What Type of Family Holiday Accommodation Should I Choose?

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Published on Mar 15, 2022
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Summer is just around the corner guys! Restrictions have finally been lifted following the COVID-19 pandemic. And life is now slowly returning back to normal. 

We all missed out on the summer holidays for the past year and a half, so now is the time to start planning the perfect summer getaway for you and your family! 

But don't worry, your summer break doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s time to dust off the suitcase, give the beach towels a wash and start looking for the perfect location and accommodation for your family trip away. 

Key Points to Consider

Ok, taking the kids away on a family holiday can seem like a little bit of a chore. Is it even really a break? But it absolutely can be with a little preparation and preplanning!

If you don’t plan ahead you may find that when you arrive there is nothing for the kids to do and there’s nothing to keep them entertained, we all know bored kids are not happy kids...

When trying to pass the first hurdle of planning your holiday why not ask yourself these questions to help you decide what kind of accommodation is best for your family:

- Where are you going?

- Why are you going? Are you visiting family? Sightseeing? Or just to relax?

- How long are you going for?

- Do you need child-friendly facilities?

- How much space do you need to be able to have some relaxation but also keep the kids entertained?

- Does your accommodation need a kitchen to save on costs by preparing your own meals? Are there any stores nearby?

- And most importantly what is your budget?

Once you’ve gone through these questions, you’ll easily be able to start narrowing down what kind of accommodation suits you and your family best to ensure that your holiday actually feels like a holiday!

Different Types of Accommodation

There are so many different types of accommodation available for you to choose from when planning your perfect summer getaway. Some of the most popular ones and things for you to consider are listed below:

- Camping grounds - i.e, tents, caravans, chalets

- Family hostels

- B&Bs

- Airbnb 

- Hotels

- Family resorts

- Self-contained apartments or villas

- Cruise ships

Before immediately deciding on one of the above, take some time to consider some of the benefits and disadvantages of each type of accommodation. Don’t worry, we've done the hard work for you!

A bright modern hotel room


Before booking a hotel with your favourite travel agent such as TUI there are lots of things to consider. We have broken down the pros and cons of booking hotels for your family trip.


- Activities for children - there are lots of amenities, particularly with bigger hotels. There is generally a lot of entertainment, playgrounds, games rooms, pools with lifeguards and other organised events all of which are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained whilst giving you a couple of hours of free time to yourself.

- Restaurants on-site – with restaurants on-site you know that your room is only a couple of minutes' walk away if the children are getting tired or restless.

- Additional services - you may have thought you brought enough clothes, but we all know what kids can be like. A benefit of staying in a hotel is that more often than not there is a laundry service. There will also be a cleaning service which can be an absolute godsend when you’re on holiday with your children.  


- Space - a hotel room can obviously offer limited space and it may feel like you can’t get a minute's peace. It only takes one restless, upset or poorly child to - keep the whole family awake!

- Extra expense – whilst hotels do offer some great facilities, you may find that a lot of the amenities or activities are not actually included in the price of the room. 

A metal bed and breakfast sign outside a stone buildingBed & Breakfasts

A bed and breakfast can provide great accommodation for a short stay holiday. Sites like Booking.com can help you find a bed and breakfast at discount prices. However, there are things that you should consider before making your booking.  

If you are going on a short stay holiday, this can be great – but if you are intending on a long week (or two) away, this may not be the right type of accommodation. Before booking, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of booking a B&B.


- Personal experience - when you stay at a B&B it’s likely that your innkeeper will get to know you and your family which offers a cosy and warm experience to you and your family. You will likely get a more personal service than if you stayed in a hotel.

- New friends - with B&B’s generally being a lot smaller than a chain hotel resort, you’re likely to bump into other families in the breakfast room and your children are sure to make new friends, as are you!


- Space/privacy - a room in a B&B doesn’t offer much space. You’re likely to even have less space than you would in a hotel room. It’s also likely that you may not have your own private bathroom and this will be a shared facility, which could be a nightmare in the morning and evening bath time!

