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How to Buy Perfume Online As a Gift & Save Money in the Process

How to Buy Perfume Online As a Gift & Save Money in the Process
Published on Apr 06, 2022
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A beautiful, fragrant perfume can really help your friend, family member, or loved one feel like the Queen she is!

Fragrances are an important way to finish off your outfit when you’re getting ready to go out and make you feel extra confident and special.

However, luxury items like perfumes can also often carry a pretty hefty price tag. Whether it’s for a friend, your mum, or your partner – check out some of our top tips on how you can save money. 

Find Out What She Already Has

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First things first, try to find out what fragrances your friend or loved one currently already uses. 


If you know that she’s fussy with her choice of perfume and has used the same one for years, then the best gift you could get could be just to stock up on her fave perfume from The Perfume Shop


Or if you’re looking to get her something a bit different or spoil her with something she can use on special occasions, then knowing the type of scents she already loves could be a great way to help you find a similar perfume at The Fragrance Shop.

Try Out Samples 

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We all have scents we like and scents that we don’t like – and you probably know your partner, friend or mum better than most people. So having a good smell of perfumes from Fragrance Direct, for example, before you commit to a purchase could be a godsend!


Once you buy a perfume you have absolutely no way of returning it as soon as that little seal has been broken. So it’ll save you loads of money in the long run if you’re confident she’ll like it before you splash the cash.


If you pop into any perfume or department store you should be able to sample any of the perfumes on offer. Or a lot of online fragrance stores such as Scentsational even offer free samples direct to your home! You may find you just have to pay a small postage fee. 

Look Out for Discount Codes & Deals

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You may be short of finding deals on popular occasions such as Valentine's, Mother's Day and Christmas - but fear not, we’ll still find you some amazing discount codes! One online stop we recommend for perfume is Perfume Click, make sure you check out their deals.


Obvs you already know, but discount codes can be a great way to help you get the best discounts off prices online.


You can check out our fragrances page for our latest coupon codes, including free delivery or 20% off some of the most popular fragrances. 

Do Your Research on Dupes

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On a tight budget? Dupes could be a lifesaver! 


High street stores often sell their own branded perfumes, that can often smell very similar to some of the more well-known designer brands – at less than half of the price tag.


Social media such as Instagram and TikTok can also be a great way to find popular dupes by following beauty influencers. We love The Essence Vault for dupe perfumes at amazing prices. And you may even be able to bag yourself a discount code this way, too!

Buy Gift Sets

an unbranded gift set of perfume and lotions

More often than not, buying gift sets can be the cheapest way to stock up on your favourite perfume and you could even bag your loved one an extra treat if you check out stores like Aromatherapy Associates, you could find some alternatives to traditional branded perfumes!


Have a good hunt around for gift sets before looking at perfumes solo and compare the prices. You may find that for the same price or even cheaper you could get a free travel-size perfume or body lotion with a gift set. You can even pick up some personalised perfume gifts from stores such as Penhaligon’s.


A perfume gift set will more than likely come beautifully packaged too, which will add an extra bit of thought and luxury to your gift.

Listen to the Experts

Choosing a new fragrance for yourself can be super tricky. But selecting a fragrance for someone else can be extremely difficult!


But luckily for you, with just a bit of research or by chatting to a sales consultant in a perfume store, you should be able to get some great recommendations that will mean you can get her a gift that shows lots of thought, too!


Or if you’re shopping online, why not check out the 'bestsellers' or 'new in' perfume section at stores like Beauty Base? They can give you a great indication of some of the most popular fragrances that are currently on the market. 

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