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How to Save Money On Theatre Tickets

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Published on Sep 06, 2022
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Many people see going to the theatre as an expensive or unaffordable luxury but what many people do not know is that there are actually a lot of ways to bring down the price. 

You may think it’s too much money and leave a trip to the theatre for a special occasion. But whether it is a trip to West End in London or looking for your next date night, there are plenty of ways to save money and still have a great time whilst doing so. 

Buy Your Tickets In Advance

Buying any tickets in advance is generally cheaper for most events. Most prices go up closer to the time when people are selling them, and the tickets are becoming harder to get hold of. Early bird tickets are the way forward! You can pick up your tickets online from sites like Ticketmaster where you may also bag an early bird discount.

The other benefit to buying your tickets in advance is there will be a variety of seats and tickets to choose from and you are not in a position where you need to pay for the only available tickets. Sign up for notifications when tickets become available – don’t miss out. 

Choose the Best Value Seats

Like before, give yourself enough time to have the option of different seats. Before choosing the cheapest ticket option from sites like Eventim, try to find the view to check you are not wasting your money by sitting behind a pillar or with your knees up against the chair in front! 

A lot of the seats at the back of theatres may be cheap due to the distance from the stage but are usually the ones that are rated higher for value for money. Do your research at the theatre you are visiting before booking your tickets at sites like See Tickets online.

Go for a Matinee Performance

Another amazing way to save money on tickets for the newest show is going to a matinee performance on a weekend.

These tend to be a Saturday or Sunday afternoon showing, and are generally slightly cheaper than a more popular evening performance of the show would be. Take a look at Attraction Tickets where you can book tickets for early showings. So head out early and make a day of it!

Hunt Out the Best Deals

Every theatre wants to fill its seats so a lot of shows will offer discounts and deals, particularly for new shows.

As much as it is great to buy your tickets in advance, it could be an option to wait and see if you can find better deals closer to the time. Don’t forget to look online and book tickets with From The Box Office to see if you can bag a deal closer to showing time. It can be risky but sometimes it pays off. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t, and may miss out but it’s trial and error for the next show. 

Ask About Any Discounts

Discounts are your besties! Anything you can get a discount for, try it. There are usually standard discounts like students, disabled, OAP & family tickets. However, becoming more popular is the NHS or front-line staff discounts. Membership programmes are a great option for you too if this is going to become a regular occurrence for you. Or check out Fever Up where you can book tickets and you may find some great discounts.

A lot of phone networks offer discounts on certain websites or at certain theatres – check before you go. Also, don't forget to check on Google and browse websites like us at Hey Discount for all of the latest discount codes when booking online.

You may even find better deals by booking directly rather than through a ticket forum, so if you are visiting London theatres, check out London Theatres before you book your tickets to see if they have better offers by booking directly with them.

Take Your Own Drinks & Snacks

Whilst you are saving money finding the best deal for your tickets by booking through sites like Theatre Tickets, there are other ways in which you can save on the day. 

No trip to the movies or theatre is complete without enjoying some sweets and treats, but by checking the rules at the theatre and taking your own you could save yourself a lot of money. Head to the shop, stock up on all your favourite goodies and fill up your bag. The show can still go on without spending too much! 

Sign Up to Become a Seat Filler

Many people aren't aware but there are loads of websites out there where you can sign up to become a seat filler and get either free or heavily discounted tickets to events last-minute.

This can be an amazing way to enjoy a trip to the theatre without the expense, and even to try out different shows that you may not otherwise have thought about booking tickets for. All they generally ask for in return is to review the show and the theatre in general. 


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