8 Small Bathroom Ideas On a Budget

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Published on Jul 04, 2022
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Whether you are considering renovating your bathroom or moving into a new home, styling a small bathroom is so important to get right! 

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. And even if yours is on the smaller side, there is still plenty you can do with it. 

A smaller bathroom can feel really nice and cosy and can be a great place to unwind in the evening. And after all, how big does a bathroom really need to be with just one person in it at a time, anyway?

However, you will likely want to elevate your small space as much as possible and help it feel spacious and luxurious. Read on to find out how you can do that whilst sticking to a budget! 

Choose a Slimline Towel Radiator

A slimline towel radiator from a store like Plumbworld can add so much functionality to a small bathroom.

A traditional radiator can be bulky and can take up a lot of space, and they also don’t allow for towels to be held on them very easily. Because of this, you’d probably need to buy a towel holder as well which means additional cost and more space taken up.

Choosing a towel radiator will double up as a radiator and a towel holder, and a slimline one can add a look of luxury to any small bathroom! Check out the range of radiators available from Better Bathrooms.

Let Lots of Natural Light & Air In

The lighting in your bathroom is an important feature to consider if you’re trying to open up a small space. With big windows, you can transform a small and dingy space into a bright and open one. 

If you’re getting ready in the bathroom, then lots of natural coming through is always more favourable than artificial lighting. However, when you’re getting ready in the morning throughout winter, then spotlights from Wholesale Domestic could be a good option.

Having an airy bathroom with the correct fan ventilation and windows is also extremely important. Without it, the condensation in your bathroom can cause dampness which can damage your bathroom and affect your health.  

Utilise Large Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are essential within any bathroom. You should always have one behind your sink for when you’re washing your face and brushing your teeth, and you may choose this spot to do your daily skincare routine or makeup. 

However, mirrors are another brilliant way to make a room look a lot larger and more spacious than it actually is! You’ll find a great range of bathroom mirrors at Ninja, you’ll also find great discounts!

Use large wall mirrors on multiple walls of your bathroom and you’ll find that the space really does open up immediately.

Upcycle A Chest of Drawers for a Vanity Unit  

If you are running out of space and your belongings are spilling out, then it can make the room look constantly messy. This is where a chest of drawers or storage unit comes in handy.

Many people choose under-sink storage units which are great. However, if you happen to have an old chest of drawers laying around or can find one second-hand, then why not do a bit of upcycling? Pick up some storage baskets from Joseph Joseph to add a bit of glamour and organisation to your upcycled unit.

These really can look great, and this means that the only sanitary wear you’ll have to purchase will be the actual sink itself. 

Keep the Colour Scheme Light

As we mentioned before, keeping a small bathroom light and airy will help keep it looking so much more spacious.

The colour scheme you choose in your tiles, painting, wallpaper, and accessories can also play a massive part in this.

If you’re going for a cosy look, then dark accessories and colours can look great and make a bold statement.  Check out Rinkit for bathroom towel sets, soap dispensers etc to add a touch of warmth to your bathroom. 

However, if you’re wanting to keep it looking as open as possible, then lighter colours are always the way forward. Think of whites, greys, beiges and play around with textures such as wooden bamboo (spa vibes). If you want a pop of colour then you could accessorize with pastel pinks, sky blues, or sage greens. 

Tile the Panels of Your Fitted Bath

Baths are arguably one of the most important features of any bathroom. You want one that, of course, looks good and does the job but also without breaking the bank. Check out Big Bathroom Shop and take a look at their range of baths, you’re sure to find something to suit your personality and space. 

Free-standing baths are one of the more modern types of baths available on the market and they look great, but of course, they come with a higher price tag and can take up quite a lot of space.

Instead, opt for a normal fitted bath but simply tile all of the visible side panels. This means you can choose any bath or even recycle one as most of it won’t be seen. However, when it’s all tiled in we can guarantee that it will really look the part and keep your space looking tidy. And don’t forget your bathmat! You can pick up some stunning bathmats at Bodum for bargain prices. 

Choose a Glass Shower Screen

There are some really nice styles of shower curtains available on the market these days, with bold and bright patterns that can really go with your scheme.

However, if it’s opening up a small bathroom that you’re after, then you’d definitely be better with a glass shower screen from a store like City Plumbing.

This will help your space look a lot neater and tidier and will keep it looking light and spacious.

Install Floating Shelving

Last but not least, floating shelves can be a godsend to any small bathroom.

You’ll likely find that you need more storage space than you think. And even if you don’t, floating shelves are a great place to add accessories like complimentary toiletries from Nisbets!

Floating shelves are relatively cheap to buy and won’t be any trouble to fit. And best of all, you’ll have plenty of floor space left to move around. 


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