Why You Should Always Pre-Book Your Airport Transfer

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    The summer is finally here and if you have not already booked your holiday then you are probably about to at any minute, right? You deserve it!

    Ok, so booking your flight and accommodation is usually pretty straightforward as there are thousands of packages available. 

    However, one element of our summer break we often overlook and don’t research enough is how we will get from the airport to our accommodation, or even how we will get to the airport in the first place! If you buy a holiday package, then you'll often get a coach transfer included, however, package deals can often be expensive and a coach transfer usually will take you longer than getting a private transfer or taxi would.

    So if you're considering how and when to book your airport transfer when you reach your destination, we have compiled a list of things to bear in mind when you’re booking your next holiday.


    Peace of Mind

    If you’re going on holiday the last thing you want is to feel worried, or anxious. The sole purpose of getting away on holiday is to relax and let your body and mind have a rest so planning is key. 

    By pre-booking your transfer before you arrive you will not have to worry about how you will get to your accommodation, whether all your luggage (and/or friends and family) will all fit in a regular taxi, whether you’ll be waiting hours for transport or the cost. You can give yourself peace of mind and negate all the stress by pre-booking your transfer in advance.


    No Waiting Around

    So, you’ve arrived at the airport, made your way through customs and thankfully located your baggage. You can’t wait to get to your hotel and get a cocktail....but there’s a massive queue outside for taxis and the sun is already beating down on you. The last place you want to be is standing in a queue waiting for a taxi! 

    By pre-booking your transport, as soon as you have retrieved your luggage and stepped outside, you will be welcomed by your own personal transport, and more than likely there will be someone with a sign or clipboard ready and waiting for you. Can you feel the relief yet? Of course you can!


    Research the Best Companies Ahead

    Researching the best transfer companies is absolutely key, but need not take over your life.  Do a bit of research on Google, and ask a friend or a reputable holiday company for recommendations for reliable companies.  

    The best thing we can advise is to always check reviews where possible, you’ll get a truer picture of the service and costs. Making sure you do this ahead of time once your flights are booked will make your trip run as smoothly as possible.


    You’ll Get the Best Prices

    Ok, you’ve probably been saving up for your holiday, you’ve finally paid it off and you can’t wait to get there. When you arrive the last thing you want to find is that you’re spending half of your holiday “spending money” on transfer fees to get you from the airport to your accommodation.  

    By pre-booking this well in advance you’ll probably not only find a great deal but you’ll have extra time to pay it off before you arrive. This way your “cocktail” money is safe and sound…until you get to the swim up bar anyway!


    No Wasted Time Getting Lost

    We can all admit that sometimes our built-in compasses let us down, and let’s be honest, do they even work in a foreign country you’ve never been to before? 

    A massive advantage of pre-booking your holiday transport is that it negates the risk of you getting lost and dragging your luggage around whilst trying to communicate with people who may not speak your language! If you pre-book then you’re being delivered door to door.


    You’ll Receive a Personal Service

    By pre-booking your airport transfer in advance, not only are you beating the taxi queues and saving money, but you’re likely to receive a more personal service. From being greeted by your waiting driver, to having your baggage securely loaded, driven to the door of your accommodation and then help with your luggage.  

    Your driver may also share their local knowledge of the area with you too. We’re sure that beats standing in a queue at the airport!


    Door-to-Door Convenience

    After a long flight and the stress of worrying whether your bag has actually arrived or whether you’ll be wearing the same pair of underwear for the next few days, you probably can’t wait to get to your accommodation, get washed and changed and go exploring.  

    That may be delayed if you're standing in a queue at the airport waiting for transport. By arranging this in advance you’ll be picked up straight away and delivered right to the door of your accommodation, now you can relax. Meet you at the bar!


    Charlotte Marshall

    Being a full-time content writer and part-time shopaholic, globe-trotter and avid lover of all things food (and wine)...I love researching the best money-saving hacks so that I can help fuel my own passions, and yours!

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