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Affordable Football Gifts Ideas for the Fanatic in Your Life

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Published on Apr 13, 2022
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Football. The nation's favourite sport and most played game within the UK. And if your loved one is a football player or fan, then something that links to the great game could make the perfect gift!

However, if you know anything about football then you’ll know that season tickets don’t come cheap! More so over recent years, the price of tickets for attending football games has increased massively.

So if you’re asking yourself what else you could buy a football fan this year, check out some of our top affordable gift ideas that they’ll love.

an open book of a football pitch

Whether they’re a bookworm or not, any football fan will truly appreciate a good football book. Or if they’re really not into their reading, then an audiobook or podcast could be a great choice!

You could look for an autobiography by one of their favourite ex-players or managers. Or perhaps a book about their favourite football club.

Best of all, these can be really affordable! Check out our website for any current discount codes on some of the UK’s best bookstores such as Waterstones

Football Video Games

2 people playing a football video game

If your friend or loved one is a football fan, then they’ll more than likely already have some sort of football video game.

FIFA is the most popular game. So if you know that they’re into that, then you could pre-order the latest game from Gamivo and we can guarantee they’ll love you forever! Pre-ordering early might also mean you can snap up some discounts or early-bird offers.

Their Fave Football Shirt

The number of shirts available to buy in the UK from all around the world and throughout different eras is amazing!

Without sounding too obvious, getting them the current shirt of the club or country they support could be a great place to start. Or how about a little throwback? There are tonnes of super cool retro shirts and new shirts available at stores like Decathlon that could make a unique, thoughtful gift for anyone. 

Football Home Accessories

football coffee mug

If you’re on a tighter budget, then how about some small football-related home accessories?

Think of something that they’ll really appreciate. If they love a coffee in the morning, then drinking out of a mug of their favourite club from Etsy could be such a thoughtful gift!

Likewise, a coaster or personalised glass could also make a great addition to any home.

Football Personal Accessories

How about a small gift that they can keep with them all the time?

From jewellery to wallets or even car accessories from Not On The High Street could be a great personal way to keep reminding them of the game they love – no matter where they are.

These types of gifts are practical but often really affordable, too. So winner, winner!

Historical Memorabilia

For a sentimental gift or something that they can treasure and pass on to their children, how about some historical football memorabilia which you can pick up on Amazon?

This could be a matchday programme of their favourite team from the year they were born, for example. Or you may even be able to snap up some coin or medal collections from previous World Cups or other competitions. 

Clothing, Hats or Scarves

We’ve already mentioned football shirts, but how about a tracksuit, coat, or even PJs?! Clothing is a practical gift that they could get a good amount of use out of.

Or if they’re regularly at the football games, then why not treat them to a branded hat or scarf from Sports Direct to keep them warm in the winter days? 

For the perfect finishing touch, a badge or broach that they could wear on matchdays would also be a lovely, small, and affordable gift. 

Football Boots

If your loved one enjoys a kickabout themselves, then why not treat them to a pair of shiny new football boots?

This one could set you back a bit more cash than the previous gifts we’ve mentioned. But it could be something that they do need and so will really appreciate.

There’s plenty of choices of football boots around with big brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma being some of the biggest games in the market. 

But a lot of players do prefer to wear a certain brand, whether they simply find them more comfortable or they prefer their designs. So checking out what they currently wear first may be a good starting point. 


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