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Are Massage Guns Worth It?

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Published on Jul 18, 2022
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With constantly advancing technology and more and more people hitting the gym, massage guns are more popular than ever before!

They are portable, hand-held devices that look like a power tool (in some cases they actually sound like one). The batteries are rechargeable and come with interchangeable attachments. 

Who hates post-workout soreness? Trained legs and can’t walk without hurting? Here is your answer! When turned on the gun vibrates and when put on your muscles it promotes recovery from workouts and increases overall performance whilst reducing the soreness. 

There is some evidence that vibration therapy can have the same effect as massage therapy in terms of limiting delayed onset muscle soreness.

But the question is, do you really need one? Find out who massage guns are suitable for and how much they cost below.

How Much Do Massage Guns Cost?

Massage guns aren’t cheap. But just like anything you need to do your research and look at the best options. Compare the options you have to find your winner. 

Top-of-the-pile massage guns can be a couple of hundred pounds hence the reason you should certainly compare and check out the reviews. The prices vary and can range from around £50 to £500+ however depending on what you want it for you could get a massage gun for under £100   from a store such as OnBuy and still be over the moon with the results!

But if you are someone that constantly needs to pay for a massage somewhere due to aches and pains, then a massage gun could certainly save you money in the long-run.

Who Are Massage Guns Suitable for?

As we've mentioned, massage guns have become popular now more than ever. People of all ages, sizes and fitness levels are buying them. 

You don’t need to be a qualified massage therapist to know how to use a massage gun, you just need to do your research on how to use it for what you need it for. They are suitable for a range of people but the main target customers are outlined below. 


Each person knows their body and knows the areas where they struggle the most - whether this is muscle cramps whilst cycling or tight hamstrings around the house. 

With cycling being a cornerstone of many mobile and healthy lifestyles everywhere, massage guns are designed to focus on the areas that you need. Whether you are off-roading down a woodland track, cycling across the country or just on a steady ride - massage guns which you can pick up for a bargain from Amazon will help you maintain your fitness and muscle soreness for many years to come. 


Just like most sports and hobbies, running can be extremely tough and impactful on your body. 

Massage guns are specifically designed for those body parts that take the most beating in your training. For some people running has become an obsession rather than a hobby whether this is across the country roads, in marathons and racetracks or just around their city. 

Each person has a different reason as to why they choose to run but all runners need to take care of their body from the feet up and this is where a massage gun from Decathlon can be the perfect support.


As an athlete, exercise becomes a massive part of your life and your recovery is the priority to ensure you are able to train again at your next session. 

When building muscles you need to give them time to recover before working on them again otherwise you will not get the best out of the exercises you are doing. This is where the massage gun comes in, creating that recovery for your body after a heavy session of training. 


Just like runners, hikers need to be looking after their bodies from the feet upwards. It’s important to warm up and maintain your body while on a long trail. 

A massage gun from Boots can increase the blood flow and stimulate muscles to help you recover and ensure you are ready for the next trek. 


All parents, and especially new parents, never seem to have a moment to themselves and all their thoughts will go on to the child or children - completely forgetting about how they still need to be looking after and taking care of their own bodies. 

Whether it is from constant tiredness, backache or just tension – a massage gun from Currys is there to help you feel yourself again! 

Office Workers

I think everyone can say that they have been sat hunched over still for more than an hour in the same position engrossed in a spreadsheet, typing up notes or in an online meeting and forgetting that you really need to move about in order to stay healthy. 

Most workplaces try to encourage a healthy work/life balance and a big part of that is movement. This can be down to a 10-minute brisk walk in the morning and afternoon to keep your blood flowing and your muscles working correctly. Massage guns from HoMedics can help warm up your muscles before and after you head out. It will stop you from feeling stiff and locked up.


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