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The Top 10 Best Baby Gifts for Any New Family

The Top 10 Best Baby Gifts for Any New Family
Published on Jul 31, 2022
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There is absolutely nothing better in life than welcoming a new tiny person into the world! Whether it’s a baby in your family, one of your best friends, or even a work colleague. We all get caught up in the excitement and want to shower them with gifts!


However, if you’re shopping for a pending new arrival, you may be feeling a bit stuck on what gift you could get. Like yourself, there will probably be loads of other people wanting to get them gifts, too. So it can also be tricky making sure not to get them something that they either already have or simply won’t use.


To give you a little helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best gifts for babies…and of course their parents! New mums and dads need spoiling too (if only we could buy them sleep)...

1) Nappies, & More Nappies

Ok, so we know that nappies don’t exactly scream gifting. But trust us, any new mum and dad will definitely thank you for them! 


For the next couple of years, you can guarantee that any new parent is going to need hundreds upon hundreds of nappies. So a bulk box of nappies from Mamas And Papas can really help a lot.  


It doesn’t really matter what sizes you get because obviously, we know that this baby is going to grow, and grow….and grow! When it comes to babies and tired (exhausted) parents, sometimes the most practical gifts really are the best.

2) A Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is an absolute essential for any new parent and can make a great gift. It will help give peace of mind to all mums and dads, as a monitor can alert new parents if the baby’s nose or mouth is covered, or if they are simply just having an uncomfortable night. 


The majority of baby monitors also have two-way audio, and even have built-in lullabies, HD cameras, sleep trackers and humidity and temperature alert.


A baby monitor from Kiddies Kingdom can prove one of the most helpful gifts a new parent can have. However, with a slightly bigger price tag attached, it’s worth checking with the parents of close family members first that they don’t already have one. 

3) Dummies

Dummies are a great gift for any new parent and you literally cannot have enough, these pesky (but helpful) little things can be in your hand one minute and missing the next! 


Who knows where they disappear to. But they are a lifesaver for soothing an upset, fussy or restless child. 


The dummy can also help a baby who has trouble settling down at night time so again, this could be a godsend for any new parents.

4) Rompers

Another great gift would be an assortment of different-sized rompers or babygrows from My 1st Years. 


If you’re already a parent then you’ll know that sometimes nappies don’t catch everything… You know what we mean! So it’s pretty likely that new parents will be spending a lot of time not just changing nappies but constantly changing rompers as well. 


A new parent may think that they have plenty stocked up already. But they will quickly find out that a new baby doesn’t always adhere to their routine and your laundry pile will double within the blink of an eye. So having an abundance of different-sized baby grows could be an absolute blessing.

5) Sensory Toys

So if you’re wondering what a sensory toy is by definition, it simply means any activity that stimulates any of the five senses through play. This can be a baby's touch, smell, taste, sight or hearing. 


We would all wish for a new baby to have the absolute best start in life. And baby sensory toys from Online 4 Baby can be Introduced from birth to help with brain development, awareness and alertness, cognitive skills, language skills and they can be comforting and calming. 


Most retailers will stock plenty of sensory toys, so why not just have a little look online (you can check out our website for some great coupon deals, too). 


6) Muslin Blankets


We all know that an unhappy or uncomfortable baby is guaranteed to keep the whole house awake! 


Swaddling a baby can help them feel comfortable and secure which in turn means everybody gets a restful night. Muslin cotton blankets from For Your Little One are popular as they are lightweight, breathable and great value for money. 


As well as for swaddling babies, they can be used as blankets. And if you opt for the small muslin squares, then these are a great accessory for any breastfeeding mom.

7) Sentimental Jewellery

If you’re thinking about a gift for a new mum for example, what about a gift of jewellery? It’s a great way to symbolise a life-changing moment and capture the essence of all those magical feelings that she will treasure forever. 


This could also be an investment that she can hand down to her new child in the years to come. A great idea might be a charm bracelet from Not On The Highstreet - it’s a fab way to celebrate new family, motherhood and a beautiful new baby. 


Or you can even get teeny tiny extendable bangles for babies! These would make a wonderful sentimental gift that they can treasure forever. 

8) Bath Bombs

All new mums are absolutely run ragged as soon as their new baby has finally arrived!


Self-care will always be put to the bottom of the list of priorities. But it shouldn’t be. New mums need to look after themselves and be able to relax to ensure that they can help their baby relax. 


So a little treat of bath bombs could be a great way to remind a new mum that she needs to take good care of herself, too. Not only is it a treat for her physically but it also means 10 minutes of peace and quiet (hallelujah) to herself!

9) Comfy Loungewear

Another great practical gift for any new mom and dad is loungewear! For the first few weeks when their new little bundle of joy has arrived, they are going to be run off their feet catering to the needs of their new favourite person. 


The last thing that they’ll be thinking about is getting dressed up, they will just want to be comfortable and clean. 


So picking up some comfy and cosy loungewear for both mum and dad from Boohoo that they can wear in the house could be a lovely, thoughtful gift. We’re pretty sure they will absolutely love this!

10) Hand Lotion

We know this sounds a little bit strange but imagine the scenario. Constant cleaning of bottles, baby sick, baby poop, laundry etc. this is a lot for the skin on our hands. 


A luxury hand lotion at a discount price from Look Fantastic would be a welcome addition to any nappy changing station and is probably something that a new parent will not have thought of until their hands start getting a little dry. 


Trust us, it will be the gift they didn’t know they needed!

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