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How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive for Less

Published on Sep 21, 2022
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Everyone wants their home to look luxurious and expensive but trying to keep on top of new trends (and not to mention the constant cleaning) can become very tiresome and costly!

Sure, if a home is full of the most lavish and expensive furniture and accessories then it's going to look much more expensive and luxurious, too. But as a normal homeowner, our pot of cash to update our home isn't endless!

But luckily there are a few small things you can do that will completely transform your home and will look much more expensive than they actually are. Find out more below. 

Add Wall Panelling

Panelling, wall trims and architectural detailing is becoming more and more popular - it's all you seem to see on Instagram these days! There are so many ways to do it if you are looking to add that extra layer of luxury at a lower cost and it always looks great.

It can give your plain, boring walls a more updated look. But one thing to consider when looking to add panelling or moulding is your home’s current style and furniture. A lot of thicker, rounded moulding looks better in older builds. But if you have a newer more contemporary style you may want to go for a clean and sleek thin style. 

Invest in Quality Doors

Let’s start off with the exterior door - for most homes, this will be the first way for your home to make a great first impression so you want it to look good. A high-quality front door also has the highest return on investment. No more worrying about a draught coming through the sides. 

For your interior doors, again don’t try and cut costs with the cheapest option. You don’t want to be losing heat with cheap doors, think about it in the long run. You also don’t want your doors bringing down the vibe you’re going for. Invest in quality - oak-style doors are very popular and always look fabulous.

Go Crazy With Cushions

Flat and shapeless cushions are not the look you want! Switch out your old cushions with down filled or a down alternative to keep the cushions looking plump. Check out Oka for some glamorous cushions to add to your home. 

Try buying inserts that are one size bigger than your cover for a fuller look. And, do not hold back. You can never have too many cushions! You can pick up cushions in most local supermarkets and high street bargain stores so cushions don’t need to be costly. And don't forget to karate chop them! 

Paint Feature Walls

Feature walls and accent walls are one of the easiest ways to bring a lifeless space to life. This can be a patterned wallpaper, a bold paint colour, wood cladding or even Venetian plastering from stores like Rockett St George.

 You find a lot of houses today will be head to toe in the famous ‘Magnolia’. We get it, it goes with anything. However, you want to transform your space and wallpaper or paint is an affordable decorating tool that can do this for you. Try it in smaller rooms first to see if you like it, then move on to the bigger rooms. 

Add a Fluffy Rug

When selecting the best accessories, be sure to choose ones that will stand out. Nothing stands out quite like a big fluffy rug. The fluffier the better, right?! 

Whilst trying to make your home look and feel luxurious and expensive you still want to keep that homely, comfy and cosiness vibe. Check out the fluffy rugs available on Ebay if you are trying to stay on a budget. Fluffy rugs add warmth to any room. It’s the definition of a super soft luxury! You don’t want to be forking out for a new carpet when all you need is a fluffy rug to enhance the plushness underfoot.  

Use White Bed Linen

White bed linen is seen to be the most luxurious of colours. If you think your bed linen is due a refresh, it probably is. Ratty & bobbly bedding is a no-no. Stained and torn sheets are also a no-no. 

Have you ever wondered why hotels always use white bed linen? Now you know – for the more extravagant feel. Save money by investing in a new crisp white bedspread from Wowcher rather than redecorating the whole room. 

Go Big With Wall Art

Rather than painting or making a statement with your wallpaper, dedicate a wall to paintings, photographs and designs. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Check out Robert Dyas who have some beautiful wall art at discount prices, or alternatively, charity shops usually are full of paintings and wall art. 

Do you fancy yourself as a painter or good at DIY? Get creative! Or find your fave inexpensive frame and buy in bulk. Add anything to them; postcards, photos, children’s artwork or even just your favourite saying. Mix and match, the more variety the better.

Reduce Clutter

By decluttering your home, you are saving a lot of time when you are cleaning so it is easier to stay on top of things. We have all kept things that we don’t necessarily need just to keep people happy. But here’s the time to get rid. 

There are a variety of themes or looks that you see when it comes to ‘luxurious’ that have different things in common. But the one thing is, you never see clutter. Luxury spaces are never cluttered. Strip back on what is unnecessary and be more logical when you are thinking of buying in the future. For all those bits and pieces that you need to keep take a look at Sophie Allport where you can pick storage baskets to keep them tidy. 

Opt for Neutral Hues

A bit of a contradiction to the feature walls but whatever works better for you and saves you the most money in the long run. Luxury spaces are often large or are seen to look large. Neutral tones such as white, cream, taupe and beige are great colours to start with as your base pieces and bring the room together with the accessories, textures and patterns. 

Wouldn’t you prefer to just buy new cushions and throws for your front room rather than a new sofa when you're looking to change colour themes? Check out Amara where you can find some modern and neutral home accessories. With neutral in the first place, you will never have this issue and can easily combine different colours with it.

Play with Textures

You will find that a lot of luxurious and expensive spaces are full of solid wood, marble, glass and mirrors. Take a look at VonHaus at their range of stunning mirrors, you might find the perfect addition for your home. The end result will be amazing when pulling those materials together. 

And of course, every room needs flowers or plants. Think about the spa, they are full of greenery. Add some life and zen to your room. P.S faux flowers are fab if you're rather forgetful when it comes to watering them. 

Go Built In

Streamline your walls with sleek and stylish built-in wardrobes or a TV recessed into the chimney breast. Along with creating the illusion that everything is built in from floor to ceiling, you are creating more space. If you’re on a budget you can pick up some great sliding doors at Groupon.

Building your fridge and freezer into the cupboards in the kitchen keeps the smooth finish all the way through and also hides the ugly fronts of the appliances.

Update Window Treatments

Fed up of looking at the same old curtains day in, day out? Update your room with new blinds, Roman shades or even shutters - and then finish with curtains in certain rooms for a luxurious feel.

If you are forever changing the interior, you want something that will match almost everything. Blinds, roman blinds and shutters from a store like Coopers of Stortford would probably be your best bet as these can last 10 years plus. If you want to stick to curtains, look at materials and colours that are versatile and stay away from short curtains. Full-length curtains make the space much more luxurious. 


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