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National Orgasm Day: 10 Sex Toys for the Bedroom

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Published on Jul 11, 2022
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If there is ever a day to embrace self love or love with your partner then National Orgasm Day on the 31st of July is the day! 

Everyone’s body responds differently to kinds of touch. Explore and discover what works best for you. There are no real rules about how you orgasm and hey, it’s been known that a lot of people actually fake it! What better way to uncover your orgasm than celebrating on this national day? 

So if you're looking ahead for ways to celebrate this year, then take a look at some of our top affordable sex toys to help you on your way.

What Is National Orgasm Day?

The day is a celebration of sexual climax and raising awareness for issues surrounding sexual climax. People look forward to the day in the UK but the occasion is also marked in America and Australia. It is believed to have first been celebrated in 2015 but we are all still unclear as to why 31st July each year.

But we know one thing for sure, a lot of people have fun with their celebrations on National Orgasm Day! National Orgasm Day isn’t specifically designed for any specific person. It’s there for everyone; whether you are single, have a partner, married, friends with benefits, and for people of any gender and sexuality. 

Now let’s move on to the good bit…

10 Sex Toys for the Ultimate Orgasm

Here are 10 affordable sex toys that will help you achieve maximum stimulation.

1) Love Egg

A love egg from Honey Play Box is perfect for taking your play on the road.

Whether this is for solo players or for couples, it’s a powerful and discreet toy that can give you a thrill from the intimate secret. Love eggs usually come with remote for you or your partner to take control over the speed and patterns. 

2) Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators from stores like Love Honey are for external stimulation during solo fun, sex and foreplay. 

Most bullet vibrators are petite in size and have a simple design which makes it perfect for beginners and for taking on your travels. Buying a waterproof toy will give you the opportunity to take your fun in to the shower or bath. 

3) Butt Plug

Butt plugs come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, especially from Bondara! 

Some are just a simple plug and others vibrate and can come with apps or remotes to control them from where ever you are. Wearing a butt plug during sex, masturbation, solo play and foreplay can greatly enhance orgasms and pleasure (regardless of your sex).

4) Cock Ring 

A real bed-ringer for love, this vibrating toy is here to bring you round-the-cock thrills. A cock ring is great for boosting perineal and clitoral sensations during penetrative sex. Next time you’re ordering your Durex, check out their range of cock rings!

Try wearing a vibrating cock ring during solo sessions to add mind-blowing vibrations to your masturbation. Cock rings can be used as a companion in your solo adventures by putting it on to your favourite dildo to create a custom rabbit vibrator.

5) Dildos

Dildos are the classic toy, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Start by trying a small dildo from Lelo and work your way up to a large dildo or choose a realistic dildo or glass dildo for a totally fulfilling experience. 

Double enders can be enjoyed by two people, or just one person who loves a little extra length. There’s also an option for Clone-a-willy for you to mould the exact shape and size of you or your lover. A sexy gift with a naughty difference!

6) Strap Ons

The very definition of a couple’s plaything, strap-on sex toys is designed to switch up the sexual dynamics in a relationship. They can be used by pretty much anyone! 

Dildo harnesses or strap-on kits from stores like Buzz Pinky give you everything you need to get started with strap-on sex or pegging. Kits can either come equipped with a dildo or can be adjustable for you to swap out for your favourite toys. Most harnesses are adjustable for a satisfying rise and a snug fit. 

7) Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators from stores like Kandid are iconic, diverse and belong in everybody’s toybox. Blessed with dual motors, these toys stimulate both internal and external pleasure zones at the same time, giving you a blended orgasm. 

Supreme satisfaction is yours with your desired rabbit vibrator. Rabbits have come along way since their arrival in the early 1980s. Do your research to find the best one for you.  

8) Fleshlights

The fleshlight is a legend in it’s own. They are perfect for ‘first-timers’ and ‘learners’. They are built with a super skin real-feel material that feels like heaven on your penis. 

They offer a choice of openings – mouth, vagina and anus with textured inserts to vary the love tunnel feel. Again, there’s an option to mould the exact size and shape of you or your lover, just check out the range of fleshlights at Secrets Shop.

9) Clitoral Sucking Vibrators

Turn up the satisfaction in the bedroom by choosing from a selection of clit sucking vibrators and clit sucker toys from Luvero! 

They are designed to replicate the feeling of oral sex, the clit suction vibrators are great for us with your partner or solo play. Clitoral sucking vibrators never fail to turn up the turn-on!

10) Lube

It’s a known fact that people who use lube have better sex. Lube has multiple different uses in the bedroom, from adding extra flavour to your fun to making penetration easier. It reduces the friction between the things you ae rubbing together which means less chafing and more pleasuring. 

It is also a safe way to intensify things in the bedroom, whether that’s adding extra tingle to your touches, or adding a hit of sweetness with flavoured lube to your sex. Water-based lube is the best all rounder and is compatible with all sex toy materials. Lube from stores like British Condoms is a must have alongside your toys in the toybox.


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