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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Gifts for Him

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Gifts for Him
Published on Jul 10, 2022
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Finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member can be no mean feat, so why not buy them something that relates to their hobby such as motorcycles? 

Motorcyclists tend to value their bikes very highly, and a gift that will compliment their way of life can go a long way! 

The motorcycle world has a vast array of goods, that can become a gift that will be cherished and much appreciated that you have took the time to buy them something they will genuinely use.


1) A Detailing Kit

Riding a motorbike can be a pretty messy job and can mean they get dirty quite quickly. 


If you have a motorcyclist in your circle who takes great pride in the appearance of their bike, a detailing kit from a store such as Muc-Off could certainly be a hit! These can generally be picked up from an auto store, however if you were wanting to get something a little more specific, brands of motorcycles created their own detailing kits which can be bought online.


A detailing kit should include plastic and natural leather cleaners, steel polish, wax, spray and rinse and not forgetting a water repellent. These items can work wonders on sprucing up a motorcycle. 

2) New Leathers

Buying something like new leathers from online stores such as FC Moto for someone can be quite a personal gift, as it involves knowing their clothing size, but presents don’t always have to be surprises, so don’t be afraid to ask! 


If you know that the person in your life is wearing a set of leathers that are looking quite tired and worn, a new pair would be a great gift, as it’s usually the sort of thing people will put off buying. 


Finding out the style, size and possibly even brand that the person you are buying for likes is important. Leathers essentially protect a rider in the awful case of an accident, so ensuring they are good quality is imperative. 

3) Extra Clothing Layers

You may think that all a motorbike rider needs is their leathers and a helmet, and you may have never even considered the fact that a base layer can be key to a comfortable ride! 


Base layer clothing from stores such as Fox Racing is designed to be worn underneath the leathers which protect you from the tarmac and the harsh weather conditions. These layers help to control your internal temperature, ensuring that you maintain a comfortable and healthy temperature regardless of whether it's snowing or sunny. 

4) A Helmet Action Camera

There are many positives to wearing a helmet action camera which you can pick up at specialist stores such as Ghostbikes.  They are able to capture a ride that went a little off the beaten track that you may want to go back to but can’t remember the directions or if you're going off-road and want to replay your favourite journey!


They are also a great safety feature because, in the case of an accident, they can show what happened and who was at fault, much like a dash cam in a car. It's important to get the right attachment for getting the camera to stick to the helmet. Avoid anything that requires screwing into the helmet, as this can affect how well the helmet performs in an accident.  

5) Motorcycle Books

If you know a bookworm who also loves a motorbike, a book on motorcycles could be a great gift. 


By mixing their two interests, you’re sure to please with this present! There are thousands of books to choose from in the motorcycle world, you could choose one that focuses on the brand of motorcycle they love, a read on the history of motorbikes, or of their favourite motorsport rider, you can even pick up motorcycle books at stores like Waterstones.

6) Tickets to An Event

A day out is always a hit in the present department, as it allows you to gift an experience as opposed to something materialistic. 


A quick Google of ‘motorcyle events’ brings up a plethora of events up and down the country, such as race meets to track days. If you know the motorcycle mad person in your life well, you may know the types of meets or events they like to attend, and you could purchase their next visit or tickets for them from Tiqets, for example.  


There are also other options such as motorcycle shows that showcase a variety of bikes, and any avid fan would love to get a close look at some vintage wheels!

7) Security Disc Lock

A disc lock from a motorcycle store such as Chrome Burner is a great value gift for any motorcycle owner. Security over their treasured ride is paramount, as nobody would like to see it go missing, which unfortunately can happen all to often, as they don’t require a smashed window to get inside. 


Research shows that using a disc lock makes your bike three times less likely to get stolen! 

8) Backpack or Saddlebag

Unfortunately, unlike a car, a motorcycle doesn’t offer much in the way of storage. This can make it difficult to travel about, as you aren’t able to put your belongings in a boot. 


However, you can’t just use any old type of bag when riding a motorcycle. You need something that is weatherproof and won’t cause much drag, that’s why we like stores such as Motoin where you can pick up motorcycle bags and saddlebags. If you know they use their motorcycle to get to and from work, space for a laptop or water bottle may be preferable and be sure to check that it is adjustable so it can fit the wearer nice and snug to prevent drag and the chance of it falling off! 


9) Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are designed to protect the knuckles and hands of the rider, preventing too much damage if there was to be any impact with the pavement. 


Basic leather gloves don’t provide adequate protection, so gloves with hardened knuckles are the best choice. There are plenty on the market, there’s even the option of heated gloves! These are perfect for in the winter months when a motorcycle riders’ hands are exposed to harsh winds.   

10) Personalised Motorcycle Keyring

A keyring could be a great choice for any motorcycle owner, and it doesn’t have to be specific to motorbikes. So if you’re tight on time and don’t have much knowledge on the subject, or time to research it, it can be a safe bet. 


Not everyone knows a rider’s specific preferences, so you may not want to buy them something they already have, or don’t particularly use. A little keepsake from Not On The High Street for their keys is a thoughtful gift, to let them know you’re with them when they’re riding their bike.

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