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Outdoor Toys: Our Top 10 Kids Garden Toys for This Summer

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Published on Jul 27, 2022
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If you are a parent of a summer baby or have a child with lots of friends with summer birthdays and parties to attend, then you'll likely find yourself struggling for gift ideas!

The summer holidays is a brilliant opportunity to get them out of the house and breathing in some fresh air. And these gifts aren’t just limited to children of course, almost all of us has a ‘big kid’ at home, and they can also enjoy these outdoor treats, too!

So if you're looking for toys that your kids can enjoy this summer, read on for some affordable gift ideas on keeping them entertained in the great outdoors!

1) Paddling Pool

Who doesn’t love a paddling pool?! Whether its to make a big splash, or even to just paddle your feet in on a hot summers day, a paddling pool is a great gift to receive in the summer.

Here in the UK, our hotter days can be sporadic, and there always tends to be a mad rush to the shops to pick up a paddling pool as soon as the temperatures begin to soar. Having a paddling pool from TP Toys on stand-by means the fun can start as soon as the sun is out! They are a great way to keep the whole family cool, whilst also providing entertainment.

2) Water Guns

Water guns can be enjoyed by all ages, but can be a really exciting present for a child as they aren’t something they will really get to play with at any other time of the year. You can pick up an array of water guns at The Toy Shop

Water guns allow kids to cool down, all whilst having a great time when doing so! It will encourage so much running around, hiding and jumping that by the time nighttime comes, the kids will be so exhausted that an early bedtime is almost guaranteed! Not to forget, its also one of the cleanest ways they can have fun!

3) Water Slides

Another water toy that won’t go a miss this year is a water slide. There is such a wide variety of these on the market at the moment, that you won’t struggle to find one! 

Whether it’s a small splash pad with an inflatable slide for an infant, or a much bigger affair, there really is something for everyone. If something inflatable isn’t up your street, a fun alternative would be a slip and slide from a store like Hamleys that requires little to no effort, just roll it out, plug the hose in and let the fun unfold.

4) Bikes & Scooters

Investing in a bike or scooter from a store like Bargain Max is a great place to start when on the hunt for a birthday gift. They can offer hours of endless fun, and if it’s a child’s first bike, the process of teaching them to ride may be difficult, but is so rewarding when they finally crack it! 

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to spend the time teaching a child to ride a bike. Even if the child is a seasoned-pro on the wheels, a brand-spanking new bike will always be appreciated. 

5) Bubble Machines

Bubbles are usually a hit with most children, but the effort required to constantly dip the stick, blow the bubbles and repeat does become slightly tedius! 

To allow plentiful bubble fun, invest in a bubble machine that does all the hard work for you! These are fab to pull out when kids are getting bored, and can entertain even the youngest of children. 

6) Sand & Water Tables

If you don’t live by the seaside, sand may be something you and the kids rarely get to see! However, with a sand & water table, you can bring all the fun of the beach to the back garden. You can pick up some awesome sand art supplies from ToucanBox for example.

There are hours of endless fun to be had with these tables, and they can also be so versatile. They spur on a wealth of imagination allowing children to play creatively, all whilst having a sensory experience they may not have had before.

7) Ride-On Battery Powered Cars

Vehicles are a great toy that so many children enjoy playing with, so imagine being a kid and receiving your very own car you can ride along on! And you can probably pick up a child’s car second had at stores like eBay – you could even use our discount codes towards the cost!

These cars can be controlled by the parent or guardian, allowing the child to take a seat and act out their wildest car dreams! They are also fab to take to parks, especially for a child who may be transitioning out of a buggy, having the ride on car on hand can sometimes save you having to carry them when they get too tired.

8) A Tent or Tipi to Make a Den

The hours of imaginative play that can be had with a tent or a tepee from camping world are endless. Encouraging such imaginative play is brilliant for a child’s development, encouraging them to play and create there own little worlds. 

One day their tent might be pitched in the woods, and the next at the top of a mountain! They are great outside in the summer months to provide shade on the sunny days, but can also transition into a playroom or bedroom when the seasons turn.

9) Soft Archery Set

Encouraging new sports and hobbies, such as archery, is a great gift for one of those children who seems to have everything! 

Children are almost always intrigued by something new, so a soft archery set is a safe, but inventive way toy to gift. Its also the sort of toy that goes down great when pulled out at parties or on staycations, as even the adults can enjoy a round of competitive soft play!

10) Mud Kitchen 

Mud kitchens are another great affordable option if you are looking at a more open-ended-play gift for a child. They promote imaginative play which benefits a child’s learning, with role-plays such as being the chef in a restaurant whilst siblings or parents are dining guests. 

It also encourages them to enjoy the great outdoors, exploring with mud and sticks, exposing them to nature and also opens up for some great questions about insects and creepy crawlies!


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