be the best way for you to finally own a watch at a price you’re happy with. If you are looking for a quality watch at a bargain price, don’t forget to check out John Greed online to see if you can pick up a deal.

There are many points throughout the year where you are more likely to secure the best deal, such as Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. Saving money on a purchase has never been easier, with most retailers saving their best deals for online, so all discounts are there to be found, without having to traipse around the high street. 

5) Do Your Research & Read Reviews

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The biggest mistake you can make when spending a lot of money on a watch is to buy a watch that has a high price tag with low-quality components. You may come across what seems like a great deal on a watch, however, it will only last you the best part of a year before it starts to noticeably wear and tear. For good quality and uniquely designed watches don’t forget to check out Thomas Sabo, their reviews speak for themselves!  The best way to ensure the watch you’re going for is going to last is to do plenty of research and read reviews. 

Reviews are the best way to find out about a watch because a retailer can write a wonderful write-up alongside their watch, however, that doesn’t mean it’ll actually live up to that. Reading reviews from people who have actually worn the watch, and can give you a real-life review, this way, you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. 

6) Shop Preowned

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Got your sights set on a particular watch, but the price tag is way out of your price bracket, but you just can’t get it out of your head? The best thing to do in this case is to go on the hunt for it on the pre-owned market. Just because it’s second-hand, that doesn’t mean that the quality will be poor. For instance, did you know that Goldsmiths sell pre-owned watches? They only deal with quality so you know that even though the watch is pre-owned it has been taken care of and looked after well.  

People who look to sell their watches will generally keep them in pretty mint condition, meaning there shouldn’t be too much wear and tear. However, it’s important to be sensible when looking at buying pre-owned, because it could become costly in the long run. 

If you’re buying a vintage piece, you’re also buying vintage parts. This can become costly if it needs repairing, as these parts are more than likely no longer made, making it harder to source. If you can strike the right balance, when buying second-hand, you could really be onto a winner in saving money whilst getting the watch you’re after.


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