- Location - you’re likely to find that your cosy B&B isn’t very close to many attractions or activities. This may mean that you will have the added expense of cabs and/or long journeys which your children may not enjoy.

- Schedules - something really important to consider is whether your family want to be restricted to set schedules on your holiday. Breakfast will be a set time every morning and if you’re late, or miss it, you miss out! We all know what children can be like first thing in the morning and you may find that you have extra expenses if you’re missing breakfast and having to take a taxi elsewhere to get your breakfast. There are also very strict check-in and check-out times. 

A family of four enjoying a villa by the poolHoliday Rentals or Villas

Holiday rentals or villas can be a great way of getting all the family out on holiday and all in one place. 

A private villa booked through agents such as Jet2Holidays can provide all the amenities that you and your family need to enjoy your break but there are still pros and cons to consider, such as:


- Space - with privately rented apartments and villas, you are almost guaranteed to have an abundance of space. Having separate living areas and bedrooms makes it easier for you and your kids to enjoy time together…but also separately.

- Independence/fewer tourists - a major benefit of a private rental is that you’re likely to be away from the bigger chain hotels with all the other tourists which means you’ll get a more authentic trip and experience more of the local culture. Internally your rental will also be much more self-sufficient. You'll have all the luxuries that you usually have at home, such as all the usual household appliances and home entertainment. We all love our home comforts and staying in a private rental can offer that which may help your children settle more quickly

- Fewer costs - a private holiday rental probably work out more cost-effective in the long run as you can prepare your own meals which can save on restaurant bills and you won’t have to pay for a laundry service etc.


- Isolation - whilst a private holiday rental can offer some great advantages, it can sometimes be quite isolating. If you do get bored of cooking and decide to go out to a restaurant, depending on your locality it may be difficult to find somewhere suitable for you and your family. You may also find that there aren’t many activities in the area for you to take your children to. You may be the sole provider of all entertainment for your children! 

- Cancellation - you may find that with private rentals you’re locked into your trip as soon as you’ve paid your first deposit. So if for any reason you needed to cancel or rearrange the date you’re likely to lose your deposit. Hotels often offer a more generous cancellation policy.

A happy family of four camping by a lakeCampsites

What could be better than a camping holiday with the family? 

Camping holidays can be a great way to make memories with the family and kids love a campout! You can book a campsite holiday using providers such as Eurocamp. Again, there can be lots of pros and cons to camping holidays:


- No electronics - It’s your summer holiday, it’s time to unplug the kids from their mobiles, game consoles and the TV. It’s also time for you to ignore your work emails! Venturing onto a campsite you’re guaranteed to unplug from your daily life and actually have great quality time with your family.

- Limited expense - one of the major benefits of camping is that you will only have a limited fee for your camping spot, there will be numerous activities and things for the kids to do which won’t cost anything at all, and you can take your own food.

- New friends - camping offers a sense of community whilst on holiday. You and your family are likely to make new friends which again will keep the children entertained and will give you some extra adult company in the evening when the kids are asleep.


- Rainy days - unfortunately, the only thing you can’t control on your holiday is the weather, especially in the UK! The downside of camping is that on a rainy day your campsite is likely to turn into a mud pit, your kids will be grumpy, you’ll be grumpy and there isn’t much that you can do whilst fighting for space in your tent!

- Shared facilities - you’re not going to have the luxury of an ensuite toilet and shower room. You and your family will most definitely be sharing the toilet and shower facilities with an abundance of other families, let’s be honest the facilities can sometimes be quite gross!

- Dangers - when camping you really need to take into account your location if your child was to have an accident, for example, it may take you some time to find a local hospital or medical assistance. This isn’t something that you would necessarily think about if you were booking a hotel or B&B.

Ok, so we’ve probably given you enough to think about and your mind is already ticking thinking about your next holiday! So it’s time to get the children’s swimsuits out and order your sun cream.


The most important thing to remember is to ensure your summer holiday in 2022 makes up for the holidays we missed in 2020 and 2021! For any deals on whatever type of accommodation you choose, check out our range of discount codes.


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