7 Benefits of Using a Private Prescription Online Service

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Published on Jul 14, 2022
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As we are all aware the world is becoming more and more automated and a lot of things are now done online! Whether this is your grocery shopping, clothes shopping or homeware shopping. 

The internet is becoming a huge part of people’s lives. It wasn’t a surprise that pharmacies also started to move on to the online platform. 

Online pharmacies are businesses that deals with the preparation and sale of both prescription and non-prescription drugs as traditional pharmacies. However, online pharmacies take orders online and send the prescription to the customer’s desired destination via post.

How Can I Order Prescriptions Online?

The world has shifted from a place where prescriptions were accessible to a small group of people to become one where they’re commonly available in the market for everyone. In these modern times, buying prescriptions online has become a trend set to continue. 

A lot of GP’s now offer an online system where you are able to order repeat prescriptions directly without having to travel to collect. If your GP doesn’t offer this option, there are other websites that you can visit to be able to order your prescriptions online. It is extremely important that you do research the website before ordering to avoid any rogue sites and only place your order from trusted sources.

So how easy is the process? VERY! All you need to do is sign up and fill in all your information. Order your prescription and wait for it to be delivered. The online pharmacy will do all the rest for you. They will contact your GP for verification on you as a person and the prescription you are ordering. The GP will then confirm and the prescription will be processed with the online pharmacy and sent to your requested address. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying Prescriptions Online?

Picking up your prescriptions can be a real chore! Trekking to your GP surgery to pick up the paper script and then taking to the chemist, sometimes twice as they don’t have it ready. And of course with repeat prescriptions, you have to remember to order the medicine too. 

Making a request online with online pharmacies such as Oxford Online Pharmacy couldn’t be simpler! Once the process has been set and approved with the GP anyone can order their prescriptions discretely, securely and remotely. No patient needs to feel overwhelmed with numerous repeat prescriptions and trips to the chemist again.

Here are some of the benefits of ordering your prescriptions online. 


Do you struggle to get to the chemist when you are working? 

Most chemists are open the usual standard business hours which makes it difficult for people to get to without taking time out from work. Nipping out on your lunch could result in you waiting in a line of people. 

Whereas ordering online from pharmacies such as E-Surgery eliminates the need to go to the chemist to collect. You can do this anywhere and anytime you want and have them delivered to you at a convenient time and place to suit you.


Another benefit alongside the convenience of ordering your prescriptions online is the privacy. It provides reassurance to those who are afraid of talking face-to-face with doctors and pharmacists. 

Shopping and ordering online means you don’t have to worry about anyone else knowing it. This way you can maintain your privacy and still get the prescription you need. All prescriptions from online pharmacies such as Medino are shipped discreetly which means there is no mention of their contents. So if you want to steer clear of prying eyes then online ordering is your best option.

Generally Cheaper

Saving money is a crucial factor when it comes to buying anything, including prescription drugs. As the competition of online pharmacies are on the rise, the cost of prescriptions are also competitive. 

Buying your prescriptions online from pharmacies such as Pharmacy First gives you the option to compare the prices without slowing down the queue in store. Along with the prices being lower, there also could be an option as a regular customer to receive other added benefits that could assist you in the long term. Things like loyalty points and discount offers over a certain amount of orders could result in even more £££ savings!

Wider Range of Choice

Just like any other online store, there is a LOT to choose from. Most online pharmacies such as iPharm will give you options and a variety of choice on each prescription

This provides a huge advantage to patients as it is not always possible to find every drug in a physical pharmacy in a particular area but there are a lot more options available online.

Save You Time

It is very quick and easy to order prescription drugs through an online pharmacy. Especially for those people who live far away from a traditional pharmacy, the elderly, disabled people, and those who work very intensively - the system is a very easy and fast method of obtaining your medicine. 

You can order your medication within minutes and your prescription is delivered within days from online pharmacies such as Chemist 4 U, sometimes even the very next day. In reality, you are the only customer in your queue and you are not waiting your turn to speak to someone. You are the first there, the first served and the first to receive your prescription. 

Easy Secured Payments

In this modern day, online payments such as apple pay & contactless are more and more popular. I think we can speak for a lot of people and say that when checking out anywhere online, you do it as quickly and as easy as possible. If it gives you the option to press one button, you do! 

All reputed companies follow high standards to ensure safe payment processing on their websites, therefore securing all personal and credit card details. New technologies include protocols designed to keep all data stored on the website under a lock and key, ensuring your safety. So, there’s no chance of any data loss or identity left as well when ordering your prescriptions online with providers such as Simply Meds Online. 

Expert Advice

Expert advice is perhaps the best advantage of buying prescription medicines online since you can access qualified medical advice at absolutely any time of the day.

You will find that most companies such as The Independent Pharmacy will pride themselves on offering convenient healthcare, medicines and instant access to expert services. They give you the option to have a consultation with a professional over the web and provide useful information about medications, healthy lifestyles and whatever you need. With the variety of options available, you may have doubts about how to choose the medicine you need. 

This is where the experts come in. You can ask for advice on what conditions are best treated with what kind of medicines. They can guide you in choosing the correct medication for your medical condition.


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