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How To Save Energy At Home: Our Top 10 Hacks

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Published on Apr 20, 2022
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It is one of the biggest news stories and talking points at the moment, with energy bills almost doubling for lots of UK homes due to the energy cap being increased. 

According to Ofcom, the average UK household spends around £1,227 a year on energy but is expected to increase to around £1,971 – making it one of the biggest household expenses for families.

So what can we do to try and reduce the amount of energy we use at home? Well, there are probably actually a lot more ways than you think! 

Below are our top 10 simple home hacks to help you save the pennies and cut your energy usage down. And we bet the only difference you’ll notice is the extra money in your bank at the end of the month. 

1) Switch Appliances Off Standby Mode

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Standby modes can end up costing you a lot more than you think! 

You may feel like it’s the quickest and easiest thing to do, but most appliances can easily be switched off without resetting any programming by simply switching them off at the plug socket. 

If you feel like you’ll forget, then you can even get plug sockets that you can operate via your mobile phone! Or you could get a smart plug that allows you to turn your appliances off standby mode all in one go.

2) Swap Your Bath for a Shower

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As much as we all love a bath, especially in the colder months, even just swapping one bath a week for a shower could save you a decent amount of cash at the end of the year!

Make smart switches. Such as, if you know you need to bathe your dog for example, then do it on a day when you’re having a bath so that they can reuse your water.

And when you are in the shower, be as quick as you can! No dancing and singing in the shower (your neighbour's family members will probably thank you for that bit, too)! You should also look at your shower head and whether it’s eco-friendly rather than a high-volume power shower.

3) Turn the Lights Off

We know we sound like a nagging mum now, but make sure you turn the lights off when you leave a room! 

You could also look at buying LED lightbulbs from online stores such as Energy Bulbs, you’ll find lots of eco-friendly bulbs to fit an array of lamps and ceiling lights and they are more energy-efficient and even last longer than older-style halogen bulbs! Bargain! 

4) Put Extra Layers of Clothing On

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Putting your thermostat down, even by just 1 or 2 degrees can make a huge difference to your energy usage. 

So before you whack your thermostat up, decide if you’ve got enough clothes on. More often than not, a good pair of thick fluffy socks and a blanket will do the trick! And they’re a heck of a lot cheaper…

5) Ensure Your Home is Fully Insulated

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Insulating your home is obviously an extra expense initially, but could end up saving you loads in the long run.

Make sure that your windows are double-glazed. And that your loft is fully insulated to help keep the warmth inside and stop the cold from getting in. You could also purchase a draught excluder to keep any cold air out at the bottom of your front door. 

It might also be time to look at the condition of your radiators. If these are old or poorly fitted, or in the wrong position in your rooms this could be causing you to lose heat and spend more! It might be time to invest in some new radiators and if you want something unique or stylish, we know just the place. At Trade Radiators you can pick up all kinds of shapes and sizes of radiators, from new and modern to traditional and sleek! So many options!

6) Replace an Old Boiler

An old boiler that doesn’t run as efficiently anymore could be costing you a lot more than you think. If you can, upgrade to a new A-rated condensing boiler that works off a programmer and room thermostats. 

This will save you from warming up rooms that you aren’t in. And a new, more efficient boiler will take less energy to get to the desired temperature than an old one would. There are lots of great discounts available online, we found some great deals at places like Boxt where you can get a new boiler at bargain prices!

7) Wash Clothes At a Lower Temperature

First of all, only run your washing machine when you’re sure that it’s full. Even just 1 less washing load a week could save you a noticeable amount of money.

And when you do put your washing machine, always wash them at a lower temperature if you can. This won’t always be possible on certain materials or tough stains but should do the trick more often than not. 

8) Purchase Efficient Appliances

Obviously, we don’t want you to go around your home and throw out any working appliances, but when the time comes to replace them make sure you choose energy-efficient appliances.

Modern fridge freezers, washing machines, and dishwashers run much more efficiently and so could save you a lot of money compared to an older model. Of course, these may come at a slightly higher price tag, but consider how much it could save you over the lifespan of each appliance. 

When we say appliances we also mean things like your radiators. As we said before, if yours are old and unreliable it might be time to upgrade or you could invest in an eco-friendly glass panel heater from stores such as Castle Heaters which can be controlled via your Wifi, Alexa and remote control! Sounds good to us!

9) Be Savvy in the Kitchen

There are plenty of small changes you could make around the kitchen to help lower your energy usage. For example, only put your dishwasher on when it’s full.

You could also think about defrosting any food in the fridge rather than using a microwave, which will also help keep your fridge temperature cooler. 

And only boil the kettle with the amount of water you actually need! A good way to do this is to fill your mug with the required amount and then pour it into the kettle, rather than straight from the tap.

You could also look at the efficiency of your cooker/stove. If yours is older than you it’s likely that it isn’t the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient stove available – if you are looking to replace your cooker/stove take a look at some of the amazing products available at places like Direct Stoves.

10) Monitor Your Energy Usage

Last but certainly not least, the best way you can reduce your energy bills is to understand exactly where you’re spending!

Installing a smart meter will allow you to monitor your energy usage daily, so you can pinpoint anything you were doing on a particular day that’s caused your energy levels to rise. 

You can even control your thermostat with the help of a smart meter from places such as Hive when you are away on holiday.  So, you don’t have to come back to a cold house, AND you can save money while you’re away! Genius! 


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