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Can Getting a Better & Longer Sleep Help You Save Money?

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Published on May 16, 2022
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Most of us are aware that as a grown adult we need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. But what with work and family pressures, we know that it's not always possible. 

Sometimes it feels like we’re barely getting four hours a night due to working late, children, and other worries and issues. But it's so important to get as much sleep as you can because it will only help you deal with all of the above the next day. 

The longer and better you sleep the more productive you will be. Ensuring you get enough sleep is also a benefit to your health and well-being generally, and could even save you money. Make your own decision below!

Can Financial Stress & Sleep Stress Come Hand in Hand?

Financial stress can be toxic. It can become all-consuming. Meaning not only will you be worrying during the day, but as soon as you get in bed and turn off the lights, your mind can often go into overdrive thinking and worrying about your situation. 

It can become a vicious cycle, going to bed worrying about your finances, then when the next day arrives you’re not prepared and you’re too tired to be able to focus on the issue to try to resolve it. 

The lack of sleep can affect your productivity levels, thought processes and reasoning skills. Sleep is so important to your health and well-being. 

How Can Getting a Better sleep Help You Save Money?

You’ll Feel Refreshed & Pro-active

Did you know that sleep can severely affect your concentration, productivity and even cognition? Not to mention your energy levels. 

Could your morning commute to work be done by walking or cycling, rather than driving or taking a bus if you had the energy to do so? Not only will this heklp your fitness, but it will also save you money.

Ensuring that you’re getting enough hours of sleep in will make you feel more energetic and proactive so you will be able to achieve more during the day. This may just be travelling to, or from work, or it may be a project for work, for example. Getting noticed at work for the right reasons may benefit you financially in the long run.

You’ll Have Less Hours in the Day to Shop!

It’s a no brainer. If you’re asleep, you’re not on your phone buying the latest makeup trend, a whole new wardrobe, and a new shelving unit for the spare rom that you never go in!

If you’re tucked up safe and sound in your bed at least your bank card and credit card are safe from you and your urges! To save yourself some money, be the one in the group who calls it a night early, you’ll sleep a lot better knowing your bank balance is safe.

You’ll Be Able to Make Better Decisions

Want to make better decisions in life? Noticed you’ve been making a few regrettable decisions lately? Well maybe you haven’t had enough sleep then.

If you want to reward your mind and body during the day, then you need to give them both a rest at night. Sleep refreshes your body immediately and can impact on your decision-making. Therefore a lack of sleep will also impact your decision-making and this is where the regret comes in.

You’ll Be Healthier & Less Prone to Illnesses

It’s a well-known scientific fact that a lack of sleep can affect everything from your weight, mood disorders, decreased immunity and even decrease in life expectancy.

If you’ve been struggling lately with your moods, or you seem to be picking up a lot of little illnesses it may just be that you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. 

You’ll Spend Less Money on Coffee

If you’ve had a rough night’s sleep and not had time to make yourself a hot drink before you leave the house, then the first thing you'll do on your way to work is pop in to a coffee shop and spend just under a fiver on a caffeine fix just to get you through the morning. 

If you’re doing this every day because you’re not getting enough sleep, just think of how that amount of money is mounting up. If you think that every drink is costing you, let’s say £4, once a day, times that by how many working days there are in a year - roughly around 250 - you could be spending around £1000 on caffeine just to get you going in the morning! 

You May Not Need as Many Cosmetic Products

Every heard of 'beauty sleep? If you want to save money on cosmetic products such as concealers, foundations etc. then you can the natural way just by making sure you get enough rest. 

You can cover up a lot of flaws with concealer but you can get this completely if you get enough sleep at night. Your skin will also naturally brighten and look more refreshed. 

Getting a good night sleep may be the closest thing to the “Fountain of Youth'' when it comes to your beauty regime. While you sleep your body repairs and re-bounds, resulting in a slew of cosmetic advantages. The trick is to obtain enough sleep each night, preferably 7 to 9 hours.


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