Festival Season is Here! What Camping Essentials Do I Need?

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Published on Jun 09, 2022
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Festival season is finally here. And I think I speak for everyone in the UK when I say we are SO ready for it!

Whether you’re a regular festivalgoer or this is your first time, it’s so important that you’re prepared. 

The camping gear you take is obviously dependent on your budget, how many of you are going, how long you’re staying for, and how much you like your luxury! 

But generally speaking, there are a number of camping essentials that you’ll need to add to your festival checklist. Take a look below for some of the main items. 

Festival Camping Furniture

A Tent

The most obvious piece of camping equipment you need, you’re going to need a tent as somewhere to sleep at night and to store your belongings. 

A lot of festivalgoers only use their tent once, so how you’re planning on using it will determine how much you should spend on one. But we do recommend taking a look at stores like Camping World where you can pick up tent for every purpose.

But don’t forget to look at the berth when shopping for a tent, and remember that this only refers to how many people it will sleep and not room for storing your luggage. 

Chairs & Table

You’ll likely spend a lot of time in the campsite during the mornings, so camping chairs and tables are a must-have! Check out OLPRO for some inexpensive seating options

This will provide a space to relax and enjoy food and drink with friends. 


With the very unpredictable British summertime, a shelter could be a good option to take with you if you have the space.

It can keep both the rain and sun off you, so will have you covered no matter what weather is thrown your way.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is a must-have for any camping trip and is the best way to keep you warm and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Make sure to check out Winfields which has some great sleeping bags and sleeping mats. 

You might want to include a pair of trusty earplugs in there, too! 

Air Bed/Sleeping Mat

Let’s be honest, the tent floor is never something you’re going to want to sleep on after a long day of partying.

An air bed or sleeping mats are the easiest types of beds to take to a festival with you and are easily transported. 

Festival Camping Accessories


Have you ever tried to find your tent in a field of tents that look exactly like yours, in the middle of the night? 

This is where a torch will become your very best friend! 

Portable Heater

Even when we have a good summer here in the UK, the temperature does often drop a lot at night. 

If you don’t want to go to bed with 8 layers on at night, then a portable mini heater could be a great option for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Electric Hook-Up

If you can’t go without your home comforts (and I wouldn’t blame you!) then you’ll want to take an electric hook-up with you. 

This will be needed if you’re taking a heater and can be used to charge your phone, use your hair straighteners, and lots more. 

Festival Camping Food & Drinks Accessories

Camping Stove/BBQ

Are you planning on cooking breakfast for the camp in a morning? 

If so, a camping stove or small BBQ are really easily transported and will come in useful. Cooking your own breakfasts is also a good way to help save on costs. Bell Tent Boutique have some amazing stoves available so we recommend taking a look at their website. 

Water Carrier

Pretty self-explanatory, you’re going to want to take a water carrier on any camping trip.

This can be used to keep water by your tent for drinking, cleaning up, and maybe even having a little wash! 


You might not be bothered about having fancy tableware and cutlery when you’re camping at a festival, but don’t forget the basics!

A frying pan saucepan can come in handy for cooking loads of foods. And of course plates and cups are important, even if they’re just disposable ones. 

Festival Camping Health & Safety Accessories

First Aid Kit

There will be first aiders around the festival site, but having your own small first aid kit could come in handy. 

With all the walking and dancing you’ll likely be doing, plasters will be your best mate! 

Tent Repair Kit 

Should the worst happen and you have some bad weather while you’re away, then some tents could actually become damaged.

The last thing you want is a hole in your tent with rain dripping in at night, so a tent repair kit is a great way to avoid any nightmares. 

Sun Cream 

Even if it doesn’t feel that hot, it’s so important to keep protected from the sun and hydrated whilst you’re at a festival. 

A small travel-size high-factor sun cream should be kept with you at all times. 

Insect Repellent 

There’s nothing worse than getting bit to death by flies, and it could cause you some distress when they come itchy and you’re trying to sleep at night.

Taking a small bottle of insect repellent and after bite could save you a lot of hassle. 


We would like to say this one is optional, but if you’ve ever been to a festival before then you’d probably say that paracetamol each morning is an essential! 


As much as you might think you won’t feel the cold, you are likely to be camping in colder temperatures in the UK so pick up some good base layers and hoodies etc from stores like Spartan. No one wants to go home poorly!


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