How to Save Money On Essential Construction Workwear

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Published on Sep 20, 2022
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When working on a construction site nobody really needs to think about fashion and how they look, however, there are a few items that must be worn for your own safety and practicality. 

As a construction worker, you can be here, there and everywhere around the site! So you need equipment that is going to help you when moving around. Safety and comfort over fashion!

You, rightly so, want to go to work to earn money - so it's always a good idea to get the costs of purchasing any essential workwear as low as possible. Here's what you really need and how to save!  

Essential Workwear

A High-Vis

High-vis are highly important on most sites, if not every site in the UK. At a lot of sites, you will find that they are compulsory as they do what they say on the tin and increase visibility to anyone around, therefore preventing any accidents from happening. 

As high-vis clothing is part of your PPE, so generally your employer should be providing this. So instead of buying it yourself, ensure that it is already provided first. If your workplace doesn’t provide hi-vis clothing, you could check out Regatta where you can pick up hi-vis trousers and jackets.


Construction sites are often full of sharp and dangerous objects, so by wearing gloves you are protecting yourself from any cuts or damage. Owning a pair of high-quality gloves is essential. 

Whilst looking for the right pair you also need to keep in mind your daily duties. Do you use your phone a lot? The last thing you want to be doing is taking your gloves off to take a call or check your emails - so look out for ones with touch screen technology. 

Hard Hat

Hard hats are one of, if not the most important piece of equipment you need on a construction site.

They may not be the most comfortable item of clothing but they are going to be the one that protects you the most. There is a constant risk of falling objects on most busy construction sites. Protect your head at all times and invest in one that fits you properly. 

Eyes & Ears Protection

Whether or not you think that your tools are too loud, wearing ear protection is important. Long-term exposure to high-powered tools and background noise can affect your hearing in the long run. Protecting your ears with ear defenders or even earplugs is something that cannot be missed. 

The same goes for your eyes, whether you are using high-powered tools that are producing lots of dust or just walking through the site, protecting your eyes and vision is paramount.  

Safety Work Boots

A sturdy pair of work boots is essential and to work on a construction site it is absolutely mandatory for you to have steel-toe capped boots. Again, just like all other equipment, steel toe-capped boots will protect your feet and toes from numerous injuries that could severely harm you whilst on site. 

There are a few factors to think about when looking for your boots but the main one is the fit. If they fit well and they are comfortable, you are on to a winner and won't have an issue wearing them. With the right pair, you don’t need to worry about discomfort or injuries whilst working.

Thick Jacket

It's not always just the colder months when a thick or waterproof jacket is essential. The UK weather is so unpredictable, with April showers and summer storms, you can never be too prepared! Check out stores like EMP for thick waterproof jackets that will last.

A well-made jacket will not only keep you warm but will protect you from any downpours. Finding a jacket that is for all weathers is your main priority, so one with a detachable fleece inner could be the perfect option to see you through all the seasons.

Knee Pads

Your knees are the largest joint in the body and they absorb the most force each day, so it is critical that you protect them. Some people on a construction site don't have any choice but to work on their knees at some point in the day, so it is essential you think about investing in shock-absorber knee pads. 

Some work trousers come with knee pads included but buying extra will provide extra protection for you.

Work Trousers with Pockets

When looking for the perfect work trousers, the main factors you need to think about are durability, comfort and what will help you easily perform your activities. There are so many to choose from, so your work environment really depends on what the best is for you. we recommend checking out HH Workwear for all your construction clothing such as trousers etc.

Workers that need to carry a lot of small tools or any type of equipment around need to be searching for trousers with numerous pockets. They generally are made from heavy-duty fabrics that make it easy to carry multiple items. The convenience of the pockets ensures that all your tools and accessories are kept close to hand. 

Tool Belt

Along with work trousers, having a tool belt gives you extra pockets or pouches and is ideal for carrying a wide range of tools and accessories. 

Tool aprons and belts can easily be added or removed to allow you to complete any activities that you need. Again, it is the convenience of having everything on hand for you. 

How to Save on Workwear

Buy Second Hand

Second-hand may not always be because someone has had their wear out of it, it can be as small as they don’t fit anymore or they have no use for it. Here’s where you need to shout up. 

Pre-loved and second-hand items are a fraction of the price compared to buying them new. And let's be honest, you're only going to get them ruined anyway - so who really caqres?

Reuse Old Clothes

Having a clear out of your old clothes? Do you find yourself with a pile of old t-shirts or jogging bottoms that you will no longer use? These can easily be used as your ‘new’ work clothes!

No need to throw them away when they can be reused. Same with jumpers, hoodies and fleeces. Don’t buy new, look at what is already staring you straight in the face and save money 

Speak to Manufactures You Use

Sometimes manufacturers offer discounts and freebies when you spend over a certain amount with them or if you frequently use their products on your jobs. 

Speak to your local sales rep, and see what they have to offer. Any merchandise is also free advertising and marketing for them - so winner, winner really!


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