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10 Budget-Friendly Cycling Essentials for Your Next Adventure

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Published on Sep 09, 2022
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If you are thinking of taking your next adventure or road trip on two wheels as opposed to four then you may be in the market for some cycling essentials! 

If this is your first time taking a ride on a bike, there are plenty of accessories needed to keep you safe and ensure a comfortable ride. For this reason, you may be looking to save some money to keep it an affordable hobby. 

Our handy guide will help you find out the most budget-friendly way to kit out your new two-wheeler.  

1) A Padded Seat Cushion

a padded bicycle seat cushuon

If you’ve never ridden a bike in the past, you might not be aware of just how uncomfortable the seat you’ll have to use can be. Not only can they be unpleasant, but continuously using an uncomfortable bike seat can actually be detrimental to your health. 

However, there is a solution to this problem, and a padded seat cushion may be your best friend! These covers aren’t a one size fits all, so be sure to purchase one that fits the dimensions of your seat, as the last thing you want is a seat cover that doesn’t fit, and you have to suffer the hard seat for the duration of your first ride. 

2) Padded Cycling Shorts

a man wearing padded cycling shorts

If you want to really double up on the comfort, opting for a pair of padded cycling shorts from Pro Bike Kit will make certain you have a comfortable ride. Padded cycling shorts are shorts designed for cycling, with foam or gel padding around the back, to help protect and cushion the bones and muscles. 

These are a great piece of kit, because not only do they help double up the protection, but should you forget your padded seat cover, you’re always covered with the padded shorts. Making sure they are made from a good sweat-wicking material will also aid your comfort.

3) Reflective Cycling Top

two men riding bikes with reflective jackets

Safety should be your top priority when looking for what to wear when getting on the saddle. You are relatively unprotected on the road when you are on the bike, compared to a car. Due to this, you will want to make yourself as visible as possible to all road users. There are loads of brands available on the market but if you are looking for a great reflective top there are some great options available at BikeZAAR. 

A cycling top with reflective elements across the back, chest, and arms, will make you visible in the dark to any car or van with its lights on. This will help them to give you the space you need. Opting for a fluorescent colour will also help you to stay seen during the daytime too. 

4) A Cycling Helmet

a cycling helmet hanging on a bike's handlebars

The number one purchase for when you are choosing to use a bicycle as your form of transport is a helmet. A great helmet from a leading brand such as Rutland Cycling can quite literally save your life in an accident, absorbing the impact if you are hit or fall, and protecting the skin on your head from severe gravel rash. 

Having a reflective element on your helmet will also help with visibility in the dark, alongside your reflective clothing. Choose a helmet that feels comfortable, whilst also having good safety features. It may be a good idea to head down to a shop selling cycling goods, so you can try a few on for size. 

5) Water Bottle & Bottle Cage

a young woman on a bike with a water bottle

Riding a bike is certainly thirsty work, and is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can choose. Because of this, you will need access to water regularly, due to the water lost in sweat. Drinking small amounts regularly will keep you well-hydrated, so a water bottle is a necessity when riding. Cycle UK have loads of bottles and cages to choose from so you can stay hydrated and your hands where they need to be – steering you to your next adventure!

Your hands are occupied when riding, so you will need somewhere to store your bottle with easy access. That’s why a bottle cage, that simply attaches to the frame of your bike, allows you to grab the bottle to take a sip, and slots back in easily, keeping your bottle safe and easily accessible.

6) A Pump, Tyre Lever, & Spare Tube

a person pumping a bicycle tyre

Finding a puncture when you go to take your bike out, or picking one up halfway through your ride, will certainly put a damper on your adventure, and is made even worse if you don’t have the equipment to fix it! Investing in a pump, lever and patches, will save you when the time comes. Getting supplies from a trusted brand such as Tredz Limited means that you won’t miss out on our next adventure!

These kits can be relatively small, making them easy to transport and keep in your bag so wherever or whenever your puncture occurs, you’re covered and are easily able to rectify the problem and get back on the road. Having a spare tube at home will mean you can replace the whole rubber wheel if the damage is quite extensive.

7) Multitool

a person using a multi tool on a bicycle handlebars

If you do have a punctured tyre needing repairing, you’ll also need a multitool to help you make the repair.  The last thing you want is for your adventure to be cut short or for a long walk home if you don’t have the right tools to get you back on your bike. At Pearson they supply some great tools that you can easily take out and about with you so you know you are ready for any eventuality! 

A multitool is a multifaceted piece of equipment, that is small and nifty and can help you out with your bike in more ways than one. This little sidekick will help you to sort most mechanical problems you may run into with a bike. 

8) Safety Lock

a woman locking her bicycle to a railing

A bike is a big investment, and because of this, you’ll want to protect it. Having to repurchase a bike isn’t very budget-friendly, so making a small investment in a good safety lock will allow you to leave it chained up somewhere, without the fear of it being stolen. There is nothing more important than keeping your bike secure, with the help of a safety lock from Leisure Lakes you know that you’re adventures won’t be cut short!

There is a good market for safety locks for bicycles, with the u-lock being the most popular choice. A u-lock is made from metal and is designed to wrap around the frame of your bike, and then onto something to secure it. A good safety lock will have been engineered to prevent anyone from trying to cut through the lock so you don’t need to worry that your prized position and mode of transport will be missing when you return to it.

9) Sunglasses

a man on a bicycle wearing sunglasses

It’s hard enough driving in a car when the sun is low in the sky, even with a sun visor. There is no such thing on a bicycle, so if you are wanting to protect your eyes, whilst having good visibility, a pair of sunglasses are a great investment. Keeping your eyes protected with glasses from AW Cycles can help you enjoy your ride for longer

You may want to use a pair you already own, and they will do the job, however, they’re not always the best option. There are sunglasses developed especially for riding, that give full coverage around your eyes, whilst also having polarised lenses, that will help to reflect the rays and keep your eye health in check.

10) Cycling Shoes

a man on a bicycle wearing bike riding shoes

A regular pair of sports trainers will suffice if you are just taking the odd trip here and there on your bike, but if you’re planning to take your 2 wheels on a real adventure, a pair of cycling shoes will take your rides to the next level. If you want well-made and eye-catching cycling trainers, you have to stop by Tweeks for a look at their trainers. You can pick up some snazzy-looking trainers that not only look great but offer you the comfort and support you need to keep you on track on your journey.

You may be thinking, but my feet don’t even touch the ground, why do I need specialist shoes? Cycling shoes are made with rigid soles, keeping your feet stable on the pedals, and allowing you to really power through your foot to keep your intensity high. 

11) Electric Bikes

a young woman riding along a street on an electric bicycle


If cycling isn’t your thing but you like the idea of riding a bike there is the option of electric bikes. 

If you need to get about quickly and aren’t sure if your legs can keep up with you, or if your adventures take you up hills, an electric bike can help give you that extra push to keep you on track to your destination.

You can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime and it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is.  If you are on the lookout for a special electric bike you can find some amazing products at Pure Electric.  


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