7 Easy Ways to Save On Makeup Products

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Published on Feb 18, 2022
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Ok, so, hands up how many of us have sat for hours watching endless YouTube, TikTok and Instagram videos of people doing make-up tutorials?!

We all sit (or lay in bed) in awe watching these people using amazing products and creating the most beautiful and glamorous looks that we all wish we could do. Sure, we would all love a cosmetic bag full of all the most expensive and highly rated cosmetic items, but we don’t all have the same budget as the influencers that we watch. 

Did you know on average people spend around £1000 each year on makeup? So, that’s just under a huge £100 per month! But if you do your research you could halve this spend quite easily. 

So, we’re going to let you into a little secret. You don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to get some of your fave makeup products. Intrigued?...yeah you are! Keep reading! 

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Find Cheaper Dupes

We would all absolutely love to be in a position where we can buy the most luxury cosmetic items but this isn’t always possible. 

Some of us have strict budgets and spending a fortune on make-up just isn’t possible. However, when it comes to the world of cosmetics there are a lot of “dupes”, or ‘like for like’ items that are significantly cheaper - you just need to know what you’re looking for and where to look, one of the places we suggest for dupes has to be Nip and Fab

One thing to look out for while you’re watching YouTube and TikTok videos are the reviews of less expensive products which a lot of influencers nowadays research for you. You can save a lot of money by buying similar tubes to your favourite luxury products which actually give you very similar or exact matches to those items! 

Look Out for Discount Codes

You already know it but, we love discount codes! It’s super easy these days to bag yourself an amazing deal by just looking for a great code first. 

Once you’ve filled up your basket online, make sure you stop and double-check whether there’s a promo code available for any or all of your items. Why spend more when you can spend less?!

At Hey Discount, we work with some amazing beauty and cosmetic companies from Glossybox, Look Fantastic to Sephora. 

A young woman shows her loyalty points on her mobile phoneSign Up to Loyalty Schemes

It may not seem like you're making huge savings, but we have all been in the situation where we are just waiting for our payday and our fave mascara is about to run out! But if you’ve managed to rack up enough points you don’t need to worry about what’s in your purse. 

There are some great deals and reward schemes out there at stores like House of Fraser, so next time you’re in-store and the store clerk asks you whether you want to sign up for a reward scheme, say yes! 

Sign Up to Your Favourite Retailer’s Mailing List

Another great way of making sure you’re the first to know of a great deal on your favourite cosmetic item is to sign up to your favourite retailer's mailing list. 

You could be missing out on some amazing deals if you’re not signed up. Don’t get caught paying full price for something when there could be a deal available to you - which you don’t know about because you didn’t sign up. 

There are many exclusive offers available only to those who sign up to mailing lists at online stores such as Look Fantastic. And if you sign up before making your first purchase, then a lot of retailers may also actually send you a discount for money off your first order! 

Recycling symbol on cardboardRecycle Used Packaging for Free Gifts

We’re all aware that global warming is now a real and live issue. We waste so much just by throwing things away and not recycling properly and this is a real issue with single-use plastics. 

A lot of cosmetic companies are now re-evaluating their packaging to ensure that they are contributing to the fight against global warming. 

For example, do you know that MAC Cosmetics offer a free lipstick when you return six empty MAC makeup containers? Why not check out some of your other favourite brands to see their policies and whether they have any reward schemes in place in relation to the recycling of old products. 

Get Free Samples

There’s absolutely nothing worse than getting home with a new product, sitting down and getting ready for a night out and then trying your new product and realising you’ve bought completely the wrong shade. 

Once the product has been opened, it’s unlikely that you can return this to the store. This means that you’re then going to have to buy another shade and potentially waste the previous product. 

Why do this to yourself when there are free samples available? You can get free samples from stores such as Sephora, Ulta, MAC cosmetics, and many more.

A beauty influencer takes a selfieFollow Beauty Influencers

Beauty vloggers, oh how we love and appreciate you! 

Beauty and makeup vloggers and influencers spend an absolute ton of time researching and reviewing all of our existing favourite products, new products, dupes and so much more. 

They’re usually the first to know about new products and will have them available to give you a real review and comparison to products that you may already have in your cosmetics bag. 

They also often have affiliate deals with specific brands or retailers which they will offer to you so it’s a great way of bagging a discount code for a new product. Make sure you’re following your favourite beauty vloggers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram etc. so you don’t miss out on amazing discounts!


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