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Where to Buy Cheap Football Shirts: Our Tips & Tricks

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Published on Sep 19, 2022
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The number of shirts available to buy in the UK from all around the world and throughout different eras is amazing!

The UK, as we all know, is the home of football and is the most popular played and watched sport. With multiple professional and grassroots leagues up and down the country, it’s no surprise that buying football shirts is hugely popular.

But, as with anything, with high demand for a product comes a hefty price tag attached, too! With the new 22/23 seasons recently starting and the World Cup kicking off this winter, you may be looking for ways to buy your favourite team’s shirt.

Find out how to save money when buying football shirts or kits! 

Wait for New Releases

As with most products, as soon as a new release comes out – the price tag of the older version immediately comes down.

So what we’re saying is, wait for the new releases – but don’t buy them, buy the older football shirts from stores like JD Sports! Let’s be honest, kits never really change that much between seasons so getting the new one isn’t completely necessary. 

And even if you like collecting your favourite team’s shirts, you can still buy them once a newer release comes out.

Look for Free Personalisation

It’s not always imperative to get your new shirt personalised, but if you do want it done, then make sure you don’t pay for it!

Buying from the official club shops or shirt manufacturers will often result in a charge for numbers on the back of your shirt and for each letter you choose. However, if you pop to your local Sports Direct or similar stores online – then you’ll often find ‘free personalisation’ offered with any shirt purchase.

This could make the perfect gift for a loved one or your footie mad kid at home – without the hefty price tag!

Go Retro

Sometimes the newest version isn’t always the best! Retro football shirts will always be fashionable and can look just as good as the newest shirt, if not better.

Some of the rarest retro football shirts actually can be really expensive, so buying retro could even be a good investment purchase for the future. 

But for the most part, you should be able to pick up a retro top at a fraction of the price of the latest release. These can be found at your football club’s online store, or high-street sports stores or you could even try something like eBay for a second-hand and truly vintage version.

Avoid Premium Versions

With most official football shirts, you’re able to purchase a normal version or a more premium version.

The premium version is a more breathable, active fabric, similar to what the players themselves wear – and of course, comes at a higher price tag. So unless you’re planning on playing 90 minutes in it, the normal version of the football shirt from stores such as UK Soccer Shop should definitely suffice! 

Buy Second Hand

Buying (and selling) second-hand football shirts is one of the most cost-efficient ways to continuously update your shirt collection.

Think about your kids, especially, while they’re growing, you’d be lucky if their new shirt lasted the season before it got too small. And with loads of other parents in the same position, cut down the costs and buy second-hand instead!

You could even find yourself bagging some of the newest shirts second-hand from online stores such as Preloved – as people always buy them in the wrong sizes or end up with duplicated items. So make sure you shop around first and check out online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. 

Shop Around

As we’ve just mentioned, shopping around for your new football shirt extends to new items as well as seeking second-hand items.

Football kits don’t differ hugely in price, but you’ll likely be able to find one slightly cheaper by doing your research first. Use Google Shopping or price comparison sites like Idealo to easily compare live prices of anything before purchasing.

Also, don’t forget to think about any additional charges such as delivery fees before making a purchase. It always pays to do your research first. 

Look Out for Deals

Last but certainly not least, always look out for a deal or discount code before buying any new football top (or anything, really!).

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a discount code or deal when buying from the official club shop. But we often have live codes for some of the football kit manufacturer websites such as Nike and Adidas, or for the high street sports stores such as Sports Direct or Pro Soccer. 

Always have a good look around first, it may be money off or you may be able to get free personalisation or a free gift with your purchase – either way, you’re onto a winner!


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