10 Must-Have Summer Makeup & Skincare Products

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Published on Apr 03, 2022
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Sun, sea, and sangria season is officially on the horizon… yeah that’s right, summer is coming! Wahoo! And we all know that there’s nothing quite like that glowing summer skin to make you feel fabulous.

With COVID-19 restrictions fading into the distance, you’re probably going to want to get out and about with family and friends and take a holiday this summer, or even just embrace your home country. And with a million and one plans to fit into this summer, you’re going to want to look and feel your best!

From protecting your skin from the sun to taming frizzy, sun-damaged hair - take a look at our top 10 must-have products for the summer season.

1) High SPF Suncream

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Of course, the most important skincare product throughout the summer has to be suncream!

Not only does this protect your skin from becoming burnt and sore - but it can also protect you from a number of skin conditions. 

You should look for a suncream that provides great protection from UVA rays (ageing) and UVB rays (burning). It’s recommended that you should never go lower than an SPF 30 on your face, especially, to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful and healthy. For amazing deals on sunscreen and sun protection there take a look at Notino where you are sure to find a great product.

2) Aftersun Soothing Cream

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Do you wanna go meet your mates in a lovely dress with legs that look like snakes’ skin? No, we didn’t think so!

Aftersun moisturising cream is never more important than it is during summer. It will help restore hydration to your skin after any exposure to the sun and will keep it from becoming dried out and flaking off.  If your skin is in need of some TLC after a long session in the sun, pick up some moisturising aftersun from Ecsentual at a bargain price.

3) Translucent Powder 

translucent powder and brush

Ever left the house to head to a bar and instantly felt your makeup sweat off? Translucent powder has got your back, girl. 

With the increased heat, humidity, extra moisturising and suncream - we know that applying makeup in summer can become a bit of a hassle. But there is absolutely nothing better to set your makeup in place than a good quality translucent powder, you can pick up tons of different translucent powders at Sephora for a bargain

The other great reason to use translucent powder throughout summer is that no matter how your skin tone changes throughout the season, you can still use the same one! So that’s less spending on powder in 8 different shades and more room in your makeup bag. Winner, winner!

4) Haircare Treatments

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A nourishing hair mask will really help keep your hair hydrated this summer. Especially if you already have damaged or bleached hair, it’s crucial that you really take the time to protect and hydrate your hair throughout the summer months. 

For anyone that knows a thing or two about hair care, you’ll know that Olaplex is the holy grail when it comes to looking after those luxurious locks! You can check out the full Olaplex range from Look Fantastic.

5) Lip Balm with High SPF

a woman smiling and applying lip balm

It’s so important to remember that your lips need protection as well as your skin! It’s so natural for your lips to become dried out and begin to chap from the harsh effects of the sun. 

A high SPF lip balm can keep your lips hydrated and can prevent them from burning and ageing.

And if you like a bit of colour to your lips, then you can even find tinted and plumping SPF lips balms at Revolution Beauty to give you that makeup look. 

6) Nude Nail Varnish

a woman painting her toe nails in a nude colour

During the summer you’ll likely have your toes out a lot more and we know how easily any nail varnish can chip when you’re out and about.

If you wear brightly coloured nail polish, then you’ll hugely notice even just the tiniest of chips. So we recommend wearing a nice nude shade through the summer period which you can get delivered to your door from Avon so that you’re looking like you’ve just had a fresh mani and pedi every day! 

7) Exfoliator

a woman applying exfoliator to her arm

If you’re looking for a nice even tan this summer, then it’s so important to exfoliate your skin first. This will remove any dead skin, unclog pores and leave your skin feeling brighter and smoother. 

You should use a good exfoliator with an exfoliating glove in the shower prior to any tanning and even daily throughout the summer season. If you want something fancy on your bathroom have a look at Clarins who have a wide range of exfoliators available. 

8) Hair Oil & Serums

a woman trying to brush her knotted and frizzy hair

Humid weather? Hello, frizzy hair! 

We all know that as soon as you walk out onto the street in humid weather your hair instantly blows up with frizz, especially if you have hair that's curly, damaged or has been chemically treated.

A good hair oil or smoothing serum can help combat any frizz by containing the cuticles and helping them to lay flat.

If you want to beat the frizz and want smooth and glossy hair, take a look at some of the products on offer at Beautypie – you’re sure to find the product that’s right for you.

9) BB or CC Cream

a woman smiling with flawless skin

If you normally wear a full-coverage foundation, then why not try ditching it for an amazing BB (blemish balm) or CC (colour corrector) cream throughout the summer?

These can still provide you with full coverage, but will often leave your makeup feeling less heavy and will leave your skin feeling hydrated. 

You can also get BB and CC creams that have SPF in them, just take a look at some of the products available at Estee Lauder, to keep you protected no matter where you are.

10) Gradual Tan

a woman in a towel applying cream to her leg

If you haven’t been graced with skin that doesn’t burn and tans easily (I feel you) then a gradual tan could do just the trick for you!

This can be applied daily and will help your skin build a natural-looking tan to whatever shade you desire. You can opt for a gradual tan in the form of a moisturiser. If you want a bargain, take a look at some of the tanning products available with GlossyBox.

Or, if you already have a moisturiser that you love to use, then you can even buy tanning drops that you can add to your usual product!


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