The Top 10 Office Supplies That Every Small Business Needs

The Top 10 Office Supplies That Every Small Business Needs
Published on May 24, 2022
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With the huge demands of running a small business, we know how easy it is to forget about all of the basic office supplies you need each month.

It’s so important to get the basics right first. Without all of the essential office equipment, your employees will not be able to perform their job efficiently.  

Whether it’s a small office space or a hybrid working setup, there are a number of things that no business can do without. So if you’re looking to make a list of the office necessities, without breaking the bank, here is a great place you should start.

1) Stationery

No business can run without stationery! Even though most tasks are done digitally nowadays, it’s still very important for any modern office to have stationery on hand for each employee.


Think pens, pencils, staplers, calculators, rulers, whiteboard pens, rulers, and notepads – you can get all this and more at stores like Busy B. We know how easy these items can go missing within the workplace, so it’s a good idea to keep a record of how many you have so you know when you need to stock up on more. 

2) Desk Storage

No office is complete without adequate desk storage facilities for each employee. With a cluttered workstation, employees won’t be as productive, efficient, or as motivated at work.


If papers go missing, then staff will become stressed and waste time looking for stuff. Under desk drawers and filing cabinets from Dunelm are a great way to help keep desk space tidy and organised. 

3) Postage & Packaging

There comes a time when every business will need postage and packaging supplies.


Even if your business doesn’t physically send anything to your customers, you will still have to send letters for a variety of different reasons. Envelopes, stamps, and parcel boxes from WHSmith are all good to keep in stock.  

4) Computer Software

In today’s modern world now more than ever, computer software is absolutely essential for running any small business.


There will be a number of computer software systems you’ll need to install such as Office 365, Windows, Sage, computer security, and other bespoke systems. Don’t forget to check our software discount codes before installing anything. 

5) Diaries

If you want your team members to be punctual and organised, then diaries are super important!


Ensure all of your employees have a diary each from Calendar Club and encourage them to use it as much as possible. You may find that they prefer digital diaries which are also a handy way to keep track of your days while you’re out and about. 

6) Noticeboards & Wall Planners

Although most internal communications can be done easily via email, noticeboards and wall planners are also a good way to provide transparency throughout the office. Wall planners can keep everyone in the loop about any meeting dates and holidays. You may even find wall planners at TJ Hughes if you have a scout around in the home section.


You should use noticeboards for displaying any important signs such as health and safety procedures. And to share any important news such as job vacancies and events. 

7) Kitchen & Toilet Essentials

Did someone say coffee?! Kitchen and toilet essentials are crucial for any office. 


You should think about getting a kettle, microwave, and any other kitchen supplies such as coffee, tea, and milk. A water dispenser in the main office could also be a good idea. Check out AO.Com for your kitchen appliances.


Don’t forget the basics each week such as toilet roll, paper towels, bin bags, soap and cleaning equipment, too! 

8) Printer & Photocopier

Although most stuff should stay electronic for any sustainable and environmentally conscious office space, there will be, on occasion, times when you do need to print and photocopier papers. 


It’s important not to forget the equipment you need to run them each month, too. Ink, toners, and cartridges from Currys should all be stocked up each month. 

9) Legal Document Supplies

One of the absolute essentials for any small business is having all of the legal documents you need in order. 

Employee handbooks, contracts, health and safety policies, EDI policies, holiday forms, and grievances procedures – are all essential documents you require.

You need to have the correct type of documents for these and also ensure that they are filed safely and correctly. It’s also important to ensure they are stored confidentially, in a place only where authorised personnel can access them. 

10) Telephone & Broadband

Last but certainly not least, telephone systems and broadband are probably one of the most important things for any small business to function. 

Whether you buy handsets or mobile phones for your employees, this is an essential way for them to be able to communicate with each other and with your customers and clients.

When it comes to broadband, you’re going to want a package that offers super-fast and reliable internet access for all of your employees. Be sure to shop around first for the best package for you, and check out our website for any deals on broadband

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