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Household Bills UK: How to Keep Costs Down Amongst Rising Cost of Living

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Published on Apr 18, 2022
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As we all know, everything is getting more expensive! From energy prices to your favourite sandwich in the supermarket – we’re all currently feeling the impact of surging inflation in the UK. 

Many families and households are currently struggling to keep afloat and in line with their household budgets due to increasing home expenses.

So if you’re looking to try and keep your home expenses down, check out our top tips for the household bills you should be focusing on. 

Broadband & TV

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Broadband, phone, and TV subscriptions can be one of the biggest monthly expenses for any household. 

If you try to move whilst you’re still in contract, you may find that you’re hit with a hefty get-out-clause fee. But if you’re out of contract or will be in the distant future, then it’s definitely worth exploring.

Not only could switching to a different broadband supplier like EE Broadband and reduce your monthly costs, but it could also give you the opportunity to get a better package. 

Or if you are happy with your current supplier, then give them a call! Your supplier will want you to stay with them. So, it’s always worth having a quick chat to see what other deals they can offer for them to be able to keep you as a customer. 

Lastly, consider what broadband and TV packages you actually need. If you’re not home much and don’t spend a huge amount when you are home, then do you really need the fastest broadband? Likewise, be ruthless when deciding if you really need all of the sports and movie channels.

Re-evaluate Subscriptions

Whilst on the subject of reviewing subscriptions, you should think about re-evaluating any of your other ongoing monthly subscriptions.

This could be Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, the list goes on. Speak with your family or household members and make a decision on what you definitely need – and what you could perhaps save money on. However, you can save a lot with Amazon prime which provides discounts and free delivery.

You should also think about any of your other monthly expenses such as gym contracts, mobile phones, publications and so on. Often you sign up for these things and then never really think about them again. So really consider how much you are using them and how much you need them.

Energy Bills

As we all know, the energy price cap has recently been increased which has caused many homes within the UK to see their energy prices almost doubling. 

We’ve done a full article on this explaining our top hacks to keep your energy costs down that you can check out here.  You might find some great discounts if you are a new customer joining British Gas. But as a starting point, the most important things you should think about are:

  • Switch any appliances off of standby mode
  • Swap your bath for a shower
  • Turn your lights off
  • Put extra layers of clothing on and your thermostat down
  • Ensure your home is fully insulated
  • Replace an old boiler
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature
  • Purchase efficient appliances
  • Be savvy in the kitchen
  • Monitor your energy usage 

Food Shopping

a woman comparing items in the supermarket

One of the biggest expenses in any household – is food shopping! It’s a necessary cost, but there are always ways to keep those staggering monthly figures down.

First things first, write a list before you head to the supermarket! This will stop you from buying unnecessary items and will cut down your food waste. 

Consider how much you could save on items like meat if you simply bulk buy and pop them in the freezer. And remember that frozen fruit or veg from stores like Iceland last much longer than fresh, are often cheaper, and still have the same nutrients within them. 

It’s important that you don’t shy away from supermarkets’ own brands as these can be half the cost of their branded counterparts, and are often just as tasty. You should also look out for any coupons or discount codes that you may be able to use in-store or even online.

Getting Around

As with energy prices rising, fuel prices have also risen to one of the highest we’ve ever seen here in the UK. 

If you can walk as an alternative to driving somewhere, then this could be beneficial to your mental and physical health and will also save you money. 

You should also have a look into public transport like the Trainline and whether or not you could actually save money by travelling to and from work, for example, on a bus or train rather than driving in and paying for fuel as well as parking.

You can often snap up some good deals on public transport, too, especially if you buy monthly or annual passes or if you’re a student or OAP. 

Rethink Your Lifestyle

Last but not least, if you find yourself struggling to keep up with the rising costs of living – then it may be time to rethink your lifestyle.

Rather than eating out or going out for drinks, make your own tasty meals at home and invite your friends over for drinks in the kitchen or the garden. 

Don’t go crazy with clothes shopping, and if there are things you need, then make sure to check out your local charity shops or look for discount codes online before making any purchase.

And last of all, don’t fret! Although you may need to make a small number of changes, this shouldn’t impact your life too much and there are plenty of ways to navigate your way through this. Simply rethink your monthly budget as much as you can! And if you find yourself with any spare time on your hands, looking to boost your income could be a great way to counteract inflation. 


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