How to Find the Best Broadband Deals for You

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Published on Jun 18, 2022
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Many of us are unknowingly overpaying on our broadband each year. And with the rising cost of living skyrocketing and continuing to rise, there is no better time to review your packages to reduce your monthly bill. 

Back in the ‘good ole days’ - having broadband at home was a luxury but not necessarily a necessity. However, with more and more of us now working from home, (and not to forget Netflix!), broadband has become somewhat an essential in every UK home. 

So ensuring you are not overpaying is definitely something we all need, and should review. To help you, we’ve put together some helpful hints and tricks to securing the best deal for you.

Consider Whether You Really Need the Fastest Speeds

Broadband providers like to use fancy marketing to showcase their fibre lightning speeds etc, but do you really need it, or are you just buying into their marketing? 

Typically, the faster the broadband, the higher the cost. The same holds true for the number of additional services included in the package. 

For instance, if you choose a high-end, all-in broadband package but barely use the service, you’re paying more than necessary. To determine which broadband plan is best for you, you should first conduct a broadband speed test to determine your current Internet speed. If your current speed works well for you and then you don’t need to pay more for faster speeds. 

However, if your broadband isn’t the fastest you may be able to find a deal with a faster broadband speed at a cost similar to the package you’re currently on. It’s definitely worth shopping around.

Research New Deals In Your Area

You will almost certainly save money by moving, or finding a new deal as soon as you’re notified that your current supplier is raising their costs at the end of your contract. 

A great way to avoid these additional costs is to visit a site such as Uswitch or Money Saving Expert where you can input your postcode to see what deals and services there are in your area.  See if you can hook up your wifi to Hyperoptic, they have great deals and may be available in your area. 

For instance, if fibre broadband has recently been added to your area, you may be able to snap up an early deal and save yourself some money!

You Can Often Get Cheaper Deals With a Package

A great way to save some money is to check with your current provider whether you can have a bundle package deal which includes a home phone or even mobile phone plan. 

This could save you a lot of money overall. Instead of having 3 to 4 separate bills, you’re likely to find a discount package that will include all of the services. The majority of service providers can offer mobile, broadband, home landline, and TV services. Check out Direct Save Telecom who have some great packages available. 

All four of these services are frequently offered in comprehensive bundles. In addition, they are typically and significantly less expensive than paying each bill separately. It’s definitely worth having a look online to see if any of these packages available suit your needs to save you some money.

See If You’re Eligible for Financial Help

Did you know there are actually services available for low-income households to enable you to have broadband at home? Well, there are! 

If you are in receipt of universal credit or other financial support and you can’t afford the usual monthly cost for broadband, if you visit Uswitch you will find that there are actually services available and these are called social broadband tariffs. 

Recently TalkTalk announced that they would be collaborating with Jobcentre Plus to offer six months of free broadband to those eligible. Even if you’re not eligible, but you’re still on universal credit or have a low income, there are deals available with BT and virgin media. 

Use a Price Comparison Site to Find the Best Offers

Nowadays when we’re trying to find a good deal on something many of us now seek out price comparison sites. 

A lot of us do this for our car insurance and, utilities, but you can also do this for broadband deals. In most cases, you simply need to enter your postcode and the price comparison site will do the rest for you by showing you the best deals in your area. It will also show you different packages, bundles and speeds available so you’re fully informed of the best deals around. 

Even if you’re currently in a contract is definitely worth regularly checking to see what’s available in your area so you don’t enter into a new contract where you could be paying more when there are other offers available at a cheaper cost

Don’t Want to Switch? Give Them a Call and haggle

If you’re nearing the end of your contract, as above, jump on a price comparison site and see what’s available in your area on a like-for-like package, and then go back to your current provider and haggle! 

Haggling may make you feel a little cheeky. But it’s actually expected and invited by a lot of broadband providers. If your wifi provider is Gigaclear, give them a call, you might find a better deal if you haggle. If you don’t feel confident enough to haggle over the phone a lot of broadband providers now have live chat services on their websites! 

You have absolutely nothing to lose. If they say no, you can always sign up somewhere else. Your custom will always be welcome with another service provider!

Be Wary of Short-Term Deals and Price Increases

When looking for a new broadband contract you should be wary of short-term contracts or limited-time offers. The majority of these will result in high setup fees. Check out Express VPN who offer great packages all year round.

Plus, when the short-term deal ends you’re likely to have to pay another provider for a set-up fee. Rolling monthly contracts can be more expensive than comparable packages which have a longer contract period. 

You’re also likely to miss out on other special offers such as discounts, shopping vouchers, and free gadgets which are only ever offered to long-term contract holders, it’s very unlikely that you will see these benefits on a short-term contract and in the end, it may end up costing you more.

Know Your Guarantees As You May Be Owed Money

Did you know that you can actually claim financial compensation if your broadband experience is poor and internet speeds are not as advertised? 

In particular, BT broadband customers now get a refund of up to £20 if their internet speed does not match that which was promised. This isn’t available for all providers so you should look into your terms and conditions to check as there is no compensation if your internet is just slow every now and again. 

If it is a constant issue with your Internet and your connection is lost completely then you may be eligible for some money back. So no matter who you're currently with, if you have issues with your broadband then check your T&C’s!


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