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Simple Ways to Reduce Home Renovation Costs

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Published on Jun 14, 2022
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Is your home ready for a revamp? Home renovations are likely to be one of the biggest bills you will ever have to spend on your home, but can be so rewarding.

What with increasing costs of materials, furniture, and accessories – combined with the costs of paying professionals – renovating your home is never going to be cheap.

However, it can add a lot of value to your home. And the good news is that there are lots of ways you can help strip those costs back to make it an affordable and exciting project. 

Plan & Stick to a Budget

Like with anything, it’s so important to make a solid budget before committing to a home renovation project – and ensuring you stick to it throughout.

Your budget should have an overall amount of how much you want to spend. And then be sure to include separate budgets for every individual aspect. 

If your home improvements include maintenance of your roof check out Roofing Superstore before you book your builders so you have an idea of the cost of alternative supplies.  

Doing this will help keep you on track throughout the renovation process and help you be sure that you’re not overspending anywhere. 

Projects at home always encounter unexpected costs such as the cost of insulating your home, but you can check out Insulation Superstore to see if you can pick up supplies ready for your builders. So it’s a good plan to have a separate budget for anything that you can’t foresee so that it doesn’t end up adding too much of a delay to your project. 

Don’t Rush Into Anything

One of the simplest ways to save money on doing anything around the house is to be absolutely sure of it before you jump into doing anything!

When renovating the kitchen, for example, at first glance you might think that you want to add a big fancy island in the middle. But after thinking longer and harder about it, you may decide that it would take up too much room and wouldn’t be utilised. There are also lots of ways you can brighten up a tired bathroom, check out Wickes for bathroom furniture to modernise or update your bathroom.  

If you rush into renovating any room within your home, you run the risk of doing something that you’ll either regret later on – or that could have been done a lot cheaper. 

Reuse & Revamp

You may have heard of upcycling old furniture, and this concept is still relevant for renovating any part of your home. When it comes to refurbishing or redecorating a room, you should always first look to see if you can reuse any of your existing furniture or materials. 

If it’s your kitchen for example – if you’re happy with the current layout, then decide if you could simply replace the kitchen cupboard doors or even paint them – rather than ripping out the entire units and fitted appliances. Check out Wood Finishes Direct to update your old cabinets rather than replace them.  This could save you loads of money, time, and stress!

Recycling what you already have is the most sustainable way to renovate your home. It will cost you a lot less, save you time, and is better for the environment. 

Sell What You No Longer Need

Don’t want to reuse what you already have? Do you have accessories or furniture that won’t fit the new style or colour theme? Well then now it’s time to sell them!

Something that may be garbage to you could be exactly what someone else is looking for.  If you have just put down new flooring from Walls and Floors, someone may really appreciate your old carpet or flooring. So rather than simply hiring a skip and throwing everything into it, take the time to see what you no longer need that could be sold on. 

Online websites and social media are great places to sell home items. Facebook Marketplace and eBay etc. are easy-to-use platforms for you to upload images of your unwanted items. 

Your buyer can come and collect the items themselves, which will save you time and money of having to dispose of them, too! 

Shop Around for Furniture & Accessories

One of the easiest ways to save money when you’re doing anything to your home is to make sure you shop around for a bargain! 

If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen, don’t just go with the first one you see after visiting your first showroom. Collate samples and quotes first so that you can be sure it’s definitely what you want and that you’re getting the best price.

For home furniture and accessories, always look for offers and deals online. Check out stores like Travis Perkins for accessories like door handles etc. That’s generally the best way to bag yourself a bargain and can make browsing for what you need so much easier. Don’t forget to check out our home discount codes first, too! 

Do What You Can Yourself

Hiring a range of different tradespeople can quickly become very expensive.

If you, your partner, or a close friend or relative are a bit handy at DIY – then do what you can yourself! Pop down to B&Q for all your home renovation tools and decorating supplies.

This will save you loads of cash on your overall project and can help you get through it quicker if there’s a long waiting list for professionals in your area. 

Enlist Highly Regarded Professionals for What You Can’t Do

For anything that you can’t do yourself, be sure to enlist highly regarded professionals to do the job for you.

Have a search online for people and companies local to you. Then check out their website or social media accounts for examples of previous work – and don’t forget to look at reviews. If a job is done badly, then you could end up having to pay twice, and it could take twice as long. So if you have already purchased your new doors from Door Superstore, it might be worth calling a professional to hang them rather than end up with poorly fitted unusable doors!

You should also collate various quotes first to ensure you’re getting good value for money. 


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