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Essential Workout Clothes For Women

Essential Workout Clothes For Women
Published on Sep 23, 2022
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If you are just updating your current gym wardrobe or are wanting that extra boost to motivate you to go back to the gym then you are in the right place!

Cute gym sets and workout gear are always the best motivation to get yourself to the gym. Finding the motivation to get back to the gym can be difficult, but new gym wear is the ultimate cure. Although going to the gym shouldn’t be a fashion show, it’s always a bonus if you look and feel better. 

Take a look at some of the favourite items below that you cannot live without. 

Tees & Vests

Tees and vests are THE essentials. You might have the idea that any t-shirt or vest will be fine for the gym – you are technically right. However, you want to look at tops that have more performance qualities to keep you cool and comfortable whilst you train. We recommend looking at Under Armour who have tops that can keep you cool or warm if you are working outdoors. 


No one wants to train in a long-sleeved tee in 30-degree heat. You want a good gym top that will not lose its shape and cause discomfort.

Lightweight Jumper

No matter what the weather you can be prepared for whatever is thrown at you with a lightweight jumper. Just like the majority of other items, you want to look for lightweight materials that will provide ventilation whilst not being restrictive. Check out Adidas where you will find a great jumper that you can wear for workouts, or just while you’re out and about!


Quick-drying materials will also help in the wetter months or even on a hot summer's day whilst you sweat. Anything you can find that is breathable and soft will be beneficial to you. 

Cropped Leggings

Most women search for cropped leggings and will wear them to elongate their calves. If you feel that your legs are shorter you may be swaying towards the cropped leggings. 


You may find that in the warmer months, you are becoming sweaty and uncomfortable but aren't ready to swap your leggings for shorts, so opt for cropped leggings from stores like Nike instead and let your skin breathe. Many gym lovers prefer cropped styles to give them that extra flexibility and breathability. 

Full-Length Leggings

The ultimate leggings are crucial for any workout. Whether these are cropper or full length. When you find your favourite, stick with it and buy as many as you can in case they sell out or discontinue. If you are constantly pulling up leggings or adjusting them around your legs, these are not the right ones for you. 


Full-length leggings from stores like Puma that fall just above the ankle are usually very flattering on most people. Invest in these first whilst you build up your confidence. And best of all, you don't even have tp shave your legs! Black leggings are generally the best colour for the gym as sweat patches won't show up as much. 

Gym Shorts

When looking for your perfect pair of gym shorts, the main thing you need to remember is the fabric. You need to feel cool and comfortable no matter how intense your workout can get. We love Tikiboo for great fitting gym shorts


You want a fabric that will draw moisture and heat away from your body. If you cannot find any leggings that don’t fall down when you exercise, then shorts are the one for you. Many people find shorts less restrictive than leggings too if you're looking to do a lot of bending or stretching.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is going to be your saviour in the gym! No one wants to feel uncomfortable when running or working out. They come in all different styles and types of support for the workout you are doing. 


A great store for sports bras to suit any size or shape has to be WIT Fitness.  High-impact sports bras are designed to support you when doing a lot of movement or bouncing and are predominantly used by ladies with larger breasts. Medium and low-impact bras are for most activities that cause minimal ‘bounce’. However, women with smaller cup sizes can wear them for running or jogging without the risk of too much ‘bounce’. Just like any bras, try them on and if they are uncomfortable – move to the next one. After all, you want to be as comfortable as possible with the most support as possible. 

Plenty of Socks

Socks, socks, socks – plenty of socks! Don’t make the mistake of wearing dress socks with running shoes. Not only will they not look great they will be uncomfortable and may lead to injuries such as blisters. Dare2b has a great selection of socks for all activities. 


Socks made from acrylics or acrylic blends are generally the best materials to go for as these don’t retain as much moisture as cotton or wool. You want your feet to breathe! 

Comfortable Underwear

Isn’t comfortable underwear essential for all day, every day? Once you have found and stocked up on your shorts, leggings and fitness tops - your next task is to find the perfect workout underwear. Your outfit is not complete without it! Stores like Bamboo clothing have a great range of underwear perfect for workouts or just day to day activities. 


Look at materials that deter moisture. The last thing you want is to be sweating loads, and no VPL pants are highly recommended as they will be almost invisible even in your tight leggings. You want to be comfortable so aim for nothing too tight or that digs in.

Supportive Trainers

The right trainers can make or break a training session or a run. You don’t want to be falling over due to them being too big, rubbing your toes from being too small, or just feeling discomfort from them not fitting correctly. Pop down to a store like JD Sports to find appropriate and great-fitting trainers. 


You also want to think about which activities you do the most. For example, you don’t want to be wearing weightlifting shoes for running and vice versa. Think about what you like doing and which styles suit your needs. It cannot be stressed enough that you go into stores and try on shoes. Take your socks with you too for the best fit.


Last but definitely not least is sweatbands! Sweating can be very uncomfortable and irritating, even more so when you are working out. The last thing you need is sweat dripping off your face and into your eyes. Or if you aren’t a fan of a head sweatband, get yourself some towelling writs bands from Dance Direct, you can mop that sweat away easily!


Having sweatbands means that you are on hand to wipe any sweat when you feel that discomfort. Sweatbands also make you look professional so even without full knowledge, you can still look the part. 

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