10 Top Tips on How to Get the Best Deals on Hotels

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Published on May 03, 2022
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With post-pandemic travel restrictions lifted across the globe and summer on the horizon, there has not been a better time to start planning a trip away!

But with the rising costs of living, you may find that your holiday budget is a bit slimmer than usual this year.

Whether you decide to stay local with a staycation here in the UK, or have your sights set further afield, we’re here to give you the best tips for saving money on your hotel stays.

1) Check Out Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison sites are a great place to start when searching for a hotel stay. 

These sites are the best way to check a large variety of hotel prices all in one place. Prices can vary depending on which comparison site you are using, so be sure to shop around. 

Another added benefit of these sites is that you can apply the filters to refine your search, meaning you can find a deal best suited to you and your requirements.

2) Look Out for Discount Codes

Discount codes are always guaranteed to help you bag a bargain! They can be found in many different places across the web. 

By checking out travel providers' websites such as TUI, signing up to a newsletter, or a simple Google search of the hotel you are interested in staying at followed by ‘discount’ you may be lucky enough to snap up a deal, making your travel more wallet-friendly! 

If you're not exactly sure where you want to go yet, then simply take a look at our hotel page for all of our live discount codes across various of hotel companies.

3) Choose Bookings with Free Cancellation

Free cancellation is a useful clause in any booking, not only in case you should need to cancel at late notice due to illness or a change in plans, its also useful when being money-savvy. 

If you choose a hotel booking through Expedia that has free cancellation, should the price drop on another website, or even the same website, you can cancel your booking for free and re-book at the cheaper price. 

A top-tip is to check the website the day before your free-cancellation deadline, as you are much more likely to secure a deal with a last-minute offer.

4) Be Flexible on Dates

Flexibility is key when searching for a bargain, as just a few days on either side of your desired travel time may have a lower price offering. 

The main things to take into consideration when contemplating when to book, are that it is typically much cheaper to book a stay at hotels such as Premier Inn during the week, as weekends are peak-time for hotels. Hotels are also in high demand during school holidays, causing prices to soar.

Check for national school holidays and try to avoid them when travelling if you can. Not only will this deliver a lower price, but it may also mean tourist spots will be a little less crowded!

5) Check Review Sites

Review sites will become your best friend when searching for a place to stay. 

Although your hotel’s website may display many 5* reviews on their website, this doesn’t mean this is an accurate representation of the hotel! Hotels can be selective with the reviews they choose to show, in a bid to appeal to the customer. 

Using non-bias review sites such as TripAdvisor will give you an independent review on the hotel, often along with non-edited images of the hotel grounds.  

6) See If It’s Cheaper to Go Direct

Price-comparison sites are great for quickly checking the prices of many hotels at once, and sometimes securing a deal. But, it's always a great idea to check the hotel's website directly, in case they are running a cheaper price. 

Giving a hotel such as Marriott a quick call to check if they are able to price match, or even beat the deal offered online is a great way to start to build rapport with the hotel before you get there. 

This can often turn out in your favour once you reach your holiday destination, as the hotel will be familiar with your booking!

7) Check Cashback Sites

Cashback websites such as Top Cash Back essentially pay you to spend through clicking through their site. 

It’s a really simple step to add to your purchase, and can bring great reward, even sometimes saving you up to £1000 on hotels! Cashback is not always guaranteed and isn’t paid instantly, so it's important to bare that in mind. 

8) Sign Up to Mailing Lists

By signing up to mailing lists, you can be the first to hear about any flash deals hotels or price comparison sites have to offer. These are a great place to find last minute offers and also discount codes that may only be specifically for email subscribers, or only on for a limited time.

By receiving these direct to your inbox, you don’t have to rely on finding time to keep up to date with the websites. 

9) Register for Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes are a brilliant way to bag a discount or an upgrade with popular hotel chains such as Best Western. Many of these chains offer loyalty discount schemes and they are typically free to sign up to. 

Earning a reward through stays does take a fair while to build up, however, once you’re signed up to them, you are more likely to receive offers through emails they send to members. Another tip is to call the hotel in advance and ask if they have any deals or upgrades to offer to their loyalty members!

10) Consider Private Rentals If There’s a Group

Our final tip to consider when looking for bargains when travelling is to consider private rentals. Sites such as airb&b are a great way to keep costs low, especially if there is a group of you. 

These sorts of rentals are usually self-catering and require you to do your own cleaning & washing-up, but there are many upsides such as increased privacy, and your own kitchen space, which can also be a savvy way to save money whilst away.


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