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World Chocolate Day: Here's How to Save Money As a Chocaholic!

World Chocolate Day: Here's How to Save Money As a Chocaholic!
Published on Jul 01, 2022
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It has got to be said, as a nation, we really are a group of chocaholics! So much so, that the UK has the 7th highest chocolate consumption in the whole world and the 4th highest in Europe. 

So with World Chocolate Day fast approaching us on the 7th of July 2022, here are 6 top tips to fuel your chocolate addiction, whilst also making it affordable!

Visit Outlet Stores

Chocolate Outlet store? Doesn’t that just sound like heaven on earth? 

A chocolate outlet store is a shop where chocolate is sold at a reduced price. There are a few reasons for the discounts on chocolate, sometimes it is that it can be bought in bulk, meaning they are able to offer a lower price. 

It may be that the chocolate is ‘out of season’ and can’t be sold in regular stores, for example, Easter chocolate is sent to outlet stores to be sold off. 

Outlet stores also sell ‘mishapes’ which are treats that didn’t pass quality control to make it through production, but still taste just as delicious! There are outlet stores up and down the country, Cadbury’s outlet stores tend to be in most outlet retail parks, whilst there is one Lindt outlet in London!

Buy In Sales

Chocolate marketing may go out of fashion throughout the seasons, but the taste of the chocolate certainly doesn’t! 


The prime time to stock up your chocolate reserves from Thorntons is after any sort of celebratory holiday. Be it Easter, Valentine's Day or Christmas, there is always a sale on seasonal chocolate after the holiday has passed. 


Shops will be keen to empty their shelves to make space for the next holiday, resulting in big markdowns! It may result in you eating an Easter egg in the summer holidays, but hey, it all tastes the same at the end of the day, right?!

Don’t Rule Out Supermarket Own Brands

Do you tend to opt for the big brands when making your chocolate selection in the sweet treat aisle? 


Supermarket own brands like Morrisons have always had something to offer, but even more so now, as the chains branch out more in this area. 


It is worth giving the non-branded offerings a go, and seeing how they compare to your usual favourites. Prepared to be surprised as a lot of own-brand chocolate is also produced in the same factory as famous brands.

Buy Bigger Bars

Save money in the long run by buying bigger bars when you are shopping for your chocolate. 


It might seem counterintuitive to be spending more money when you are trying to save, however, you will find the price per kg to be lower when buying chocolate in bulk from stores like Cadburys. This means you get to spend less money over time. 


The main thing to remember with this method is to ensure that you don’t eat it all in one go! This won't be good for your bank balance, or for your sugar levels...

Make Your Own Chocolate Treats

You can try and make your chocolate go the distance by getting creative in the kitchen whilst still getting your chocolate fix. Chocolate treats in the supermarket often bring a higher price tag, so why not try them yourself? 


A great place to start for making a delicious chocolate snack starts with getting it melted! Melted chocolate which you can order from Love Cocoa is a great addition to almost any sweet treat. 


You could experiment with chocolate-covered strawberries, or try chocolate drizzled on top of cookies, to make them extra tasty and chocolatey! 

Limit Yourself

We can all appreciate how morish chocolate can be, and sometimes when you start, you can't quite stop. 


However, in order to maintain a healthy diet, and healthy bank balance, it is important to limit your chocolate intake. 


You could restrict the amount you consume by only allowing yourself one small portion after dinner time, or save yourself for the weekend and indulge in a bigger serving. You can buy some of your favourite chocolate treats from stores like A Quarter Of and just have a nibble every now and then. It may seem hard at first, but the important thing to remember is that it will taste even sweeter when you do get stuck into your favourite chocolatey treat.

Store It In the Fridge

There isn’t much worse than chocolate that has been left out to go warm! Like most produce, the best way to preserve chocolate is to keep it in the fridge. 

This will keep it in a cool, dark place at all times. Not everyone likes chocolate straight from the fridge, so if this is you, remember to take some out of the chiller before you plan to eat it to allow it to come up to room temperature. 

Storing your chocolate properly is especially important when you’re stocking up on chocolate, to make sure it doesn’t alter its integrity during the seasons changing.

Charlotte Marshall

Charlotte Marshall

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