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Savvy Shopping Tips for Affordable Suits

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Published on Sep 05, 2022
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Every man always needs a good suit in their wardrobe whether you are planning your wedding and need to find the perfect suits for you and your groomsmen, a guest at a wedding, a funeral, or just for a day in the office. 

Finding the perfect suit can be quite a chore and can be expensive. Where do you go? How much will it be? Will it be comfortable? Will it fit properly? 

All these questions going around in your brain – don't worry, this is where we can help you find the best suit at an affordable price. 

Get Measured Correctly

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A suit that fits well can completely transform how it looks. Head to a store like Turnbull & Asser who have some great menswear and may offer a free measuring service when looking for a suit or get professionally measured somewhere before purchasing. This way you will know exactly what sizes you need to look for. 

Don’t jump straight in at the deep end, find your measurements and then look at those sizes. After all, fit is king and it can really help a budget friendly suit from Charles Tyrwhitt look a million dollars! 

Look for Free Alterations

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A lot of shops will offer alterations as a service and more often than not it is free when you are buying a suit from them. However, if it is not a complimentary service but you want the suit, get it tailored elsewhere. 

You will find that an external tailor will charge less than an in-house tailor. Who knows you might even have a family friend that can do it for you for free?! So, that suit you picked up at Suit Direct that needs a little alteration can look like it was made especially for you. 

Choose Versatile Pieces

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Find the best versatile pieces that will go with other items in your wardrobe and will be fit for any type of occasion. Stick to plain rather than patterned fabric, and choose something that can be mixed with other shirts, ties, and shoes. Take a look at Hawes and Curtis for some versatile shirts and ties.

Think about the standard colours and what goes with what. You don’t want to spend a small fortune on a bright purple velvet suit that the jacket and trousers can’t be worn separately with any other items. Get the most out of your stuff and choose wisely!    

Try High-Street Stores & Have it Tailored

If you can’t find what you need for the price you want then stick to the high street stores. Zara, Mango, M&S, Next and Eton are always great options for menswear. They will often be a fraction of the price of what you'd find at a designated suit store.

The only issue you will have is that they will be standard sizes and will not be made to fit you. However, with the money that you save on the suit, take it to be tailored to exactly how you want it. 

Avoid Seasonal Suits

a tweed 3 piece suit up close

Tweed and wool suits become very popular in the winter but will not be ideal for any event in the warmer months. The same with lighter fabrics like linen, try and stick to something that can be worn all year round without worrying about the temperature. Take a look at Slaters Menswear for some bold choices to mix up your wardrobe.

A lot of the seasonal suits too can be extremely uncomfortable and irritate the skin - and who wants to wear a wool suit in the sun?! Choose suits that can be worn no matter the season, then you won't have to buy twice. 

Invest in a Quality Pair of Shoes

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Any suit paired with the right pair of quality shoes will have you outdressing everyone who’s spent hundreds of pounds more than you have. Black or tan leather shoes from stores like Moss Bros are the most versatile shoes and look great with most types of suits.

Again, where you save your money on your suit - invest in the more expensive pair of shoes that can be worn again and again.

Remember Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better

More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is better. The majority of the time you are paying for the name to be on there. Keep this in mind when you are trying to determine which to choose between a branded or high street suit. Take a look at House of Cavani if you are looking for a hardwearing fabric suit like Tweed.

Choose the best fabric, the most hardwearing and the one you think will last the longest instead!  

Likewise, Buy Good Quality

Like we've said, you want to have a hard-wearing suit so don’t rush into your choice. Good quality wins in a mile over anything! Examine the fabric, and see what you think. Stores like Savile Row have some great suit options all year round.  

If the fabric doesn’t feel nice then it will be uncomfortable for you and could fade, bobble, or rip easily. If you are going to invest in anything, ensure that it is quality! 

Look Out for Discount Codes

As always, discounts are your best friend! 

Although you may not want to buy online, most discount codes only work online. Visit shops like Simon Carter, try on in-store and decide on the menswear sizes you need, then head home and order online with one of our fab discount codes.


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