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7 Surprising Benefits of a Garden Fire Pit

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Published on Apr 19, 2022
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Summer is coming and lockdown restrictions are lifted. This can only mean one thing, BBQs and long evenings spent with friends and family in the garden!

Spending time outside can be such a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) after a long winter indoors. It can improve our mental and physical health and can make a great place to spend true quality time with your loved ones.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your garden on a budget this summer – then a fire pit is the one for you! Take a look at our 7 reasons why below.

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1) Extend Summer Evenings

If you’re super excited to enjoy time outside as the weather becomes warmer, then you’ll want it to last as long as possible!

With a fire pit, from stores like YouGarden, adding warmth and light to your garden, you’re able to enjoy time with friends and family in the garden much later into the night. 

Fire pits are also a crowd-pleaser, so if you find yourself cosied up around one with drinks and snacks, then you’ll find yourself not ever wanting to leave! 

Your friends will be impressed at your garden set up adding a fire pit to all your beautiful plants and flowers picked up from stores like Sutton Seeds.

2) Make Use of Your Garden in Cooler Months

Fire pits aren’t only for summer!

Although fire pits are a great addition in extending those summer nights, they can also be used throughout the cooler Autumn and Winter months (if you wrap up!).

There’s nothing cosier than cuddling up around a fire pit from Garden Street with a big coat, hat, scarf, and gloves on. And with a fire pit giving you that extra bit of heat, you’re able to enjoy the great outdoors all year round. This could also be great for hosting parties such as on Bonfire night and Halloween, especially. 

Your fire pit can also keep you warm on those cooler nights when it’s time to plant and prune those seasonal bulbs from Gardening Express.

3) Make Your Garden Super Cosy

Just picture it. Fairy lights, sofas, blankets from Wilko – and of course you and your loved ones all cosied up around a fire. 

You’ll likely want to spend as much time as possible outside, and fire pits mean you can bring your inside out.

They really can add an extra layer to any garden and can make your outdoor space feel warm and homely. 

4) Enjoy Family Time

Are you looking for a way to spend quality family time and keep your kids entertained this summer?

Everyone knows that time around a fire is one of the best ways to enjoy real quality time, without the need for technology, iPads, and TV shows. So check out stores like Agriframes and bag yourself some lovely additions for your garden to make it functional for all the family. 

We can guarantee that you and the kids will absolutely love a Saturday night together under the stars singing campfire songs and toasting yummy marshmallows!

5) Save Money on Energy Costs

With the cost of living increasing and rising energy costs across the UK, it’s so important to make small changes to cut back on those costs wherever we can.

Running a fire pit is absolutely free! All you need is some wood and some matches and you’re good to go. You can even pick up some heavy-duty pots to store your extra firewood from stores like Gardening Direct in to make sure it doesn’t get wet so it’s ready to go when you are.

And with a fire pit giving off a great amount of heat and light, you’ll save plenty of cash on not having to run a patio heater or switching any outdoor lights on. 

6) Create a Focal Point

If any of you have ever watched Love Island (who hasn’t?!) then you’ll know full well how much of a focal point a fire pit can make! 

Now we’re not suggesting that you and your friends gather around your fire pit each night to decide who you want to couple up with, but they can offer a designated and attractive space for people to relax.

Fire pits can add an extra dimension to your garden, a modern touch, and give you a focal area for people to sit and enjoy each other’s company when you’re entertaining or even just when you’re relaxing next to your pond from Pondkeeper alone with a book.

7) They’re Affordable

Last but certainly not least, fire pits are an extremely affordable piece of furniture for any garden.

They’re often much cheaper to buy than their patio heater counterparts. So don’t forget to check out All Round Fun where you are sure to pick up a fire pit at a bargain price for your garden. You could also take a look online for any discount codes from home and garden online shops, or even check out your local garden centre.

Or if you (or your other half) enjoy a bit of DIY, then you could even build one yourself! 


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