How to Save Money On Food Shopping: Our Top 7 Tips

Published on Feb 03, 2020
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Virtually all of us understand the value of discount codes. However, the time and effort involved in getting them together can be a pain. In fact, it can be so tedious, most of us will just skip the process entirely. 

We limit ourselves to saving when it is clearly advertised in the aisles of the store. While that is certainly not a bad idea, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do. As you can discover with just a bit of research, there are in fact tons of money-saving tips you can keep in mind, the next time you head to the grocery store.

Obviously, we can’t stop going food shopping. Nor should you be expected to save by giving up on all the things you like to eat and drink. Regardless of where you like to do your food shopping, here are 7 tips that will help you save money on groceries:

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Instant cashback with your phone:

Discount codes can save you money, but there are easier ways to go about it these days. A streamlined cashback app (Ibotta is a good example) can make things considerably more straightforward. By simply taking a photo of your receipt with one of these apps, you can earn superb cashback on various applicable items.

You can also run up points with a lot of other stores like Morrisons where you can exchange them for vouchers. 

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Look for substitutes at home:

In this day and age, we have great websites that can show you substitutes for just about anything commonly used in cooking. Check one of these websites, before you rush out to buy something you need for a recipe. 

If you don’t have everything you need you can pick up those last little ingredients at bargain prices from stores like British Corner Shop.

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The value of meal-planning:

With so many different ways to meal plan these days, why not take advantage of the chance to save and eat healthy? Check out Planet Organic and bulk buy all your fruits and vegetables for your meal prep. Meal-planning can be extremely versatile, in terms of time demands, as well as meeting your tastes. Consider coming up with a plan to try out, and then building your next shopping list around that. 

If you’re looking for easy and healthy snacks check out Graze where you can order regular deliveries to keep you on track and keep you away from unhealthy snacks.

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Cashback from shopping online:

This is another one that makes it easy to save big by going online. Signing up with a service such as Affinityy or Beelivery can give you generous cashbacks. All you have to do is shop at the places you visit the most often, such as Walmart, Target, or 

You can browse discounts and offers at specific stores, apply them to your order, and make the purchase online. It really is that simple.

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Buying more than you need:

When we see something marked as two-for-£5 from stores such as Iceland, or other deals along those lines, the temptation is to go with the deal. 

If you actually go through that amount, then it can be a good deal. Otherwise, you are probably wasting money on purchases you don’t particularly need.

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Online surveys:

If there are certain purchases you just can’t imagine doing without, consider finding out if there are any online survey offers available. There are far more of these surveys out there than you might suspect. Some companies will actually pay you to complete these surveys. 

Although the amount can be minor, it can also certainly add up over time and you can put them towards your next shop at stores like Buy Whole Foods. Other companies reward you with discount codes. Either way, you get the chance to come out ahead.

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Stick to leftovers:

This is where the concept of meal-planning makes even more sense. However, in a general sense, sticking to your leftovers for work lunches can naturally save on how much you spend eating out. 

Or pop to a discount store like PoundShop so you aren’t spending excessive amounts on your lunches.


Charlotte Marshall

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Being a full-time content writer and part-time shopaholic, globe-trotter and avid lover of all things food (and wine)...I love researching the best money-saving hacks so that I can help fuel my own passions, and yours!


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