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Bike Week 2022: How Much Does A Bike Cost & Which Is Right For Me?

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Published on May 27, 2022
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It is officially Bike Week 2022, beginning on the 6th of June 2022. This week is all about embracing the benefits of cycling and encouraging people to think about riding a bike more frequently. 

If you don’t regularly ride a bike, then being aware of the benefits of cycling is something that will likely not come naturally to you. Not only is riding a bike much healthier for you than driving, but it also costs a lot less than fuel, is a sociable activity, and protects your local community and the environment.

Whether you’re considering dusting off your old bike out of the shed or investing in a newer bike model from Pearson 1860– take a look below at some of the benefits of cycling and the most affordable types of bikes.

What Is Bike Week 2022?

Bike Week is an initiative created to encourage people to cycle more and to get out in their local community and see all of the benefits it could have. 

Especially following the pandemic, people discovered their love for cycling once more and sales for bikes and cycling accessories have since skyrocketed! 

Here are some of the official facts from Cycling UK

  • Cycling to work can mean you have a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease – your health – better by bike 
  • A switch of one journey per day reduces a person’s carbon footprint by approximately 0.5 tonnes over a year – your climate – better by bike 
  • If all cycle journeys increased from the current level of 2% to 25% by 2050, the collective benefit would be £248bn – your pocket – better by bike 
  • By donating to Cycling UK this #BikeWeekUK it means we continue speaking up for cycling as we want to ensure wherever you live, it’s better by bike.

What Are the Different Types of Bikes?

You may not realise, but there is actually a huge variety of different bikes available on the market at bargain prices from stores like Tredz! So, if you’re a beginner to cycling, then we don’t blame you if you have absolutely no idea where to start.

Take a look at some of the most popular types of bikes below and how much money you can expect each one to set you back. 

Road Bikes

As the name suggests, a road bike is the most popular type of bike for riding on the roads for things such as daily commuting, fitness riding, long-distance cycling, and simply getting about on a daily basis. You can find some excellent choices at Leisure Lakes Bikes if you are on the hunt for a sturdy road bike.  

Road bikes are one of the more expensive types of bikes to buy. They require multiple gears compared to other types of bikes and need to be built so that they are robust but also lightweight to allow them to move faster. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bag yourself a bargain using discount codes!

If you shop around and look for discount codes, then you could expect to pick up a new decent model for under the £1,000 mark from stores like Pro Bike Kit. Or you could spend a lot more on a top model if you wanted to!

Mountain Bikes

As the name would also suggest, mountain bikes are designed for any off-road cycling. So if you’re an adrenaline junky that loves rocky routes, or if you just enjoy cycling through mountains or wooded areas, then a mountain bike is for you.

If you are after a reliable mountain bike from a reputable brand, at BikeZaar you could be spoilt for choice.

It’s worth noting that mountain bikes are often much heavier than road bikes, due to additional features to enhance their durability, balance, and performance in rough terrain.

Because mountain bikes are built to simply be robust and strong, they aren’t as expensive to make and therefore buy as road bikes are. You could expect to pay around £500 for a new mountain bike from stores like Rutland Cycling, so about half the price of a road bike! 

Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bike is essentially a mix of both a ride bike and a mountain bike. So if you can’t decide which to buy from what we’ve already told you, then this is the one for you AND you can pick up a Hybrid Bike for an absolute deal at Cycles UK!

You can ride a hybrid bike on various types of terrain, including roads. If you’re planning to use your bike for commuting to work where you have to travel on roads as well as other types of terrains, for example, then a hybrid bike is the perfect choice which is what makes them the most popular bike for commuting.

If you shop around at well known stores like Tweeks Cycles, then you could likely buy an excellent new hybrid bike for under the £500 mark. 

Electric Bikes

Last but not least, electric bikes are a type of bike that has advanced tremendously over recent years. It is essentially a bicycle that is fitted with an electric motor to assist you when you’re pedalling, but it looks just like a typical push-bike. 

E-bikes from stores such as AW Cycles are fitted with a battery that you will need to re-charge, and the motor will assist you depending on how fast you are pedalling. So it won’t take all the hard work over from you completely, but the fast you pedal, the faster the motor will kick in. 

They are the perfect solution if you have to cycle long distances regularly, carry heavy loads with you on your bike such as delivering parcels, or want to arrive at work without being too sweaty in the summer months! They are also the perfect solution for older people and those with disabilities. 

As you would expect, electric bikes are the most expensive type of bike we’ve outlined in this article. And a new model would expect to set you back from anything between £1,500 to £3,000.  BUT you could pick up an electric bike at a real bargain from a reputable store like Pure Electric.

We hope this has helped you in your quest to buy a new bike and to enjoy the benefits of cycling! If you’re currently shopping around, then don’t forget to check out all of our amazing bicycle discount codes first on some of the UK’s biggest manufacturers. 


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