7 Helpful Tips to Find Cheap Airport Parking This Summer!

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Published on Apr 19, 2022
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Hurray, you are going on holiday! Now is the time to finally stick your out-of-office on, pack your bags and jet off on your long-awaited summer holiday.

The best way to start your holiday off is on a positive note. You don’t want to be having to think or worry about how much you’re spending on getting to the airport and leaving your car there. You simply want to find the best deal and get it sorted as early as possible.

And if you can’t bribe your family member to give you a ride to the airport in exchange for duty-free gifts, then it may be time to think about how you can save on airport parking! There are hundreds and hundreds of different parking options available online with places such as APH, but we have included many more options to get you on your way whilst staying within your budget!

Take a look at our 7 favourite tips below. 

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1) Find Out Exactly Where the Car Park Is

Even if it’s advertised as being ‘airport parking’ it’s so important to make sure that that’s exactly what it is! Check out places like Airparks to make sure you find a spot that’s right for you.

Often you will find smaller, private car parks off-site that offer airport parking a couple of miles away from the airport. These can often look cheaper from the outset, but it could mean that you end up racking up extra costs when you get there by having to pay for a taxi or shuttle bus to the airport.

In comparison, the airport operator’s own car parks can sometimes be described as being on-site but can occasionally end up being further away than some of the off-site car parks – so it’s incredibly important to do your research and find out the exact location first.

If you are flying from London, check out Heathrow Airport Parking to see if there are any deals available.  

And don’t forget to ensure that it’s going to be left somewhere that is completely safe and secure and that is easily accessible to the airport – whether that be by walking there or via a free shuttle service.

2) Book Early

Like most things, booking early can be one of the best ways to make big savings on your airport parking. 

When there are a lot of spaces available, you’ll generally be able to snap these up at a better price or find discounts to use. Whatever you do, don’t just turn up at the airport and expect to park as the charges for this will be drastically higher. Even booking online on the same day could save you money. Take a look at Park and Go to see if you can bag a deal.

Booking early can also help you determine how much exactly you’re going to need to spend on airport parking so that you’re able to budget for this and factor it into your overall holiday cost.

3) Car Share Where Possible

This may seem like an obvious one, but car sharing where possible could be a huge money saver for your airport parking costs. 

If you're going away with friends, then you should plan in advance who's driving as airport parking split between 5 people will often cost you much less than public transport would. Take a look at Purple Parking to see if you can find a discount to split with your friends. 

If you're going alone or as a couple, then don't be afraid to check out local forums or Facebook pages. You'll nearly always be able to find someone close to you who's going to the airport at the same as you, especially if it's an airport close to your home.

4) Choose a Flexible Booking Option

Especially while travel restrictions are still relatively uncertain, it’s so important to choose a flexible option when purchasing your airport parking. Just take a look at Holiday Extras to see if there are any discounts to suit your budget.

First of all, check that your airport parking package covers any delays that you may incur when travelling back home. And also check that you’re covered should the worse happen and you’re unable to go ahead with the holiday altogether.

You may have to pay a little extra up front for a flexible package, but it can definitely end up being the most cost-effective option for you. 

5) Look for Discount Codes & Deals

If you keep your eyes out, then there are almost always discount codes available to use on airport parking. This could help you save a specific amount of money or percentage of money off of your stay.

Here at Hey Discount, we regularly update our website with discount codes available to use at some of the UK’s most popular airports! 

You should also check out comparison sites where you’ll be able to easily see the prices of airport parking in a particular month from a heap of different companies. 

6) See If You Can Get Cashback

As well as booking your airport parking with a discount code, you should look to see if you can save even more money through cashback websites.

Check with your bank or third-party websites where you may be offered money back if you book your airport parking via their website. If you’re still struggling to secure your parking take a look at Your Parking who regularly have discounts available.  

7) Check Local Hotel Parking Packages

Even if you follow all of the tips we’ve suggested – airport parking can still be pricey! So you could compare with places like NCP which may be a little cheaper.

If you have a morning flight or if you live a long distance away from the airport, then it’s definitely worth checking out the surrounding hotels to the airport to see what packages they offer.

You could also check out places like Just Park online to see if you can bag a bargain.

This could end up being much more convenient for you. And with free parking often included as part of your hotel stay, it may actually not cost too much more than airport parking alone does – and sometimes even less!


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