The Benefits of Online Food Shopping in 2022

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Published on Feb 28, 2022
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Online food shopping hasn’t always been for everyone, or even something that many people had considered. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has of course proved to be super convenient! 

Clearly, we have all seen the benefits and convenience of selecting our favourite and necessary items online and having them conveniently delivered straight to our door, and that doesn’t look to change throughout 2022 and beyond.

If you are still unsure, take a look at our top benefits to consider to help you make up your mind as to whether online food shopping is for you…

You’ll Save Loads of Time

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that time really is precious. 

Spending time with family and friends is more important than ever, especially after we have not been able to for such a long time.

Doesn’t that feel much more important than standing in line at a supermarket waiting to pay for your weekly shopping?

A man holding a crate of fresh foodShop From Home or On the Go

It’s much more convenient to be able to do your food shop online at your desk while you’re on your break. Or while you’re at home with the kids, rather than having to get the kids dressed and ready to go out.

We all know how bored kids can get in a supermarket! Fortunately, there are now tonnes of apps and stores online like Iceland available where you can do your food shopping conveniently

You can do it at work, while you’re on public transport, while you’re at home etc. Having an app at the touch of your hands on your mobile phone has made food shopping more convenient than ever!

Spend Less Money On Impulse Buys

How many times have you gone to the supermarket for bread and milk and left with a bag full of all kinds of stuff that you really didn’t need? Then you get home and realise you’ve forgotten the two things that you actually went for! 

When you shop online at Ocado for example, you can keep checking your basket. So even when those little impulse buys creep in, you won’t feel as pressured to buy them and they can be easily removed. This means you can keep control of your impulses and keep your purse full!

A person using a laptop for price comparisonUse Price Comparison Sites

We all love a bargain and this still counts when you’re doing your food shopping online! But if you’re running around your local store, how are you going to know if you could get an item cheaper elsewhere?

There are so many price comparison shopping engines and discount shopping websites online. 

So even if you have a favourite supermarket, why not check out and compare some other stores to see whether you’re getting the best deals at just the click of a button?

Easily Browse All Offers

When you’re wandering around your local supermarket, you can easily miss a good deal because of product placement and offers not being placed where that particular type of food may not normally be! 

When you shop online at stores like Real Food Hub can easily select all the best deals that are advertised before you even start your shopping.

Save Money with Discount Codes

Okay, none of us have the time to sit and cut discount codes out of old magazines, this might be something that your parents or grandparents used to do but now you don’t need to!

You can find an abundance of discount codes all at the touch of your fingertips online on your mobile phone. 

We currently have loads of discount codes on our site, even for stores like Morrisons, so you can grab your weekly shop for a bargain! 

Someone emptying food into a binLess Food Waste

We have all overfilled our trolley at the supermarket with fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and milk simply in the hope that we won’t have to come back anytime soon. 

However, more often than not when you buy too much, a lot of the fresh food spoils before you have time to use it. Not only is it a waste of food but it is a waste of money, too. 

You can avoid having excess food and waste by buying your food online from the aptly named Love Health Hate Waste and only getting what you need for that particular week. The weekly food shopping dread of having to go to the store is taken away just by ordering online conveniently straight to your door.

Easier to Stick to a Budget

When we’re wandering around the store and chucking things into our trolleys (or our kids are) we have no real idea or concept of how much we’re actually spending.  

We only find out when we get to the checkout and then realise we’re way over budget. We have all been there and no one wants the embarrassment of saying “I need to put half of this back”, so you just buy it! 

That fear and embarrassment are taken away by online shopping. Your basket is constantly updating with the price of what you’re buying so you can easily keep a check on what you’re spending. So if you know you have a certain budget for the week, maybe you don’t need 5 packets of cookies! And why not check out sites online like Simply Cook where you can simply select the healthy meals you want and have them delivered to your door, cook and eat! Simple!

A busy supermarket queAvoid the Hassle of Waiting in Line

Oh, the dreaded queue.

For any busy person, standing in a queue can be one of the most frustrating parts of food shopping. Your mind is jumping from the task at hand to the ten things you need to do after you’re finished at the store. 

So why are you waiting in line when you could be doing those other tasks at home while someone else delivers your shopping to you? 

Sit back, relax and just wait for your groceries to be delivered….


Charlotte Marshall

Lead Editor

Being a full-time content writer and part-time shopaholic, globe-trotter and avid lover of all things food (and wine)...I love researching the best money-saving hacks so that I can help fuel my own passions, and yours!

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