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12 Ace Golf Gifts Ideas for the Golf Lover in Your Life

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Published on May 22, 2022
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If you have a golf enthusiast in your life, then whether you like it or not, a golf gift is probably the one thing they’re going to appreciate the most!

Whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day – treat your loved one this year with something that they’ll be racing straight down to the fairway with.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best golf gifts so that you’re able to find something no matter what your budget. And even if you think they already have everything, we can promise that there will be something they don’t have!

Golf Balls

Probably the most obvious choice for the golf lover in your life is golf balls which you can pick up online at Amazon! And lots of them…

If your loved one isn’t the most accurate on the fairway just yet (we won’t tell them), then they’ll likely need even more golf balls… to save them from having to fish any out of a pond. 

Believe it or not, there is actually a huge range of golf balls on the market. So if you wanted to get them something extra special, then buying them better golf balls than they currently have could make a great gift.

Personalised Leather Gloves

Golf gloves from stores like Sports Direct are essential for any golfer to provide comfort and grip when playing. And they can also keep your hands warm throughout the colder months, too!

Personalising them with initials could make them extra special whilst also being a practical gift that they’ll get a lot of use out of.

Scorecard Holder

A scorecard from The Golf Shop is a must-have for any golfer to carry around the fairway. But in strong winds or rain, you run the risk of these becoming damaged or even blowing away.

Help them keep their scorecard safe in style with a practical scorecard holder. You can get these in lovely leather finishes, and can even get them personalised. 

Lucky Golf Socks

Who doesn’t have a pair of lucky socks?!

A pair of lucky golf socks from Golfino could be a great, thoughtful, and humorous gift for your loved one (especially if they need all the luck they can get on the fairway!).

Don’t forget, with novelty lucky socks, the more colours and patterns – the better. 

Golf Keyring

If you’re buying for a golf lover who’s already hung his clubs up, why not buy them something that can remind them of the great game?

A keyring which can be personalised from Not On The Highstreet is something that everyone could always do with. And it’ll be a small reminder to them each day of their love for the game.

Golf Clothing

Looking stylish is quite a big thing while you’re out on the fairway! And there is an abundance of different types of golf clothing available on the market from stores like American Golf.

If they look good, they’ll play good! So you could treat them to a new polo top or trousers, or a jumper or waterproof jacket for the colder months. 

Electric Golf Trolley

If you’re really looking to splash out, then an electric golf trolley or another branded trolley from Scottsdale Golf would make an absolutely amazing gift for any golf fanatic.

Anyone that’s spent a lot of time on the fairway knows how much of a pain it can be to drag around their trolley between every hole with them. 

And if they’re a little less mobile these days then this could be an especially helpful gift.


If your loved one is a bit of a bookworm (and they already have every golf gadget in existence) then a golf-related book from Waterstones could make a brilliant gift.

It could be an autobiography of their golfing hero. A fictional golfing story. Or even a golfing book with lots of hints and tips to help them improve their game. 


For a golfing gift that’ll create memories of a lifetime, tickets to a golfing event could make a fabulous gift. 

This could be tickets from See Tickets to an evening with one of their favourite golfing legends. If your budget can stretch to it, then even tickets to a tournament. 

Just make sure you rope one of their mates into it in advance if it’s not really your thing!

Laser Rangefinder

A laser rangefinder from a golf retailer such as Golf Base is an amazing golfing gadget that can really help up any golfer’s game!

They are used to measure the exact distance of a shot, so you know exactly how far away the hole is. This could be especially helpful for beginners and for any golfers that tend to play on different courses.

GPS Watch

Last but not least, a GPS watch is another awesome gadget bound to impress any golfer. 

Depending on the type you get – these can be used to load courses on, calculate distances, and even act as a scorecard. So you and your mates know you can’t cheat! 

Here at Hey Discount, we currently also have discount codes for plenty of GPS watches including Garmin. 


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