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Don’t Walk, Run! 8 Tips to Save Money on Men’s Trainers Now

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Published on Jul 12, 2022
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A wardrobe brimming with shoe boxes and trainers for every different occasion in every different colour. Does this sound familiar?!

If you’re a bit trainer-mad or if you take part in a lot of physical activity – then you’ll likely know that this can become quite an expensive hobby.

What with new releases coming out from top brands such as Nike and Adidas all the time. Staple designer trainers for when you go out. Or deciding you need a different pair of trainers for a new hobby such as running, hitting the gym, or muddy walks – the costs of this will definitely start to add up.

So if you’re looking to save money on your trainer addition, check out some of our top tips below.

1) Snap Up Ex-Display Shoes

Did you know that some high-street shoe stores such as Schuh actually sell their ex-display items at a fraction of the price?

This is an absolutely amazing way to get some of the top men's trainers on the market, without the hefty price tag attached.

Ex-display items aren’t able to be sold within the shop as normal, so this is a great way for retailers to get rid of any unwanted or old stock.

You’ll sometimes find very slight faults with the shoes such as discolouring or slight marks and scratches from where people have tried these on, but these will always be stated in the description. And if they’re trainers you’ll will be wearing for walking or running, especially, then they’ll likely not stay perfect for long anyway!

2) Always Look for Cashback & Discount Codes

There is always a deal to be had when it comes to buying trainers! Whether it's cashback through your bank or money off your purchase with a discount code, you should always have a look around before buying anything. Check out SIZE where you can get 20% off shoes and trainers when signing up for their newsletter. Thank us later. 

You can find exclusive discount codes online from websites such as ours, or you could try downloading the store's app or signing up to their newsletter to see if you can save any money on your first purchase with them.

Another great store to stop by when looking for new trainers has to be Tower London where you can bag 10% off by joining their loyalty scheme.

You should also take advantage on any annual deal days such as Black Friday and stock up on any bargains you can find!

3) Shop Nearly New Shoes Online

There’s always someone looking to sell their trainers that don’t quite fit them properly. And there are always some great bargains to be had by you!

With something like trainers that you’ll likely be wearing for running or other activities, it’s absolutely crucial that they’re a good fit. So you’ll often find that people have bought them in the wrong size and are looking to sell them on. Just be sure that they’ll fit you properly first, you could do your research on the sizing or even try them on in your local shop.

The most common places to find nearly new shoes online could be from eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop, or other online platforms.

4) Buy Good Quality

When buying something like trainers that you’ll likely even wear a lot of wear for strenuous activity, then it may not always be best to buy cheap. If you want to invest in some long-lasting footwear we definitely recommend taking a look at Office Shoes

Consider the materials of your trainers and the likely longevity of them. If they’re a thin plastic or fabric that won’t be able to withstand the heavy impact of running, then you may end up having to buy twice.

If you are going to be wearing them for exercising, then the quality of them is also important in supporting your feet and the rest of your body and preventing any injuries.

5) Visit Factory Outlets

There are factory outlets for trainer brands such as Nike and Adidas all throughout the UK.

These places can be one of the absolute best ways to find a bargain on a new pair of trainers. Often they will be from the previous season but you can often find some of their newer releases, too. And best of all they will cost you a fraction of what you would generally pay in a regular store. We love Shoeaholics is a great discount store for shoes and trainers, it’s definitely worth a visit if you have a strict budget. 

6) Consider How Easy They Are to Care for

If you're going to be running in your new trainers through various terrains and weathers, then it's important to consider how easy they're going to be to care for. For great quality trainers Vans have you covered. Their shoes and trainers seem to last forever!

Have a good look at what they're made from, if they can be wiped down easily, and if you could even put them in the washing machine without causing any damage to them. Another good way to protect your trainers is to buy some that will work well with shoe protection sprays to help keep them looking pristine for longer! Check out Timberland for your next pair of trainers, they already ensure that their shoes and trainers have a protective layer.

If you damage or have stubborn stains on your trainers that you can't remove then you may end up having to buy twice.

7) Always Try Them On

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s so important to ensure you get the right size trainers for your feet, especially when you’re going to be wearing them for a prolonged length of time or doing any kind of physical activity in them.

If you can, then visit a shop like UGG first to try different shoe styles on for size, even if you need to then order online to make use of a discount code. Another good way to be certain of sizing is to have a good read through reviews first.

8) Wait for New Releases & Buy Older Models

If you’re looking for some branded trainers, for example, then this is often the best way to buy what you’re after without the hefty price tag. 

Keep an eye out for summer and winter sales, you’ll find amazing sales at Pavers where they cater for all kinds of shoes and trainers – they even cater for wide fit and extra wide fit if you struggle to find trainers that are comfortable. They are also constantly updating their lines.

As soon as a new release of a trainer has come out, then you’ll almost definitely be able to bag a discount on the older version within the next few weeks. Take a look at Dr Martens who regularly release new lines and put older season trainers on sale. So even if a new trainer has recently come out that you love - sit back and decide if you can wait a few months before purchasing them!


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