The Most Important Appliances for Any New Kitchen

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    Are you looking to renovate your kitchen or moving into a new home and not really sure where to begin?

    A kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where you and your loved one or family gather after a long day at work and share stories over cooking your evening meal.

    Once you’ve ordered your kitchen units and cupboard doors and have everything in place – the next thing to think about is kitchen appliances. What appliances are ‘essentials’ will vary from household to household, and there’s no point in buying something you won’t use much.

    However, here are some of the most popular items that you may want to consider adding to your shopping list.

    Fridge Freezer

    Arguably the most crucial appliance in any kitchen, a fridge freezer is an absolute must-have! 

    These days, modern fridge freezers don’t just keep your food and drink chilled and fresh, but they also look super cool, too. 

    You may opt for a big American-style fridge freezer with an ice dispenser – or maybe a sleek integrated fridge freezer would be more to your taste.

    Oven & Grill

    Whether you choose a smaller integrated oven with a grill or want to invest in a large range cooker – an oven is a must-have in every kitchen.

    It’s the perfect place to rustle up a Sunday dinner for all of the family and even just to bang in some frozen chicken nuggets and chips for the kids after a long day at work!


    Even if you’re a family that likes to cook meals from scratch rather than eating microwave meals, a microwave always has its uses. 

    It’s the perfect way to warm up your lunch if you’re into batch cooking meals for the week and is also a handy way to defrost food quickly. 


    Let’s face it – after a long and tiring day, nobody wants to have to get the gloves on and wash up!

    It’s normally a battle between whoever doesn’t cook is on washing up duty. But what if nobody had to?! 

    A dishwasher could be an amazing addition to your next kitchen. It is an extra cost and will add to your electricity bill, but it will also help you save money on your water bill.


    Do you crave a hot cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning? If so, then a kettle is an absolute essential!

    Kettles come relatively cheap, are compact, and are the perfect way to quickly boil water ready for making a drink or for cooking. 


    Do you love a slice of toast in the morning with butter, marmite, or jam? If so, you need a toaster!

    A toaster is a very affordable and quick way to toast bread quickly. So if you’re usually in a rush in the morning before work then this could be the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

    You can choose toasters with multiple slots, too, if you’re toasting for the whole family! 

    Air Fryer

    One of the biggest household crazes over the last couple of years – who hasn’t got an air fryer now?!

    These handy appliances are a fantastic way to cook almost anything. Without the need for much, if any oil, they are also a very healthy alternative to frying. If you’re looking for new recipes and to eat healthier, then an air fryer is for you. 

    They can also save you plenty of time throughout the cooking process and are super easy to clean.

    Slow Cooker

    A slow cooker, or crock pot as it is also known, has been around for years but is still as popular as ever before. 

    This compact appliance is the perfect way for you to cook homemade, hearty meals if you don’t find yourself having much time in the kitchen. Simply chop up all of your ingredients, put them in, and leave it on slow for up to 8 hours and voila!

    Coffee Machine

    If you’re a true coffee lover, then you might find that a kettle doesn’t just quite cut it! You might be surprised at how much fun it can be to make your own coffee at home using an espresso machine.

    With an at-home espresso machine, you can make your own barista-style coffee every day, without the expense of going out to a coffee shop.

    Toastie Maker

    A very simple appliance for your kitchen but one that will never go out of fashion – who doesn’t love a good ham and cheese toastie?! 

    A toastie maker is super low-cost to buy but can rustle you up a lovely toastie in just a matter of minutes without much effort. 


    Do you love making your own smoothies, sauces, or soups? Or even cakes?! (who doesn’t – then a blender is for you.

    This compact appliance is a great way to blend up any fruit or vegetables in just a matter of seconds. And it’ll save you a lot of time trying to chop up your food into teeny tiny pieces!


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