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How to Stay Dry & Warm With Winter Fishing Clothing

How to Stay Dry & Warm With Winter Fishing Clothing
Published on Sep 29, 2022
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If you love nothing more than spending your Sunday sitting by the pond and reeling in whatever fish you can, then you’ll more than likely not want to give it up during the winter!


Fishing is a hugely popular sport here in the UK. Whether you enjoy pleasure fishing for a bit of relaxation or match fishing for that adrenaline rush, you’ll no doubt want to stay warm and comfortable while you’re at it.


For all your tackle and bait needs we recommend checking out stores like Fishing Tackle and Bait…..and then let’s take a look at all the other things you need.


If you’re looking for some low-cost ways to stay dry and warm when you’re by the ponds this winter, read on to find out more. 

Layer Up!

The most obvious thing to think about when it comes to keeping warm in winter is layers and lots of them! 


Thermal layers are always the best option and should help you keep feeling nice and snug no matter how cold it is outside. You should opt for synthetic and wool materials as opposed to cotton, as cotton soaks water quickly and retains it for longer. For all your clothing needs take a look at stores like Regatta to keep you warm and covered on rainy days.


If this sun decides to make an appearance, then you can also remove a layer easily and regulate your body temperature. You may also want to wear black clothing, too, to help transfer that solar heat to your body should you be lucky enough to see any sun! 

Wear Waterproofs

The best way to stay warm anywhere this winter is to stay dry! As soon as the cold (and trust us, it will be ice cold!) water hits you, you will immediately feel the cold a lot more. 


Even the smallest leak into your clothing will mean you’ll feel cold for hours, and could even cut your day of fishing short. You can buy a full fishing bib and brace overalls that can easily be worn over various layers and with a thick waterproof jacket on top from a store like Mountain Warehouse

Hand Warmers

As well as a good, thick pair of gloves from Blacks – you could also invest in some hand warmers for a bit of extra warmth.


You should keep these on top of your hands inside your gloves as this is where the blood flow is and also means they won’t get in the way of your holding your rods. These are also pretty low-cost to buy, and you’ll definitely be thanking us for them later!

An Insulated Flask

An insulated flask is an absolute must for any winter fishing trip. Whether it’s a hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate (not forgetting a drop of whiskey) – it’ll be a very welcome bit of warmth. 

Not only that, but they’ll also help keep your hands pretty toasty, too!

Fleeced Wellies

Your feet will undoubtedly get wet when fishing, but with a quality pair of fleeced wellies from a store like Cotswold Outdoor, you shouldn’t feel a thing!


Keeping your feet and socks dry is one of the best ways to keep warm, so ensure your wellies are waterproof on the outside and fleeced on the inside of extra warmth and cosiness. 

Beanie Hat

During the colder weather, the first place we lose heat (maybe surprisingly) is our heads.


A thick, woolly hat from a store like Outdoor Look will be your saviour around the pond this winter and will help your head, ears, and rest of your body feel much warmer for longer. 

A Thick Scarf

thick scarf from a reputable store such as Trespass is a must-have accessory all through winter and could be another great way to help your body retain its warmth when you’re fishing. 


Any exposed skin when you’re outside for long periods of time can get cold super quickly and could even lead to something like frostbite or hyperthermia. Therefore a woolly snood that covers your chest, neck, and bottom half of your face could be a great idea. 

Bring a Towel

Last but certainly not least, always take a small, old towel with you when you’re hitting the pond. 

You’ll undoubtedly have to touch any fish you catch before tossing them back into the pond. When you do this, always take your gloves off first to keep them dry, and then dry your hands thoroughly with your towel before putting your gloves back on.

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